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Everything posted by Mill1634

  1. A 4 run inning that could've been worse...the Twins aren't out of this as long as Small stays in the game, but they have to get at least one this inning.
  2. Welp....that one was hit hard. We simply cannot lose this game the way Small has started and with Burnes on the bump tomorrow.
  3. Pretty good AB by Sano, but this dude couldn't hit the broad side of a barn
  4. Twins win! Needed the quick two game sweep, and we got the job done. Gray and Ryan were fantastic against a terrible lineup, the bullpen was flawless today, and the lineup added on runs against the good arms in the Tigers bullpen. Now head to Milwaukee and split the quick two game set. Until Tuesday, ENJOY YOUR CHICKEN!
  5. Not actually, though. The team must submit a list of their 13 pitchers, and the other 13 guys can only throw in a 6 run difference either way. Happened in a game earlier this year where a team was told no. I would prefer MLB raise the rule to an 8 run difference.
  6. Twins schedule from the end of ASB to the trade deadline, and my expectations and current results. 2 at DET expect 2-0, actual 2-0 2 at MIL expect 1-1, actual ? 3 at SDP, expect 1-2, actual ? 3 vs DET, expect 2-1, actual ? Huge to sweep this series especially with Ryan and Gray on the bump. Burnes is looming on Wednesday, so winning Tuesday is probably necessary to secure the split. The Padres are pretty similar to the Twins, but it's in San Diego so I gave them the edge, but could certainly see the Twins taking 2 of 3. Then the TD is in the middle of the DET series. This would put the Twins at 56-48, which probably puts the division lead somewhere between 3-5 games.
  7. Cleveland and Chicago split (the best case, imo), and the Twins will be up 3 games in about 10 minutes. Pretty, pretty good. Cleveland heads to Boston tomorrow while Chicago has an off-day tomorrow before heading to Colorado.
  8. I absolutely hate how position player's pitching has turned into throwing 60 MPH slow pitch softball to the plate. Wanna save your bullpen, fine. But go out there and throw 85 at least.
  9. Guys are throwing way harder than ever, starters or relievers. That puts way, way more stress on arms. Guys are also pitching for strikeouts more than every, which also means walks are going to be up, which in turn raises pitch counts. We also have more data now than they ever had in the "golden years." Look at any pitcher back in the day and their numbers are very similar the deeper they get through the game (times through the order) that we are now. But now, we're able to justify that and have the numbers to back that up. Also, kids are now throwing more than ever at a younger age than ever. Elite young baseball players are putting innings on their arm year around from the age of 13+.
  10. Zero issue with Gray being pulled. He's a really good pitcher, but he's far from a workhorse. He's already been on the IL twice this year, and only threw 135 innings last year after a short 2020 (obviously). It is much more important to save Sonny for future starts than to push him to get 3 extra outs, especially in a 5 run game against a bad lineup.
  11. One thing that went under the radar -- Sonny Gray has a fantastic outing with Gary Sanchez behind the dish. We know that Gray prefers to not work with Gary, but for the time being it looks likely that's going to be the more favorable option. Hopefully that battery can continue to gel.
  12. GIO! Bottom of the order wakes up the bats against the best Detroit reliever.
  13. I think there is zero shot Garlick is shut down. Celestino doesn't hit and his CF defense isn't that much better than Gordon's. On the other hand, Garlick is one of the teams best 4 hitters vs LHP, and there are plenty of options to platoon him with.
  14. Good start. Wondering if Rocco pushes Gray another inning or if he goes to the bullpen for 3. If he does, I assume we see Jax, Pagan, and Duran to close this one out.
  15. Lineup has completely gone to sleep against the belly of the Tigers bullpen. No bueno
  16. Polo has to make that play...but this is similar to other Gray starts. Suddenly loses his command in the mid inning.
  17. Great start and the Tigers look uninterested in playing once again. Could've buried them right there, but a 3-0 lead with Gray on the mound against the TIgers must be a W.
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