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  1. There are two pitching issues to be concerned about over the course of the season. The first is that many of the starting pitchers are on innings counts and if we plan on being in the playoffs what happens to those that exceed their limit come playoff time? A 6-(or even 7-)man rotation can help manage that limit but obviously at the expense of an undermanned bullpen. However, a 7-man rotation with 1 or 2 pitchers rotated through the 10-day IL with minor ailments (assuming there is no need for longer ‘legitimate’ IL stints) can help with starter workload without reducing bullpen size. The second pitching issue is of course the bullpen. If we add one decent arm to the pen at the trade deadline the playoff bullpen is also supplemented by, for example, Smeltzer, Archer, and Ober (pick your own 3 starters to ‘demote’ to the ‘pen) and could conceivably include Maeda and Alcala as well. That’s a pretty good bullpen Granted, that assumes all are healthy but the point is that our excess starters can give the ‘pen a significant boost come playoff time when we move to a 4-man rotation
  2. The Twins have the right to fire him from the job so he should have the right to quit. It’s a two-way street.
  3. Agree he needs a shot. In my optimistic moments I think they are showcasing Gio so they can trade him for pitching and move Miranda to third full time. As I say, in my optimistic moments…
  4. This. And to add to it: Most of the comments suggest the FO won’t and/or should not go to 7-10 years at $35M-ish per year. So why not offer raising his near term salary by buying out both his options for $20-30M? This gives CC an average salary of 45-50 over the next 2 years and then he is a 30 YO free agent and can go for the 7-10 year contract. If he opts out now and signs a 10 year contract at $35/ he makes $385M over 11 years. If he signs for $50M for next two years and then signs a 7 year contract with another team (@ age 30) for $35M he makes $380M over 10 years…several variations are of course possible on this…thoughts?
  5. I would not make a lot of changes and give up a lot the way of prospects…it’s too early to know what I would do, but three factors to consider: 1. The minor injuries to many starting pitchers has the upside of limiting innings so, for example, Gray and Ryan may be better positioned to go long in Sep/Oct. 2. Maeda can be an added bullpen piece (or possibly a starter) that gets added at the traditional trade deadline. 3. Twins have a roster/rule 5 crunch coming. Among miranda, steer, larnach, kiriloff, Arraez, Gordon, Celestino, etc they don’t have enough at bats to go around and they should be able to get some pitching help by sending a package that includes one or more of these as headliners and reducing the redundancy (depth) at these positions.
  6. These trade ideas make me question the numbers assigned by MLB trade values. If I could trade Miranda for five Steers (exactly equal values) I would make that trade without hesitation and it seems to me that would be a very lop-sided trade. Am I missing something?
  7. I chafe at the need to declare a winner on a trade. Certainly there are cases where trades are lop-sided (see Archer to the Pirates), and a ‘winner’ can be declared, but I believe it is better to think in terms of the trade being good or bad for a team. This approach means both teams can ‘win’ (good trade for both), or both lose. Case in appointment: the Pressly trade was good for Houston and for Minnesota; in the short-term the Astros got a very good reliever that contributed to several deep playoff runs. The Twins got two players that appear primed to make strong contributions for many years. Certainly let’s discuss and analyze trades as this review does, but declaring a ‘winner’ just isn’t necessary and can sometimes be counterproductive to a deeper discussion of the trade.
  8. I, too, agree that the 14 and 18 are not too fast. Pitchers will adjust. I am curious as to what these times would be form earlier eras when games were shorter. For instance, what were the times in the ‘80s? Also, does this impact trade value any? For example, if Stashak and Duran were same age, pitch quality, years of control, etc., would Duran have higher trade value because he would need less adjustment to the pitch clock implementation or would FOs assume that pitchers will adjust without little problem?
  9. Teams used to have pinch-runners and pinch-hitters who were basically used just for those respective purposes. The Twins hit a lot of solo home runs. So…The Twins should immediately promote Julien to the big league club and have him be the first designated pinch-walker in the history of mlb. Just send him up there right before one of those solo home runs is about to be hit…uncanny how the guy draws walks.
  10. Assuming that Alcala eventually returns from injury to the same performance level we witnessed last year…the Pressly trade is looking pretty good right now.
  11. Catcher questions: we entered the year concerned about catcher depth in the minors. Isola is hitting at AA and Camaro same at A. How are these two defensively?
  12. We all lament the lost minor league season of 2020 and the impact on development, but this week’s summary makes me wonder if it may have been a benefit rather than a curse for pitcher development. We all know that Winder was a so-so prospect until 2020 and came out of that ‘lost’ year with increased velocity and is now looking great at the major league level. Headrick was also not a top prospect and is looking very good this year, as Seth details. Is that because 2020 was spent working on things on the practice field rather than pitching in games or in spite of it? Same could be asked of many more pitchers who were with the organization during the 2020 season and are having very good starts to the minor league season…
  13. If they don’t sign you also lose the ability to apply value to later rounds.
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