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  1. How has Farrell looked? His numbers seem decent so far, like we may have finally found another MLB pitcher after a dozen tryouts.
  2. I understand that exit velocity is a fancy way of saying "hard hit," but I find stats like that and how many ft a HR was hit to be unnecessary and more for marketing than anything else. A HR is just as many runs if goes 330 ft or 500, at 80 mph or 130.
  3. He's also one more suspension away from significant time.
  4. Do not extend a pitcher who has never played a full season without an IL stint and has never had more than a 2 year contract (for that same reason). He's a reliable pitcher, when healthy. But he'll be available in the offseason if they are interested.
  5. Finally, an apt metaphor for the season.
  6. Shoemaker seems like like he hits a wall. His starts have been solid...through about 4 innings each time. Gotta find the solution to that. I get it the first 2-3 starts of the year but it's almost June now. (A pitcher who gives you 3-4 solid innings is still leagues ahead of most of this bullpen right now.)
  7. Is it just me, or are the load times really slow now?
  8. Quit paying attn in the 9th, but not surprised Robles blew it -- no offense to him; he just threw a lot of pitches yesterday (and they have no other options). Anyway, I just want to say I really like this recap style. Nice write-up.
  9. I know "confidence" is 100% intangible and these are professionals so it shouldn't matter but...it does and it's impossible to measure how much. I'm curious how much different the Twins bullpen would look right now if they'd had a few of these games early on, so the struggling pitchers (e.g. Colome, Duffy, even Dobnak) could have gotten back in their groove. But that's what happens when you always put yourself in a hole.
  10. I'm just going to say this for every doubleheader: 7-inning baseball isn't real baseball. It was fine last year, because it also wasn't a real baseball season.
  11. I think the plan is to milk the extra option year by using him as the 6th starter/swingman/shuttle. Then next year, if he performs this year, he slides into Happ's spot.
  12. Other than 2020, he's been one of the most consistent hitters on the team in recent years (for contact, I'm still suspicious of the HR rise in '19). Let's not forget that it also takes a mental toll on many players when they change positions.
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