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  1. I don’t expect the twins to spend a ton of money on free agents for the 22 season. I think they’ll use it as an evaluation period for young players like Jose Miranda, Brent Rooker, Jeffers, Celestino on the bat side, and countless pitchers like Jordan, Strotman, Ryan, winder, Duran, etc. You may even see them give SWR, Martin, and Lewis a shot eventually. With that being said, I do expect them to bring in at least one more veteran starter to eat innings along with bringing back big Mike. A name I have my eye on is Alex Cobb, who much like ERod, has very good metrics.
  2. I understand wanting a veteran in the locker room, and while Maeda is that, English isn’t strong for him. It’s more difficult for a guy like that to mentor guys, so keeping Big Mike for a mentorship role is fine if there were truly not legit offers on the table. However, I find it difficult to believe that there were not offers on the table for him. At this point I think I’d give him whatever he’s making this year plus an 8M team option with a small buyout in 2023 to stick around as a MOR guy to stabilize the rotation. I do think it’s likely that we see Kenta moved this off-season, which makes me willing to do the extension even more. If we end up just holding Pineda for the year and letting him walk, I’m super disappointed and it’s an epic failure.
  3. Also, it's kind of weird that every talking head around the game was saying that the Twins held the keys to the deadline with all of the talent that they would have available, only for them to trade one good player at the deadline. Yes, Nelly was traded, but I don't count that "at the deadline." I really expected the FO to be more aggressive and was expecting one of Kepler/Buxton/Polanco/Maeda/JD to be moved today. It's quite possible that the Twins prices were too high, which make sense to a certain extent as they'll be able to move any of that group this off-season if they are motivated to do so.
  4. I think the likelihood of Cruz coming back next year after trading Berrios today is less than 1 percent, especially if the NL adds the DH. The Twins should use the DH spot for the next year and a half to get looks at guys like Rooker.
  5. I 100% agree on Arraez. You can't pencil him anywhere on defense, and you can't count on his knees either. Not a great recipe for a young guy. Maybe an NL team views him as a potential DH next year.
  6. Simmons was brought in a) assuming the team would be good and b) assuming Simmons would be good. Neither of those things are true so there is no point to play him any longer, or really even roster him, imo. The only reason the Twins should continue to give Simmons opportunity is if they are going to extend him, which I hope to god is not the case. Also, FWIW, I don't think Nick Gordon is any good, but I think the Twins should use these next 60 games to find that out for certainty. Start him 25 games at SS and 20 games in the OF, see how he hits and how he fields around the diamond. There is no point in showcasing Simmons for a potential trade anymore.
  7. Similar to Happ, getting something more than cash for Robles is a W. This guy looks like he might have a chance as a reliever, and even if he doesn't, who cares. No reason to keep Robles around. Let Stashak/Cano/Hamilton/Moran get his innings.
  8. I am really, really hoping we announce that Simmons has been DFA'd before the game tonight, although I don't expect it. Doogie made it sound as if there were no offers on the table, which isn't all that surprising. DFA him and let Gordon play at SS 5 days a week. I don't care if he ends up being bad there, lets find out so we can make sure he is bad there. Call up Miranda and play him all over the infield.
  9. Getting anything for Robles is a good thing, similar to Happ. Still upset that we didn't trade Pineda.
  10. As good as the Berrios trade was, not moving Pineda is an epic failure. I don't care if the offers are below what you deem necessary, get SOMETHING for him. An absolute failure by the front office
  11. As good as the Berrios trade was, not moving Pineda is an epic failure. I don't care if the offers are below what you deem necessary, get SOMETHING for him. An absolute failure by the front office.
  12. As painful as it is to see the Twins in a position where trading Jose is even a possibility, it was the right move. I had my doubts on him signing an extension, and his value will never be higher. The Twins did fantastic on this trade. Martin needs to develop his power in order to live up to his prospect pedigree, but he's as good as the Twins are going to do. SWR is a wildcard, as he's so young for his level but has struggled and doesn't have fantastic stuff. All in all, I am happy with the trade. Also, I'll be updating the prospect list all day today 1. Royce Lewis 2. Austin Martin 3. Jordan Balazovic 4. Simeon Woods-Richardson 5. Josh Winder 6. Chase Petty 7. Jhoan Duran 8. Joe ryan 9. Jose Miranda 10. Matt Canterino 11. Aaron Sabato 12. Keoni Cavaco 13. Gilberto Celestino 14. Matt Walner 15. Noah Miller 16. Masial Urbina 17. Drew Strotman 18. Bailey Ober 19. Brent Rooker 20.. Steve Hajjar
  13. Yep. I’m completely fine trading Rooker. He’s a 1B/DH type that likely isn’t anything more than league average. Unfortunately, I think his value is lower than it was 2 years, or even a year ago. Now that we’re in this position, there’s no reason not to give him DH at bats everyday until the end of the season. If he shows promise, great, you can trade him and another prospect for an arm this offseason. I don’t foresee rooker having a long term role in minnesota, especially if Sano is still around next year.
  14. Gonna miss seeing nelly in the twins lineup. When we brought him in we were a team on the rise but still needed a legit star, and Nelson Cruz was that despite being a Dh only. He was great in the clubhouse and in the city. One of the easiest twins to root for in my lifetime. I hope he gets a ring in Tampa. As far as the trade goes, I’m very pleased with the return for an expiring 41 year old DH. here is my updated prospect list 1. Royce Lewis 2. Jordan Balazovic 3. Josh Winder 4. Chase Petty 5. Jhoan Duran 6. Joe ryan 7. Jose Miranda 8. Matt Canterino 9. Aaron Sabato 10. Keoni Cavaco 11. Gilberto Celestino 12. Matt Walner 13. Noah Miller 14. Masial Urbina 15. Drew Strotman 16. Bailey Ober 17. Edward Julien 18. Steve Hajjar 19. Spencer Steer 20. Brent Rooker
  15. Now that the draft is over...my top 20 prospects. 1. Royce Lewis 2. Jordan Balazovic 3. Josh Winder 4. Chase Petty 5. Jhoan Duran 6. Jose Miranda 7. Matt Canterino 8. Aaron Sabato 9. Keoni Cavaco 10. Gilberto Celestino 11. Matt Walner 12. Noah Miller 13. Masial Urbina 14. Bailey Ober 15. Edward Julien 16. Steve Hajjar 17. Spencer Steer 18. Brent Rooker 19. Cole Sands 20. Blayne Enlow
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