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  1. Has Pineda ever pitched a full season? He's a fine pitcher when healthy, but he's not an arm you can rely on. He's a bonus.
  2. Andrew Albers is still with the Twins based on his first 2 games.
  3. I don't have much faith in him, but the price is right when weighing cost/reward.
  4. I also don't think digital cards make much sense. But I think MLB needs something for new tech that appeals to the audience the way that cards once did. Few people born after 2000 care about physical collections. As a kid, here's what I liked about cards: - collecting - trivia/stats - pictures - bonding with friends You can get stats/trivia and pictures everywhere now. But I see a void now for the bonding/community aspect, as well as a modern form of collection. I'm not saying cards should go digital -- simply changing the medium and not the product is a recipe for failure. But something new that creates that enthusiasm.
  5. It would be great if Ober can stick around, but I've also heard the same thing about Scott Diamond, Randy Dobnak and countless others who had a good year seemingly out-of-nowhere.
  6. Cards make very little sense in a digital era. Develop an app that appeals to the 8-14 age range.
  7. Oh, wow. Missed that. Felt like it was weird and confusing, but also Manfred has to change everything, I suppose.
  8. And, unless I'm mistaken here, the Twins used Cuddyer's supplemental pick on Berrios.
  9. Of course, he can still be traded (unless MLB changed the non-waiver rules in the past year too).
  10. Competitive and Entertaining may be synonyms for you, but they aren't for everyone.
  11. How has Farrell looked? His numbers seem decent so far, like we may have finally found another MLB pitcher after a dozen tryouts.
  12. I understand that exit velocity is a fancy way of saying "hard hit," but I find stats like that and how many ft a HR was hit to be unnecessary and more for marketing than anything else. A HR is just as many runs if goes 330 ft or 500, at 80 mph or 130.
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