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  1. Nick, in answer to your question, probably yes. Forever is a long time.
  2. The Twins blew a ton of prospect capital last season and ended up finishing below .500 Not sure this is a wise approach.
  3. Joe Ryan did Joe Ryan stuff as a rookie. More innings pitched than hits allowed: his ratio was ridiculous in the minors, such as 2019 as he ascended from low A to AA. 123 IP vs 73 hits allowed is crazy. Well last year with the Twins he put up 147 IP to 115 hits. For a rookie? More strikeouts that innings pitched: he did this routinely in the minors, all about the same ratio, but again 2019, 123 IP vs 183 Ks. His 2022 numbers were 147 IP and 151 K, not bad for a rookie. All that while going through COVID. BBs to Ks: Ryan doesn't have a problem with control. He had a career high full season total of 47 walks last season, with a career high 147 IP, less than a third of his Ks. His entire number of walks over 3 minor leagues seasons was 53, as opposed to 326 ks, in 225 innings. Next year will be key: will he get scouted out and suffer the sophomore slump, or keep doing Joe Ryan stuff? I like the latter.
  4. He won me over this year. Consummate pro, great teammate: my avatar this season was a poke at CC after they signed him. I wish him well on his journey, and am sad to see a guy gamble on the Twins and have the team fall short.
  5. Most years any one of these three would have been a shoo in for Twins ROY. Pretty cool to have all three at once. Hopefully they will not be flashes in the pan and actually get better.
  6. If I were Twins management, I'd offer the same contract but with an increase, say 40-45 million, 3 years with an opt out each year. He has been so much fun to watch in a Twins uniform to me. Model teammate. IMO, he's really the main reason the Twins aren't battling KC for the basement, well him and Sanchez and Urshala and Gray. Having some winners on the roster trickles down. Not my money, but no better player to help this team redevelop some swagger if everybody can get healthy someday.
  7. Didn't someone make a post at the height of Dobnak optimism that he would be a Cy Young candidate?
  8. Ignoramus B. Lazy here. I've heard of Falvey and Cleveland pitching many times. Without too much effort, what would be examples of that success?
  9. Eduardo is, was, and will always be one of my favorite Twins. Snuck him out of the White Sox as a 23 year old for a done Liriano, andwatched him blossom as a Twin. He wasn't a star(though he would get 2 AS berths later on), but was solid, and a great teammate, always a smile. Well, Duran has turned out to be a great acquisition, so who knows when the trade is made? What about the other two? As I understand it, the Twins lost Maciel in Rule 5 last year to Oakland. He is still in the Midwest League at Lansing, and doing well, though at 24 he is now over the average age of his league. As the rare Brazillian, I hope he makes it. Ernie De La Trinidad is one of my favorite baseball names. The Twins released him in Spring Training. He is now plying his wares in the American Association for the Lansing Lugnuts, where he is doing quite well also. The thing that caught my eye: he has a infield teammate named Steve Lombardozzi, I'm guessing Jr. Baseball Reference is a hoot.
  10. Go big or go home? Looks like the Twins will go big AND go home.
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