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  1. After being in the sun, I came in and misread this headline as "Delmon Young Suspended..." Which is all I'll say about this game. Now to drink some water.
  2. The Santana trade was brutal (should've just kept him for a year and taken the pick, given the unique contract demands of the situation) but at least Gomez because an above average MLBer (post-Twins). I still shake my head at the Garza/Bartlett/Young/Harris/Pridie trade.
  3. To speed up the game, I believe the new Manfred Rule starts games in the 7th inning.
  4. I also don't think the team planned to acquire Paddack, but they jumped when the opportunity arose. Meaning, they have more depth than expected. (Certainly a good problem to have.)
  5. Or they don't care to have a closer at all and will use pitchers in different roles daily, based on matchups, availability, etc.
  6. Also, who cares? Jeffers has had four bases stolen on his watch in 2022, and has thrown out one runner, for a CS% of 20%. Yadier Molina is at 29%. Base stealing has become such an irrelevant part of the game that this area of weakness is inconsequential. I agree with the main point, but not "who cares." Any free base can haunt, whether via walk, error, or allowed stolen base. But it's not a super useful measurement in such small sample size, not to mention other variables such as the pitcher and defender.
  7. If Winder is on an innings limit, maybe he's the closer toward the end of the year. Also, I'm just making stuff up. Because that's what we do here. Good game, good win.
  8. Given potential injuries and that it's early May, I'd guess 2-4 more starts like others have said. But there are a few other issues. 1) This FO isn't "traditional." Closer by committee, openers and, now, a 6-person rotation. 2) The inning limits we'll see on young arms. Those two factors make it hard to predict. I personally think the team will stick with a rotation of 6 as long as possible to limit innings. But if Winder is on a strict limit, he may end up in the pen regardless of performance. Or perhaps SP to bookend the year with a switch to RP midseason to limit innings and then build back up for postseason.
  9. No such thing as too many pitchers, especially as rosters keep getting bigger and everyone throws fewer innings. Twins have already used like 8 starters this year and they're in first place. The second you trade away depth is when you need it.
  10. $20 seems fair to me. Too bad Sinclair owns them.
  11. Wait, is that why he went by GarvSauce? If so...I'm sllloooow.
  12. I'm generally not a fan. It slows down the game and carries a subset of rules. Baseball is best with minimal rules.
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