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Everything posted by Shaitan

  1. He's already "locked up." That's the definition of team control. There are only a handful of pitchers I'd sign for more than 5 years. Wait and see.
  2. Unless a team desperately needs a starter, I imagine he'll be back with the Twins but off the 40. a) He hasn't pitched in 2 years. b) The contract. c) Teams already made their September call-ups. Further changes are unlikely.
  3. I'm honestly surprised he's healthy/eligible. It's been a rough couple of years for him.
  4. I'll admit I haven't been to a game since COVID to notice. But I will say that I know people who had worked this job and...they are not paid adequately.
  5. Should I disown my children if they don't get into Harvard on the first try?
  6. I saw that reply coming. But there's gotta be a reason they aren't putting him at RF, 1B, 3B or C. Especially with all the OF injuries this year.
  7. As I've said elsewhere, I don't care much for Kepler. But Gordon has played 3 innings in RF in his career. He is not a right fielder.
  8. That's not remotely the job of the manager. Maybe the marketing department...
  9. He's hot at the right time and that's great. I do think he's a valuable utility player but I don't expect a lot more. Especially if he struggles in IF positions. I hope he proves me wrong. No such thing as too many players and he's fun to watch too.
  10. I'm not a Kepler fan. But I don't think Gordon has the arm for RF. But if Kirillof and Larnach are health and Celestino can be consistent, then Kepler is definitely expendable. But, given performance, why would anybody be lining up to trade for Kepler this offseason anyway? (which is digressing off topic a bit...)
  11. How does Gordon look, defensively, at 2B? He's an emergency SS only, but if he can play any infield reliably his value increases a lot.
  12. Reported for violation. I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to be positive on TD. /s
  13. Such a complex topic, given that minor league teams are affiliated but still aren't always owned by the parent team. This is overdue, of course. I'm just continually in awe at how this whole system works. Or mabye doesn't. I'm legit curious if any MiLB team makes money or if they're just a farm for the parent org.
  14. lol. The team won 73 games in 2021 and will match that total in early August this year. They are, at worst, progressing from last to third place in a single year. Rocco's job is secure unless he goes on some kind of Aaron Rogers or Charlie Sheen like self-destructive rampage.
  15. Considering it's a minor league deal, not much. But if the team keeps playing so many extra innings games, a player like Hamilton could be a real difference maker as a designated runner in the 10th. #ihatethatrulesomuch
  16. So what happened here? It seems nobody picked him up, even for AAA?
  17. Half of this game recap is about the two of them standing on base and nobody else driving them in. It's a team game. And it takes a team to lose too. (Yes, both could be playing better.)
  18. They extended the minor league season this year, right? Otherwise, where are all these IL pitchers going to rehab?
  19. Every player is a question mark. Isn't that why you watch games?
  20. In Game 6, sure. But given every other prospects' injury record and the lost 2020 minor league season, I say don't push him at this time of year. They added Lopez for a reason.
  21. Gotta put this somewhere: One of the things I enjoy about this site is that there are several posters I disagree with on 90% of topics (baseball and otherwise). But then every so often they say something I 100% agree with. Baseball brings us together...er something. Even when we argue about contracts and pitch count philosophies and waiver wire stuff.
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