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  1. It's too damn expensive and I live to far away to go to the walk up window with 3 kids. Following them online is free.
  2. Arraez's defensive numbers in LF are about the same and his bat is definitely better. I'd be in no hustle to sign Upton.
  3. Other then that he doesn't play catcher, he's basically a much better hitting Astudillo. Bat plays, but the D is sketchy. If he was taller, I'd really like to see him at 1B a lot more. I don't know how you sit him against RHP, he's too damn good against them.
  4. He was a free agent. He didn't belong to Houston.
  5. I'd imagine this is a pretty cheap deal. He didn't pitch particularly well last year and is 37. Basically a replacement for Robles?
  6. I don't know that the Twins will spend for Conforto, Montas, and Manaea. I think Pham is more realistic. I mean even Montas and Manaea are another 15 MM and Conforto is probably 18??? Plus Conforto is a LH OF, which the Twins don't need more of.
  7. I hope you knocked on wood so hard that you destroyed your desk.
  8. Buxton is a 75 or 80 in speed. I love the way he runs. It doesn't even look like he runs, he just more glides it's so smooth.
  9. Let's go for the optimistic and say he makes the 30/30 club this year.
  10. Nimrod was a king of Babylon. His name literally means "Mighty Hunter". Bugs Bunny ironically called Elmer Fudd a "Nimrod" based on the literal translation, in the cartoons, but most kids didn't know that and started using it as an insult. So the town means "Mighty Hunter".
  11. I mean, as long as the Pirates exist, I can't agree...
  12. I didn't move to MN until '99, but didn't get into Twins Baseball until M&M. Have to say that Morneau was the fav though.
  13. I wonder if he will eventually be looked upon more favorably since his peak was in the heart of the steroid era, but as far as I know, never got caught up in that controversy.
  14. Really glad we signed Josh Donaldson right now!
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