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  1. There appear to be a couple of catchers who can hit in the system. Jair Camargo from Colombia has a .314 BA, 6 HR, .862 OPS, and is but 22 and playing high A ball at Cedar Rapids. Alex Isola, Twins 29th rounder in 2019 is sporting a .303 BA, 5 HR and an .873 OPS, a 23 year old in AA at Wichita. I know nothing of their catching abilities, although Camargo has thrown out 35% of attempted steals.
  2. I had never watched Gray pitch until tonight. Is that a little Jimmy Connors grunt I'm hearing when he throws? I like his approach. That breaking ball is wicked.
  3. What a bring-down that would be, miracle signing of THE top free agent, and then trade him at the deadline for prospects. I do understand the asset management part of the equation, but talk about can't have nothing nice....
  4. Well, something must be up with Buxton. Over his last 10 games he's 4 for 34, and his batting average has plummeted from .290 to .228, and how OPS is down almost 200 points. Something isn't right.
  5. Cleveland's 1st rounder from 2021 was pitching for Lake County, Gavin Williams, and he looks like a good one: works with a 97 mph fastball he can get up to 99, and an array of breaking balls.
  6. I've been hiding out in Cedar Rapids the last couple nights, watching the Kernels. There wasn't much to get excited about Wednesday, but last night was a blast. There was a big wind bowing out to left, and the Kernels took advantage. Povich was indeed masterly, denying the Captains through 5+. Willie Joe Garry impressed me - both nights he took good at bats, and stung the ball deep into several at bats, and was rewarded last night with 2 triples. Encarnacion-Strand can flat out hit. Sabato surprised me by taking balls up the middle and to right for base-hits. He didn't look the pull-hitter strikeout machine I expected. He clowns around and seems to have a lot of fun over at 1st base. Javier - I think this is the 3rd year in a row I find him here. He sure can field, nice and smooth out there. Had a homer as well. Unfortunately his bat is unlikely to play higher up.
  7. I like the move in the short term because Lewis continues to play SS, which is clearly his long-term place on the field after watching his debut. Gee whiz, the Twins somehow signed one of the best SS on the planet in the off-season for record money, gotta give him priority. There are underwhelming guys still on the roster, but none of them play SS. Gordon can give Correa the day off once in a while, and Buxton too. Gordon is the 21st-Century Denny Hocking
  8. Rare feat in that game - 2 dropped easy fly ball catches, one for each team. Haven't seen one in a good while, let alone two.
  9. On top of that, our opinion of him would be based solely on how he had performed vs. minor leaguers up to that point. I'm glad he got the chance with the Tigers honestly. He'd be battling Kiriloff, Larnach, Celestino etc. for one or two OF spots. Still only 23, he could still have a bright future in Detroit.
  10. Pagan has averaged 2.5 BB per 9 innings over his career of 275 IP. This season it's 10.6 0ver a whopping 7 innings. He's going through a patch, but we are dealing with an aberration, and a very small sample size.
  11. I doubt the Twins are the only team gonna be affected by this.
  12. It has started to come to fruition, and hats off to management for making use of it. It also helps these guys that all hopes aren't placed on the shoulders of one individual. These rookies seem to enjoy the competition with each other from what I've read, and that is a very good dynamic as opposed to pressure.
  13. Interesting fact: Paddack, in spite of loads more experience, is about a year and a half younger than Wells.
  14. After watching Detroit and Chicago's antics over the last homestand, I am confident the Twins have good defense.
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