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  1. All these threads, pipe dreams, about signing top free agents, I don't get it. Free agents should be an add to a solid team, which the Twins are on the margin of, but not really. I really believe the best teams are predominantly home grown: the Twins championship teams are an example. The great Yankees teams of recent years had a solid homegrown core, like wise the Red Sox, Giants. Draft and develop is still the best way for a middle market team to succeed. I'd love to see the Twins take an aggressive approach to promotion of prospects instead of signing AAAA fodder filler like the bullpen of 2021. Draft them then give them a chance dammit. I truly don't see any reason other than overpay why a top FA would sign here. Not a solid way to move forward.
  2. I would agree - the Twins broke the bank at the time to resign Puckett. $ure times have changed, and many digits have been added, but winners tend to keep their best homegrown assets.
  3. Thanks Andrew - prospect junkie here. Almost rather have a great system than MLB squad: almost
  4. Thank you Andrew - this is the type of content I love.
  5. To me the most painful experience was getting a beautiful day in May, spring fever in full-force, and having tickets to a day game inside.
  6. Nice read Nick - Gordon is summarily dismissed as a stop gap at short until Lewis is ready. Why? He is athletic and has plenty of experience there. Thanks
  7. Haha, that's the spirit Ashbury. Best of the Worst, Champs of the Chumps, the Kings of the Peons. There's always next year, now on to hockey and footie.
  8. Kind of a nice bonus for a losing season. When/how do they compute the competitive bonus picks?
  9. Dump Sano - the guy is in his prime at 28-29 going into 2022, and as been posted, is a debit on the value chart. Donaldson, Kiriloff, and Miranda can find enough to share at 1B, 3B, DH.
  10. Well J.O. Berrios out pitched Cole tonight. Happy for him and the Jays.
  11. Varland is a feel-good story to be sure. However, he was 1.1 years over average age in Florida, and only 0.3 below average age in Cedar Rapids. In fact he's almost a year older than Balazovic, who was competing in AA, at -2.7 years younger than average. JB is a full year younger than teammate Sands, nearly a year younger than Gipson-Long. I suppose this award is a pure comparison of raw numbers, and so Varland is deserving. However more than holding your own against significantly older competition is as impressive to me, especially at AA.
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