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  1. Twins win! Huge to win that game as Devin is easily the worst starter pitching on either side in this series, and Lynch locked the Twins down last time out. The lineup got off to a great start, hit a lull, and then picked things up again. Smeltzer got by with smoke and mirrors, but the results are positive. Duffey and Pagan were not good, but Duran shows that he's a top 10 reliever in baseball. Jose Miranda comes up huge in his last game as a Twin for a while (probably). Until tomorrow, ENJOY YOUR CHICKEN!
  2. This team has two good relievers and one throws like a softball player and the other can only pitch once every other game
  3. Let Duran take the 9th too....15 pitches only and I doubt he'll be available tomorrow anyhow.
  4. The CF the Royals had in the game last inning probably catches that...
  5. MIRANDA!!! What a great job by the rookie stepping up after getting berated by a majority of the Twins community for not being Royce Lewis (myself included) and coming through in a huge spot.
  6. Twins got off to a great start, but the Royals bullpen has been dominant since they entered despite not using their top arms. Need to add on another run or two.
  7. Tyler Duffey has a high leverage problem, and it isn't the good kind
  8. Another reminder that we are giving AAAA swingman Devin Smeltzer this start over the teams top 5 prospect Josh Winder.
  9. Twins win! Sonny Gray was really good, the lineup was fantastic up and down, with Buxton (!!) being the least productive of the 9 starters today. The bullpen wasn't sharp, but it didn't even matter. Winning a season series 5-1 against any team is more than acceptable. Until Friday, Enjoy your chicken!
  10. Wasting even an inning of Duran in a 10 run games seems really, really useless.
  11. When did position player's pitching turn in to slow pitch softball? Maybe I am misremembering, but I don't recall guys always lolly-popping so many pitches.
  12. Very good article about he demotion. The article mentions Correa going into Rocco's office following the news and wanting a rational for the demotion of Lewis.
  13. Cody Stashak has no business being anywhere near a major league mound.
  14. I hate when the MLB schedules games with the same team where you're seeing the same arms that you just saw the last time through the rotation. It's been said countless times that it's not who you're playing, but when you're playing them. Happened this series with the A's, and is now about to happen with the Tigers and Royals. It's just silly, in my mind. That said, the Twins have a real chance to make some space between the rest of the division in late May. I think the goal is 10-5, with 9-6 being okay, and 8-7 being the worst that you'd want.
  15. Very nice damage control by Cano. Of course, he was aided by a fantastic play by Miranda
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