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Everything posted by Mill1634

  1. Yep, in reality this team is basically what most thought they were. A .500ish team that can sneak into the playoffs because of the terrible division but realistically doesn't have a chance to advance in the postseason barring some true overperformance by some starters.
  2. unfrickingbelieveable. Can't even be upset at AK there. Took 2 good pitches and then crushed a hard ground ball right to the SS up the middle. Also, I can't WAIT for that shift to be outlawed
  3. Thielbar and Duffey need to be ahead of Jax in the bullpen pecking order for now
  4. Feels like Rocco is overthinking this one a bit trying to get the perfect matchups in a game you're losing. Pulled Pagan, Duffey, and Thielbar all between 10-15 pitches, and we still have 8 outs to get
  5. We're gonna burn through at least 3 of our top 4 bullpen arms. HAVE to find a way to win this
  6. ....i certainly hope this isn't serious. His OPS+ is 3 points higher than his career average and he is still playing an elite shortstop.
  7. Rocco is basically turning this into a must win game with the aggressive hook on Smeltzer
  8. giving up a double on a lefty-lefty matchup to the backup catcher....
  9. bases loaded against the Sox again in the first....how will they get out of it this time?
  10. Sure, so has Smeltzer though. At least Sands is capable of getting whiffs.
  11. I'd rather see Sands than Smeltzer. He at least has one plus pitch. Hell, even given Henriquez or SWR a chance. We KNOW Smeltzer isn't good.
  12. Smeltzer just isn't a good pitcher. That's it. There is nothing else to analyze. This HAS to be his last game thrown in a Twins uniform
  13. Oh, and tomorrow we're throwing a soft tossing lefty against a team that crushes lefties and has been terrible lately. Losing this series looks very likely.
  14. Welp. Gonna turn this one off. Just a very frustrating game. See you tomorrow for more pain
  15. This team refuses to get a run in. Terrible AB from Polo
  16. What in the world was Robert doing? If he puts his glove up he at least has it hit off of his glove
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