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Front Page: Twins Game Recap (8/21): Giolito Throws Complete Game as Sox Take Series

After a huge night from the Minnesota Twins’ offense that was led by Nelson Cruz, and a perfect night from the bullpen, the Twins were set up to win the series today as Jake Odorizzi faced off against Lucas Giolito. Odorizzi ran into trouble early and Giolito sailed through the Twins’ lineup as the White Sox take a series in Minnesota. For the Mets, Marcus Stroman gets his second chance against the Indians in less than a month to help the Twins and keep their lead at three games.Box Score

Odorizzi: 5 IP, 8 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 6 K, 62.5% strikes (65 of 104 pitches)

Bullpen: 4 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 5 K

Home Runs: None

Multi-Hit Games: None


Bottom 3 WPA: Rosario, Arraez and Castro -.055, Sano -.056, Odorizzi -.163


Giolito Sails to Complete Game


Giolito absolutely cruised through the Twins offense today after getting some early runs from his offense. He used those first-inning runs and first-pitch strikes to really settle down and go deep into today’s game. Giolito struck out 12 batters, his third straight game with 10+, and got first-pitch strikes on 22 of the 30 batters he faced.


The first time through the Twins’ order, Giolito gave up just one hit, which was to Polanco in the first on a bunt, and struck out five batters. The Twins picked up their second hit in the fourth on a rocket by Nelson Cruz that had an exit velocity of 117 MPH, but Giolito got two outs on the next two batters.


He worked through the fifth and sixth innings very rapidly, using only eight and nine pitches, respectively, to get two more 1-2-3 innings. In the seventh inning, it took him 12 pitches to get the 1-2-3 mostly because Cruz worked a full count then drilled a ball straight to Engel in center field.


He had two very impressive streaks of consecutive batters sent down. After the Polanco bunt single, he set down the next nine batters before Cruz picked up his single. Rosario reached on a fielder's choice the next at-bat and then Giolito sent down the next 11 batters including three straight 1-2-3 innings.


It wasn’t until Schoop hit a double with one out in the eighth that the Twins’ had their first runner in scoring position. They failed to do anything with it as Giolito picked up two more strikeouts to end the inning. Giolito completed this game while facing the Twins’ top three hitters picking up two more strikeouts on Kepler and Cruz.


Odorizzi’s Bad Luck


If you just looked at the box score, you’d get a different view of how today’s game went for Odorizzi. Odorizzi struggled to retire the first batter of innings which helped lead to a short start and the White Sox hitters also seemed to be finding the perfect spots for their hits. But, Odorizzi also was throwing some good pitches that hitters were putting in play for hits.


In the first inning, Polanco missed touching second base on a double-play attempt which was originally called a FC, but changed to an error on Polanco, his 17th this season. Jose Abreu reached on 2-2 cutter, poking the ball into left field for the White Sox to score their first run. After a wild pitch, Skole also found himself in a 2-2 count, and a hit a blooper over second with an exit velocity of 67.7 for the Sox's second run of the inning.


In the third, Odorizzi again gave up a leadoff single, and two singles later, which included Abreu’s second RBI of the game on a ball that landed perfectly in right field between Cave and Schoop with an expected batting average of .050. After three innings, the White Sox had seven hits, all singles, with only two of them being hard-hit, and three runs.


In the fifth inning, Odorizzi gave up another leadoff hit, but this time for a double. After getting a strikeout and a groundout, Odorizzi looked as if he would be able to pitch around this. He threw another wild pitch and Abreu was able to come around to score. Odorizzi was able to strike out Goins to end the inning, but this is definitely a start Odorizzi is going to want to forget.


Bullpen Solid Again


A night after the bullpen had a perfect two innings to help secure the win, the bullpen again was shut-down today, though Giolito’s very solid outing kept the offense at bay.


Ryne Harper was the first one out of the pen and ran into some trouble after a leadoff double, wild pitch and walk, putting himself in a jam. He was able to pick up a huge fly out and strikeout, then Polanco made an amazing snag to end the threat and inning.



Then it turned to Sam Dyson and Tyler Duffey who each had quick and easy 1-2-3 innings. Dyson looked really solid, and since coming back from injury, has given up just one run in five innings. Duffey came in for the eighth and struck out two hitters and hasn’t given up a run in his past 11 outings.


Trevor May got the ninth inning and struck out the first batter he faced, then gave up a single, but got an infield fly out and a fly ball to Arraez to end the inning. May has now only given up one earned run in his last 11 innings.


Postgame With Baldelli


Bullpen Usage Spreadsheet

Click here for a review of the number of pitches thrown by each member of the bullpen over the past five days.


Click here to view the article

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Giolito did exactly what an "Ace" is supposed to do. A rubber match and he took the ball and made sure the opposing team knew who was in control. The Twins do not have that pitcher. Which teams have t

Good thing it is feasting time on the AL Central, eh? 

Twins were up 7-0 after 7 against one of the worst offenses in the league.  Why try and overuse Berrios when they don't need to?  A CGSO is nice, but in the long run, save that arm.  

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Giolito did exactly what an "Ace" is supposed to do. A rubber match and he took the ball and made sure the opposing team knew who was in control. The Twins do not have that pitcher.

Which teams have that guy(s):




That's exactly why the Twins are still favored to win the division but the Indians are favored to advance further into the playoffs.

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The Twins do not have that pitcher.


I agree with this 100%. Nobody is going to score 10+ runs every game en route to a world series title, that's not how baseball works. I can't remember the last pitchers duel the Twins have won, mostly because I can't remember a single pitchers duel.



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It seems to me the offense is either hot or absent. What I’ve noticed is when the offense is on they are forcing the pitcher into long counts. When there not, they are seeing < 3 pitches per bat. I may be wrong on this, but when the opposition is forcing our pitchers into long counts (which is another issue) our offense should not be swinging at the first pitch. All data can be skewed by individual performance. Is this team/coaching staff able to make adjustments appropriate to the situation? That’s my biggest concern - the ability to adjust when required.

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Color me extremely disappointed dropping this series. Especially because it was the Dirty Sox and I just hate losing to them.


All the more disappointing coming off the Texas sweep. But reality is, 5-2 the last 7 games. I'll take That!


Sometimes, it's not who you play, but when you play them.


Did someone cage the squirrel?

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Carlos Santana sits on a change with 2 outs and 2 strikes in the top of the 10th, puts the Indians up 3-2. Really great AB.


Brad Hand comes in, gives up a leadoff double, followed by a sac bunt, followed by a DP ball to Santana at first, but they only get one, as nobody covers first base to comple the DP, game tied . Walk, single, Mets Mets Emm EEE TTT ESSS METS!!!!

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