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  1. Positive September results for a last place team are welcome. So often they are but flashes in the pan though. Just a year ago we were all excited about Rooker, who is now featured in this year's "lowlights."
  2. I also value the .300 hitter - however, the game is changing. Guess how many guys are hitting .300 as of today? 13, and only 5 over .310, topping out at Marte's ,320 I was shocked to learn a while back that the Twins .241 team BA puts them at 14th in MLB: better than the Padres, Dodgers, Yankees, Brewers, I guess good pitching is the key today. The Twins do rank well in HRs, SLG, OPS, so I think its clear where the problem lies. 4th worst team ERA. 2nd most gopher balls allowed, 8th fewest Ks, 7th worst BA against.
  3. Rocco gets win 200, and the Twins top 200 homers for the season, 4th in the majors with 201.
  4. Simmons was signed for his defense, and he stands at 1.8 dWAR at the moment, which is far from awful.
  5. This year's trade deadline caught me on a all-time low interest in sports in general. My interest is slowly rekindling, and I took a closer look at Gant yesterday and liked what I saw. Did the same for Ryan and was amazed at his minor league career. Respectable 1st year in lower A : 3.72 ERA, 36 IP, 26H, 14 BB, 51K Phenomenal 2nd year covering 3 levels A- up to AA: 1.96 ERA, 123 IP, 77H, 27BB, 183K. Wow stuff. This year in AAA, 3.41 ERA, 66 IP, 40H, 12BB, 92K. You all have probably been over this before. but the low hits and walks allowed and many Ks per innings pitched are really stand out indicators that this guy can be an MLB pitcher.
  6. Gant might have a shot. Tonight's line sums up his career in a nutshell: few hits but many walks per inning pitched.: 5 IP, 3H, 4BB, 7K. His career ERA is 3.8 in 365 innings. He has allowed only 306 hits, so opponent BA is .228, with 33 homers, so, not bad. The bad news is walks, 195 of them(compared to 321 K). Still, he looks like a nice end of the rotation/bullpen guy. I've never actually watched him pitch, but he must have some good movement on his pitches or something to keep hitters off their game.
  7. It is totally debatable. Winning a division is nice, but if your playoff run is short, big deal. Graterol is becoming an effective MLB pitcher and just turned 23, and throws 100 mph. He's just a few weeks older than Balazovic, and we all have hopes of future development from him, no? I think Graterol has the potential to develop into top line stuff. Not saying the Twins lost the trade, yet, but 1 oddball year of covid success might seem pretty irrelevant if Graterol puts it together down the road.
  8. Wow, stop paying attention long enough to see the Twins roll out these pitchers: Gant Barraclough Garcia Garza Jr. Whobie whatie?
  9. If they continue to play .700 ball, as of 8-18, they would finish 82-80. Otherwise, I'm guessing 75 some wins or so.
  10. I got to see him a couple weeks ago in Iowa. Sitting down near home plate, he got a lot of swings and misses. He looks very sturdy and athletic on the mound. The defense let him down and he gave up a couple home runs, but after 5 innings, I thought at the least the Twins has a bullpen candidate in Gross.
  11. Too bad about Thorpe - he looked poised for greatness in the early days, power lefty.
  12. One other statistical difference between 1991 and 2021: The Twins as a team have struck out 1005 times so far this season. in pace for 1391. The 91 Twins stuck out 747 times in an entire season. I know the Twins were ridiculed back in the day for trying to get David Ortiz to hit to the opposite field, but I would love to see them try to make a complete hitter out of some of their younger guys before they become the next Sano, where hitting into the shift and whiffing are the 2 most likely outcomes.
  13. Was looking at the MLB team hitting stats tonight, curious where the Bomba Squad sat in homers, because that seems to be the one thing they continue to do well, and I found they are #4 in MLB with 168, after only Atlanta, Toronto and leader SF with 176. What surprised me was some of the other sortable stats. #9 in OPS #18 in Ks, #14 in BBs. This was the one that stunned me - the Twins, with all their Medoza lines, are 12th in MLB in batting average at .244. I was expecting near last. The Rays, Yankees, A's, Mets, Indians all have team batting averages in the .230s. For reference, the 91 team honored tonight led the AL in BA with a team average of .280. They were 6th in the AL with 140 Home runs. The game has changed.
  14. Taking away pressure and expectations can do that sometimes. Even better, maybe they have a chip on their shoulders.
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