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  1. I think we all kinda had a gut feeling about this game… at least there’s 162 in a year
  2. Tony Diaz absolutely can’t be third base coach. He’s done this way too much.
  3. Went to my first couple games since 2019 (I live in SD) and it was beautiful out! Was nice seeing the bombs yesterday!
  4. I am admittedly a bit full after celebrsting a late St. Patty’s Day but Correa is a Twin!! Optouts after each year, but I think this will be a good year. Correa is a great player, just needs to stay healthy!
  5. Urshela CAN play short..... The Yankees were going to play him there. Still would be iffy though.
  6. This better be for cap reasons to sign a big-name player.... Otherwise..... Uffda...
  7. I like this trade. Sure, Petty has a lot of potential, but still has a long ways to go to even reach the majors, let alone be good. Sonny Gray is a solid #2 starter who can be an All-Star at his best. Still need some more pieces, but happy to see the front office not giving up on this year!
  8. At first I thought this was Tylor Megill, a somewhat promising young Mets starting pitcher. Then, I got flashbacks of Matt Magill, the mediocre Twins reliever, Now, I see it’s Trevor Megill, a flame throwing reliever who somehow can’t miss bats. Falvey/Levine seem to be like Mr. Maggoo, as they are shortsighted in attempting to find elite relief pitchers at the bottom of the barrel a few too many times. I will be happier when the front office shows more megalomaniac behavior. This series of moves will most likely have little magnitude on the team. (I’m sorry)
  9. I am OK with Celestino and Martin being at AAA ready for duty, although a Chris Taylor signing would be nice
  10. I personally think all three of Posey, Mauer, and Molina should be in easily… I don’t think you can put in one of them without the other two.
  11. I am going to be so mad when Miranda starts out at AAA next year. He is already 23, and has literally nothing to prove at St. Paul. He can play 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and LF in a pinch. Obviously see why putting him on the 40 man this year would be a waste. It will be interesting to see what the infield will look like next year. Somebody is going to get traded, and it better not be the guy who has had the best hitting season in the minors I remember from a Twins hitter.
  12. Can throw 100+ but is going to need secondary pitches and some health to be a stud. Good high risk high reward pick
  13. I see Twins legend Rene Rivera launched a home run against us today. How is he still in the majors!?!
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