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  1. As we all know, the Twins season has been a disaster almost immediately from the get go. The first seven games went as expected, and the Twins saw themselves with a 5-2 record through a weeks worth of games. However, they are now 2 months into the season, and through the entirety of last seasons total games played, and find themselves sitting 13 games below .500 at 24-37. I don't think anybody, even models that predict the bottoming out of a team, saw them playing at this pace. There are many different reasons for the Twins poor start, including the bullpen, injuries to key hitters when they a
  2. Since my last game thread intro, nothing about the state of the Minnesota Twins has changed. They are still playing poor baseball despite having a talented roster on paper, they are playing sloppy, and a player gets hurt nearly every game. This seems to be how things will be remembered for this 2021 Minnesota team, which is sad, but expected as a Minnesota sports fan. With that said, the Yankees come to town for the first time this season, and we know the Twins do not like facing the Yankees. They turn into a shell of themselves and play horrible. With the way this year has gone, I fully expec
  3. I'd send JO out for the 6th after that quick inning. have a BP arm ready for first man on base, but give him the chance.
  4. I like the above thoughts on replay, but if the current form stays I'd like to see the amount of looks NY gets at the play limited to 3. If you don't see anything that warrants an overturn after that, the play should stand. No reason these replays should take 3 or 4 minutes.
  5. Third part of this blog series is out, this time taking a look at infielders.
  6. The Twins have started to turn things around as of late, but are still 11 games below .500 nearly a third of the way through the season. Certainly there is a chance for the squad to go on a long win streak, which features the next 12 games against the lowly Orioles and the free falling Kansas City Royals, but injuries are still piling up, and we've seen the Twins play just as bad as the two aforementioned squads. As of now, I still firmly sit in my stance that the front office would be best suited to have a fire-sale at the deadline, moving every expiring deal, and taking offers on players wit
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