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  1. 3 runs or fewer in 51% of the games this season. You can blame the bullpen all you want (they've been bad, yeah), but if the lineup continues to remain so inept in over HALF of their games, this team isn't for real.
  2. unbelievably bad loss against a bad team when the three worst pitchers on your staff hold a lifeless Rockies lineup on the road to 1 run. This team is very ugly to watch right now. I don't even know what to say at this point other than thank god for the Red Sox and Orioles. HAVE to win the final two games of this series. Until tomorrow, Go Twins
  3. The Twins will lose this game on a flyout to the LF warning track. Write it down in pen
  4. both Tyler's were good tonight. It's a damn shame we couldn't trust either with a 3 run lead and instead went to another RP for a 2nd inning the other night who we know isn't any good either.
  5. he's out. Dick is right. AK hit the base on his way down.
  6. Kepler grounds into the shift/right side of the infield literally every time he comes up in a big spot.
  7. How do the Rockies not have a lefty ready for Kepler when the Twins burned Garlick as a PR?
  8. This is unbelievably ugly (and boring). This is one of the worst pitchers duels I've ever seen. Neither arm is getting a tons of swings and misses or Ks. The hitters are just taking terrible ABs on both sides.
  9. Would've been an incredible DP by Correa, but the Twins have to be able to get to Marquez
  10. Encouraging start. The Rockies offense is horrible on the road.
  11. Is game day tripping or has there been a 5+ minute break for some reason between innjngs
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