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  1. While I agree this is/was a bad short-term trade, this is the type of trade teams like the Rays make all the time. Trading good players with limited control, for other players with more. Is there any indication the Twins would have extended Rogers? If not, while it sucks for this year, it's the type of trade you make to extend your competitive window (even if it slightly closes it on the current year)
  2. It's too damn expensive and I live to far away to go to the walk up window with 3 kids. Following them online is free.
  3. Arraez's defensive numbers in LF are about the same and his bat is definitely better. I'd be in no hustle to sign Upton.
  4. Other then that he doesn't play catcher, he's basically a much better hitting Astudillo. Bat plays, but the D is sketchy. If he was taller, I'd really like to see him at 1B a lot more. I don't know how you sit him against RHP, he's too damn good against them.
  5. He was a free agent. He didn't belong to Houston.
  6. I'd imagine this is a pretty cheap deal. He didn't pitch particularly well last year and is 37. Basically a replacement for Robles?
  7. I don't know that the Twins will spend for Conforto, Montas, and Manaea. I think Pham is more realistic. I mean even Montas and Manaea are another 15 MM and Conforto is probably 18??? Plus Conforto is a LH OF, which the Twins don't need more of.
  8. I hope you knocked on wood so hard that you destroyed your desk.
  9. Buxton is a 75 or 80 in speed. I love the way he runs. It doesn't even look like he runs, he just more glides it's so smooth.
  10. Let's go for the optimistic and say he makes the 30/30 club this year.
  11. Nimrod was a king of Babylon. His name literally means "Mighty Hunter". Bugs Bunny ironically called Elmer Fudd a "Nimrod" based on the literal translation, in the cartoons, but most kids didn't know that and started using it as an insult. So the town means "Mighty Hunter".
  12. I mean, as long as the Pirates exist, I can't agree...
  13. I didn't move to MN until '99, but didn't get into Twins Baseball until M&M. Have to say that Morneau was the fav though.
  14. I wonder if he will eventually be looked upon more favorably since his peak was in the heart of the steroid era, but as far as I know, never got caught up in that controversy.
  15. Really glad we signed Josh Donaldson right now!
  16. He's not even the worst free-agent signing of this year! Colome, Happ, and Shoemaker were all worse! I doubt he'd even be in the top 50 worst FA signings by the Twins. It's only a one year deal, it's not like we are talking Albert Pujols or Jacoby Ellsbury.
  17. Would you rather have a player with a .250/.350/.400 line (.750 OPS) or a .275/.300/.450 line (.750 OPS) Player A in 200 AB's has 50 Hits, 22 Walks, and 80 Total Bases. This is 102 Total Bases with Hits + Walks in 200 AB's, or 222 PA's. They have made 128 Outs. Player B in 200 AB's has 55 Hits, 5 Walks, and 90 Total Bases. This is 95 Total Bases with Hits + Walks in 200 AB's, or 205 PA's. They have made 140 Outs.
  18. I think that this would make sense as I'd say since then there has been a deflation on the importance of BA and an inflation on the importance on OBP. However according to OPS a 1B is MUCH more valuable then a BB. While I agree that a 1B is more valuable then a BB it's not as much as OPS would think. E.G. A player goes 1-4 with a 1B. They have a .250/.250/.250 line. That is a OPS of .500. A player goes 0-3 with a BB. They have a .000/.333/.000 line. That is an OPS of .333. I don't seem to believe that a BB is worth only 2/3's of a 1B. I'd think a BB is worth more then that percentage. My point is that like WAR, OPS is nice for a quick reference, but it's not the end all stat. It underweights OBP vs. both BA and SLG.
  19. The only real criticism I'd have of this approach is that OPS assumes 1 point of OBP = 1 point of SLG, but this isn't true. That's why Arraez is IMO, better then his OPS numbers. His numbers are weighted more towards OBP then SLG. It's also why players like Buxton and Eddie Rosario HAVE to run high BA's to be successful. They don't take any BB's, so they are widly BABIP dependent. As long as they hit the ball hard and have at least average luck, they'll be fine. But if they don't...
  20. Man this is a tough one. I can't imagine any team is going to go 7 years for Buck, but a 10 MM or 12 MM guarantee shouldn't be hard to beat on a shorter term. IDK, the escalators are really important.
  21. At this point, I hope the Rays win it all simply because Cruz is on the team.
  22. While I won't say it can't or won't happen, I don't really see it happening. The last FA I can think of signing with the team that traded him in the following offseason is Kenny Lofton and he was traded in the offseason before, not during the middle of the year.
  23. I concur. Kirilloff is the 1B of the future. Sano can just try to see if he can make contact to be the DH next year.
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