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  1. Pressly was not going to be extended, so we got a nice return. Houston has a reputation of fixing certain pitchers but no way could they have imagined Pressly would put together back to back career half seasons. Bottomline is we will win that trade.
  2. I vote TR. The board blamed him for everything else, I can't think of any reason not to include this.
  3. Jay was a solid pick, and by no means a reach. I believe it was FanGraphs that had him up to number #3 a week before the draft. Take a look at how the Astros did when they had 1-1 picks 2 years in a row. Also, why would you let a college coach make the final determination on who is a starter and who is a reliever?
  4. You will not hear Cavaco mentioned without the word raw. As a 3B/SS, he plays positions of our favorite teams greatest organizational position need. Solid pick.
  5. If I hadn't read somewhere that Falvey was considered to be a pitching guru, I would think our favorite team is looking to play Beer Ball.
  6. Mike, we may be looking at the largest number of, and highest quality of UDFAs in the history of the game. In an unrelated matter, it appears our benevolent owners have the checkbook out already.
  7. When I lived in Philadelphia there was a story circulating about what bad fans they are. It was said if they opened the stadium so young children could hunt for Easter eggs, the fans would boo the young kids who didn't find any.
  8. 90%+ of all teams won't find an ace in free agency. They will start loading up on pitching at some point.
  9. Andy MacPhail used to say buy bats, develop pitching. My guess is most of our starting pitching will be homegrown no later than 2022. 5th solid first round pick in a row.
  10. Great job you guys! Looking forward to additional coverage.
  11. Falvey dicussed the trade on Inside Twins several days later. Alcala was not the centerpiece.
  12. TR immediately took a mid-market team on a full rebuilt. That is by far the biggest reason for our lack of success in the 2010s. With all the teams recently and/or currently rebuilding, tanking etc., I don't understand why we have so many on the board who continue to be confused on TR's role.
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