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  1. Gardy, on his former players in attendance for his HOF induction: "This group of guys, some of them got me fired. And I still love them to death." Looking on Baseball Reference, for the 2012-2014 seasons…. he’s right. Those rosters were atrocious.
  2. If there is an iffy call that goes against the Twins, Rocco better put on a show for Gardy!
  3. This series has been pretty bittersweet. Some good individual outputs, but poor pitching has led to some bad results. We have seen GarvSauce make his final appearances of the season (as he is going to have surgery on a torn flexor tendon). I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he is playing his last game today. Salvaging a game here would be awesome, and if Bundy performs like has recently, there will be a good chance of that. 1 1B Luis Arraez 2 SS Carlos Correa 3 DH Byron Buxton 4 RF Max Kepler 5 2B Jorge Polanco 6 LF Alex Kirilloff 7 CF Nick Gordon 8 3B Jose Miranda 9 C Ryan Jeffers P: Dylan Bundy 1 3B Josh Smith 2 2B Marcus Semien 3 SS Corey Seager 4 CF Adolis Garcia 5 1B Nathaniel Lowe 6 RF Kole Calhoun 7 DH Mitch Garver 8 LF Brad Miller 9 C Meibrys Viloria P: Dane Dunning The All-Star Ballots come out soon, and usually I put together my own personal ballot. Realistically, I think the Twins get Buxton and Arraez in, but that’s it. Duran is a dark horse, but it should be entertaining nonetheless. Let’s hope for a Twins Win today!
  4. I’m going to watch this game in black and white to get the true gray experience
  5. Smalley cracks me up “batting practice pitch” is a bit disrespectful haha
  6. Arraez is so good. Hoping his knees don’t catch up to him for a long long time
  7. During the past couple years, a lot of things have changed for me personally. I graduated from college, I got my first job within my field, the unnamed events of 2020…. the list goes on and on. With all these rapid changes, I have had to learn how to be better as a person in multiple facets. I try to at least work on one, if not multiple, of these objectives everyday, so I can fall asleep knowing I am doing something good each and every day. Below is a current list of objectives I am working on: 1. Be a better friend/family member. This one is pretty obvious. COVID slowed down a lot of my relationships with friends and extended family, so pursuing those relationships has been tough. However, it is rewarding to have a small group of people that will help you out on your worst day, as well as the reverse. 2. Gather good information. I was horrible at this in the past. I would give out personal opinions about topics before diving into topics. I have found that keeping quiet can sometimes be the best cure. It has also been beneficial to read more news around the world, the Bible, literature. It is not good to be behind the loop, whether it is within your workplace, the voting booth, and in conversations. 3. Be more efficient with my time. Having a full-time job, an extra part-time job, cooking, eating, sleeping, being with family and friends, watching baseball…. there has to be a balance between these events. I have to personally make sure I do all of these things, and to do them well. 4. Be a happy optimistic fan of Minnesota sports teams Welp, this one hasn’t been going well…. All jokes aside, this has been a pretty fun season being a Twins fan so far, despite a couple heart wrenching games within the past few days. The Twins are still in 1st place, and the season is 162 games. Bad games are going to happen, you just have to hope for more of the good ones. I expect a fun matchup tonight, despite a COVID and injury bug running through the clubhouse. Bailey Ober has looked better with each start, and the Royals lineup cannot be enthused about. Twins 1. Luis Arraez 1B 2. Carlos Correa SS 3. Jorge Polanco 2B 4. Max Kepler RF 5. Gary Sánchez DH 6. Trevor Larnach LF 7. Gio Urshela 3B 8. Nick Gordon CF 9. Ryan Jeffers C P: Bailey Ober (1-1, 2.55 ERA) 1. Whit Merrifield CF 2. Andrew Benintendi LF 3. Bobby Witt Jr. SS 4. Hunter Dozier RF 5. MJ Melendez C 6. Carlos Santana 1B 7. Ryan O'Hearn DH 8. Emmanuel Rivera 3B 9. Nicky Lopez 2B P: Brad Keller (1-4, 3.20 ERA) Let’s play ball!
  8. Celestino!!! Also Miranda is slower than I thought he would be
  9. It’s been a while since I have been in a game thread… Coincidentally, i am now hungry for some rotisserie chicken.
  10. I agree on Nick Gordon being expendable. He will play for somebody in the majors, just not sure it is the Twins
  11. This team is showing why chemistry is extremely important…. It’s also interesting seeing some of the stats. For example, Kepler is “better” so far this year than 2019, despite lower OPS numbers. Guys like Arraez are that much more important with a dead ball
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