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  1. Morneau called the hanging breaking ball, and Sano delivered. What the heck happened to Buxton? HBP?
  2. Man, some sad batting averages in Fort Myers: Urbina: 194 Sabato: 188 Holland: 171 Garry Jr: 171 OTOH Julien looks amazing: .315 BA, .985 OPS, 16 steals. was he not a guy who dropped and the Twins took a flier on him and managed to sign him?
  3. Just looked at his numbers after tonight's game: not pretty. .192 BA .724 OPS 4BB vs. 34K He does have the 4 HR and 14 RBI. 11 of his 14 hits are for extra bases, including 3 triples. 2 SB. Still regret losing him, and Ashbury is correct in that we ain't getting him back. That measley OPS is 3rd on the team! Lots cheaper and more productive than Miggy.
  4. Gotta work in a Twins Saints DH this summer. Best baseball situation in the Cites since the Saints-Millers days: much better actually.
  5. I expect to be down there in early June. Pretty excited that they are high A now. Lots of interesting prospects to boot.
  6. I give credit to Detroit - pretty unlikely grab, 22 year old guy coming off TJ, hit .243 in low A, .214 in High A as a 20 year old. As a 2nd rounder, the Twins probably should have protected him, but again, he must have been high on the Tiger's list in 2016. Good on them.
  7. Who knows, the Twins may get him back yet if he goes 0 for his next 50.
  8. You folks remember Herb Carneal on 830? He was pretty monotonic, and had dry sense of humor. I like announcers and commentators that are satisfied to let the game remain the focus of the broadcast, radio or TV.
  9. I think a more realistic question is "Can Randy Dobnak be a reliable major league pitcher?"
  10. Cave + Garlick << Rosario. Swagger factor takes a big hit there.
  11. And Aaron Judge lasted to supplemental pick 32 in 2013, i.e. everyone could have had him. Looking back at drafts and woulda coulda is an exercise in futility, for baseball, hockey, baskets, etc. Hey, we got Hrbek in the 17th round. It all balances out.
  12. Catcher-cam needs to be an occasional part of MLB broadcasts. Dayum, some of those pitches were downright scary.
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