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  1. And Joe Ryan's public statements suggest he was fine with being pulled and yet you argue he should have stayed in??? There is a difference with no complaining publicly and supporting the decision. Ryan and Kershaw were both probably pissed, if if they understood.
  2. There have been 317 No Hitters in MLB History. There have been 23 Perfect Games. Perfect Games happen so rarely that it's worth the risk, no matter the situation.
  3. I find it humorous that people are pissed off that Rocco for pulling Ryan last night and wanting a better manager (like Roberts) when: Baldelli pulled a rookie pitcher trying to throw a no-no at a pitch count of 106. Roberts pulled a veteran trying to throw a PERFECT GAME at a pitch count of 80!!! I would prefer both had been left in as I think the game is getting away from the history part of the game, but seriously. How does this compute?
  4. I feel like there is a lot of truth to this statement. Players probably(especially younger ones) don't care or comprehend if you proceed to talk about four pitchers they expect to see that day and everything they do or could do in every count. It needs to be simpler, "We expect the starter to throw Inside Fastballs OR a Slider Away to start an AB. You mash fastballs up and away, so sit on a mistake, don't chase. If you get behind, don't fall for the slider away." Point out any noticed pitch-tipping "He throws his slider from a lower arm-slot. It looks like this when he releases vs. this when he throws fastball." I could see where the upper management could run away with complexities and don't follow the KISS rule. Does it matter if a starter throws a changeup to start an AB 5% of the time if it is a pitch the batter struggles with anyways? The only player I expect to get that far into the nitty gritty is the Catcher.
  5. To be fair, they were gifted Swanson. It's not their fault the D-Backs made a terrible trade.
  6. While I agree this is/was a bad short-term trade, this is the type of trade teams like the Rays make all the time. Trading good players with limited control, for other players with more. Is there any indication the Twins would have extended Rogers? If not, while it sucks for this year, it's the type of trade you make to extend your competitive window (even if it slightly closes it on the current year)
  7. It's too damn expensive and I live to far away to go to the walk up window with 3 kids. Following them online is free.
  8. Arraez's defensive numbers in LF are about the same and his bat is definitely better. I'd be in no hustle to sign Upton.
  9. Other then that he doesn't play catcher, he's basically a much better hitting Astudillo. Bat plays, but the D is sketchy. If he was taller, I'd really like to see him at 1B a lot more. I don't know how you sit him against RHP, he's too damn good against them.
  10. He was a free agent. He didn't belong to Houston.
  11. I'd imagine this is a pretty cheap deal. He didn't pitch particularly well last year and is 37. Basically a replacement for Robles?
  12. I don't know that the Twins will spend for Conforto, Montas, and Manaea. I think Pham is more realistic. I mean even Montas and Manaea are another 15 MM and Conforto is probably 18??? Plus Conforto is a LH OF, which the Twins don't need more of.
  13. I hope you knocked on wood so hard that you destroyed your desk.
  14. Buxton is a 75 or 80 in speed. I love the way he runs. It doesn't even look like he runs, he just more glides it's so smooth.
  15. Let's go for the optimistic and say he makes the 30/30 club this year.
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