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  1. I think the judgement on Correa could still go either way. If Correa gets hot for the last 54 games and the Twins make the playoffs, his signing will look OK. If he struggles to hit and the team misses the postseason, he will land on the growing list of Twins free agent signings who have been significantly worse than expected.
  2. It's been really great to see Gordon go from being a DFA candidate to a legitimate major league player. If he can improve his outfield defense, he could have a lock on the utility role for the next 5 years with a chance at becoming an everyday player.
  3. I still look at the chances of Correa opting in as extremely remote, likely only happening if he suffers a significant injury before the end of the season. With that said, I would be perfectly happy for him to opt in for one more year where he knows he needs to improve his performance to get paid. I think the Twins are in a good position as long as they don't give him a huge long-term contract,
  4. I'm not sure why Moran is in the minors. It seems extremely likely he would do a better job than Pagan or Duffey.
  5. And won the game in the 11th. They are now 0.5 games back (or 0.0 if the Twins don't score).
  6. About the only way it would work is if Buxton hits for Sanchez, and then Hamilton replaces Byron and takes over catching (at which point there is no one left on the bench).
  7. Only 10 pitches for Duran, hopefully that means he can pitch the 10th if needed.
  8. The day before the trade deadline in a close game that matters for the standings, the Twins late inning outfield is Tim Beckham, Nick Gordon, and Mark Contreras. It's pretty clear that something has gone disasterously wrong.
  9. Coming into the year I strongly believed that the pitching pipeline would either boom or bust this season. Based on the lack of offseason moves, it seemed like the front office was betting heavily on the pipeline producing, unfortunately we ended up with the bust side of the equation. The only starting pitcher to have sustained success has been Joe Ryan, and he wasn't even developed by the organization. Every other starting pitcher prospect has eithert been hurt or terrible.
  10. One one hand, I really like Rodon and think he'd be a great addition. On the other hand, he can opt out after the season, so he is basically a rental. Another factor is that I believe Rodon would get a qualifying offer from the Giants (something a team acquiring him can't do), so any trade package will be increased to account for the lost draft capital. I suspect the rental price will just be to steep in a year where the playoffs are looking iffy at best.
  11. Calling the Twins an obvious playoff team seems like a stretch. There's a very real chance that on trade deadline day the Twins won't be a playoff team based on the current standings.
  12. I was talking about going the wrong direction during the current season. At the start of the year the Twins looked like a legitimate playoff team, but as the year has progressed they have very clearly been getting worse (mainly due to a severe lack of pitching).
  13. I've no idea what the Twins plan to do at the trade deadline, but the notion that the team has to buy because they are in first place is crumbling fast. As of tonight the Twins have a 1 game lead over Cleveland, and if they get passed they wouldn't even be in the lead for a wild card spot (they would be completely out of the playoffs based on the current standings). Looking at the team's trajectory there isn't a lot of cause for optimism since the franchise seems to be pretty clearly going in the wrong direction.
  14. If Duran appears in the 8th inning and throws over 30 pitches (so he won't be able to pitch the 9th), the Twins tend to be completely screwed.
  15. It's amazing how many games the Twins have lost due the need for at least one more competent late innings reliever.
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