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  1. Trading away Ramos showed two things; how unimaginative the coaching staff and FO at the time were and how poor they perceived the value of the catcher position. That trade would've looked a lot better were it for an actual stud reliever with team control. Also, Mauer had a history of injuries. Splitting time with Ramos would've been ideal. I'm thinking David Robertson would be the right move. Probably only cost a Low A prospect and he's long been a reliable arm with postseason experience to boot.
  2. I've been on vacation, so a big thanks to Matt for the write up. I always love the detail that is given and the work that goes into it. Couple of stray thoughts... 1. Love to see Smeltzer continue to befuddle hitters. Not sure if it's sustainable, but keep it up. We're all rootin for ya kid. 2. Not sure what's going on with Buxton. Hope i'ts nothing, but I'm always apprehensive with him. 3. Not gonnna shout (this is a lie) JOE SMITH THRIVES COMING INTO MESSES. STOP GIVING HIM CLEAN INNINGS THAT MAN LIVES TO INDUCE GROUNDERS IN TOUGH SITUATIONS. PUT HIM IN ONCE SOMEONE GETS OUT OF A JAM. Ok I'm calm. But his usage of late has seemed bad. Weak contact is a skilll, and it's suited for jams. Ok I'm calm. 4. Love Nicky G and the versatility he brings. Can't be stated enough how valuable a guy is that can play the IF and CF to spell guys. 5. Go Twins
  3. Jonathan Lucroy was dealt to the Rangers at the deadline after declining a trade that would've sent him to Cleveland. That's all I've got.
  4. I really like our rotation. I think it is a good one with potential for growth. It's enough to probably win the Central and promptly get bounced in the first round. We need to raise our ceiling if we want to make the ALCS, which we haven't done in a literal decade. Go get Frankie.
  5. Is this team for real? I still have no idea. But they keep winning and that makes me happy. So I hope the winning continues.
  6. Someone will be injured and Arraez will find his way into the lineup. I won't lose sleep over it.
  7. With Sonny Gray trade, still hate it Tom? Gotta soften the blow a little at least.
  8. Love this for everyone. Hope this means we're not rebuilding/retooling and aiming to be competitive in '22.
  9. Hypothetically, what would an extension look like for Buxton? Whatever it was talked about before the season started is certainly out the window now that he's been playing like an MVP.
  10. When you're making your resume for interview with The Onion in the future, don't forget to include this, Stu.
  11. Unrelated, but the "veterans" at the hospital I work at always reminisce about that day. First and only (pretty sure) Code Orange we've had. It was pandemonium with all hands on deck we were running out of drugs we literally should never run out of. Funny thing to live throught such "interesting times"
  12. I'm done defending Cave after learning of his abysmal song choice.
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