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  1. I think the trade values are probably pretty close. They certainly don't match Cruz' production, but you're getting 2-3 months of it only. I think a Duran-like return is what we can expect and probably what we should hope for, a guy with a real chance that hasn't put it all together yet. It does look like it will be a five year wait for Duran to get to MLB, unfortunately. Chicago simply will not let a prospect with any upside go to the Twins, so I don't see a trade there. Certainly Oakland and Toronto will let someone go who might make it big. It's just not going to be a name we know
  2. I finally got done laughing at the idea of getting Orelvis Martinez for Pineda. I've had a rough day...I needed that. Orelvis would bring a young pitcher with lots of team control left and who is better than Pineda. Like one of Miami's young studs. The good news is: there aren't a lot of teams trading good starters who are out of it. Throw in Balazovic with Pineda, and you might get Orelvis and garbage the Twins hope you think is good.
  3. Alcala needs to be the 7th or 8th option out of the pen next year. The bullpen was a major failure, and a good pen makes up for just about everything.
  4. After watching Simmons and every little thing he brings, I'm pretty confident he's part of the problem and not part of the solution. The only thing I want back is someone to fill the shortstop gap for the rest of the year. Someone who tries, someone who hustles, someone who gives a crap about details. It's really easy to see why the Angels let him go for also-ran Iglesias. Hey, someone like Iglesias!
  5. I understand where you're coming from here, but Cruz simply isn't in demand. I think Pineda, barring injury here, is the prime trade value, Cruz' value is more in line with the relievers if the Twins donate some money. I know, it's a ridiculous thought, but I just don't see a buyer. Colome and Robles are live arms.
  6. I think Tampa's situation is such that they have too many guys for their positions already, and they love having flexibility. Yes, they looked at Cruz prior to 2019, but three seasons of roster make-up has occurred since. Would he improve their DH numbers? Yes. Would he improve their team? That's not as certain. I would think a more traditional team would look at Cruz, maybe the Red Sox, who could move JDM to right, or the Yankees, who will have enough injuries to justify it. But it is a tough sell, unfortunately.
  7. Thanks, Seth, this stuff is truly amazing and greatly appreciated. For me at least, it hits the sweet spot of exactly what I'm looking for. And I'm usually a bitcher (also short for belly itcher).
  8. Canterino shouldn't be at A+ unless they're trying to de-violent his delivery. I can't imagine him making it to the Twins without injury issues unless he never sees 100 IP in a season.
  9. Yeah, the gun there at CHS appears to be 3-5 mph higher than reality. I've taken an interest in this across MLB, too, over the years. Yankee Stadium is 3 mph high. Target Field has been pretty accurate over the years. This "analysis" is pretty subjective, but it's easy to see the difference between ballparks, and you have to assume the lowest readings are the most accurate. I don't have a lot to compare CHS to, other than Target Field, but I think it's an easy comparison. You do have to be careful to not give a lot of credence to Bailey Ober's 92-93 mph fastball at Target Field on Tu
  10. He tilts his head, his eyes remaining fixed on the quote. Something isn't right, he thought.
  11. Thanks, always enjoy. Two things: 1. The prospects of Canterino pitching for the Twins in 2020 are not uncertain. He didn't. 2. Misael Urbina is not at the complex and should have his stats listed. Thanks!
  12. I'm commenting to see if we're done with that double-spacing issue. Please oh please oh please. Yay!
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