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  1. Nice read Nick - Gordon is summarily dismissed as a stop gap at short until Lewis is ready. Why? He is athletic and has plenty of experience there. Thanks
  2. Haha, that's the spirit Ashbury. Best of the Worst, Champs of the Chumps, the Kings of the Peons. There's always next year, now on to hockey and footie.
  3. Kind of a nice bonus for a losing season. When/how do they compute the competitive bonus picks?
  4. Dump Sano - the guy is in his prime at 28-29 going into 2022, and as been posted, is a debit on the value chart. Donaldson, Kiriloff, and Miranda can find enough to share at 1B, 3B, DH.
  5. Well J.O. Berrios out pitched Cole tonight. Happy for him and the Jays.
  6. Varland is a feel-good story to be sure. However, he was 1.1 years over average age in Florida, and only 0.3 below average age in Cedar Rapids. In fact he's almost a year older than Balazovic, who was competing in AA, at -2.7 years younger than average. JB is a full year younger than teammate Sands, nearly a year younger than Gipson-Long. I suppose this award is a pure comparison of raw numbers, and so Varland is deserving. However more than holding your own against significantly older competition is as impressive to me, especially at AA.
  7. My question would be how easy/smooth or hard/stressful is his delivery? If he isn't putting tons of stress on his elbow or shoulder, he should be allowed to go as deep as long as he is effective. If the Twins are treating him with kid gloves, I'm sure they have good reason.
  8. Think it's safe to pencil Ober in the 2022 rotation. Fun to see Buxton take his draft mate deep. Boy that was a draft: Buxton, Berrios, Duffey, Rogers, and although the Twins cut him loose, Chargois.
  9. Is it too early to yell "JACKPOT!" with Joe Ryan? Tonight's line looks just like the numbers he put up in the minors: hard to hit, few walks, lots of Ks.
  10. I went back and looked and you are correct. Don't know how I got that thought into my head.
  11. Sorry, not gonna read 81 posts worth: will simply repost what I've said in the past: Berrios was routinely top 10 in the AL in IP, W, ERA, K, all the numbers us old school guys rely on. To me an ace: an elite ace? No. An ace nonetheless. Ace: n. reliably above average performer., usually the top performer on a given team.
  12. As someone who likes the Pirates, this trade makes me want to cry. Even moreso now that Archer has rejoined Tampa Bay. This trade is the poster child for the risks of trading boatloads of high-end prospects for a pitcher where years of control is a primary reason for the price tag. I hope Falvine treads these waters with caution this off-season.
  13. Betsy's piece sent me here as well. Very happy for Drew. Sitting in a major league dugout in a major league stadium, playing on a major league diamond against the best, if he were British he'd be "chuffed to bits." At the least he'll be able to show his grandkids, should he have any, his Twins MLB jersey, the ball that was his first hit, etc. : trophies beyond compare for us fans.
  14. I saw comments recently about what a bust Sabato is. I think that .948 OPS in Cedar Rapids begs to differ. He does fan a lot, but he takes a lot of walks as well, and the power....
  15. Positive September results for a last place team are welcome. So often they are but flashes in the pan though. Just a year ago we were all excited about Rooker, who is now featured in this year's "lowlights."
  16. I also value the .300 hitter - however, the game is changing. Guess how many guys are hitting .300 as of today? 13, and only 5 over .310, topping out at Marte's ,320 I was shocked to learn a while back that the Twins .241 team BA puts them at 14th in MLB: better than the Padres, Dodgers, Yankees, Brewers, I guess good pitching is the key today. The Twins do rank well in HRs, SLG, OPS, so I think its clear where the problem lies. 4th worst team ERA. 2nd most gopher balls allowed, 8th fewest Ks, 7th worst BA against.
  17. Rocco gets win 200, and the Twins top 200 homers for the season, 4th in the majors with 201.
  18. Simmons was signed for his defense, and he stands at 1.8 dWAR at the moment, which is far from awful.
  19. This year's trade deadline caught me on a all-time low interest in sports in general. My interest is slowly rekindling, and I took a closer look at Gant yesterday and liked what I saw. Did the same for Ryan and was amazed at his minor league career. Respectable 1st year in lower A : 3.72 ERA, 36 IP, 26H, 14 BB, 51K Phenomenal 2nd year covering 3 levels A- up to AA: 1.96 ERA, 123 IP, 77H, 27BB, 183K. Wow stuff. This year in AAA, 3.41 ERA, 66 IP, 40H, 12BB, 92K. You all have probably been over this before. but the low hits and walks allowed and many Ks per innings pitched are really stand out indicators that this guy can be an MLB pitcher.
  20. Gant might have a shot. Tonight's line sums up his career in a nutshell: few hits but many walks per inning pitched.: 5 IP, 3H, 4BB, 7K. His career ERA is 3.8 in 365 innings. He has allowed only 306 hits, so opponent BA is .228, with 33 homers, so, not bad. The bad news is walks, 195 of them(compared to 321 K). Still, he looks like a nice end of the rotation/bullpen guy. I've never actually watched him pitch, but he must have some good movement on his pitches or something to keep hitters off their game.
  21. It is totally debatable. Winning a division is nice, but if your playoff run is short, big deal. Graterol is becoming an effective MLB pitcher and just turned 23, and throws 100 mph. He's just a few weeks older than Balazovic, and we all have hopes of future development from him, no? I think Graterol has the potential to develop into top line stuff. Not saying the Twins lost the trade, yet, but 1 oddball year of covid success might seem pretty irrelevant if Graterol puts it together down the road.
  22. Wow, stop paying attention long enough to see the Twins roll out these pitchers: Gant Barraclough Garcia Garza Jr. Whobie whatie?
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