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  1. The Twins have an impressive list of scrap heap relievers that have been on the 24 man roster at some point this season. To date the 11 player list includes Ian Gibaut, Kyle Barraclough, Brandon Waddell, Nick Vincent, Ralph Garza, Beau Burrows, Edgar Garcia, Derek Law, Luke Farrell, Danny Coulombe, and Juan Minaya.
  2. The Twins have a bunch of good to great near MLB ready pitching prospects in Balazovic, Woods-Richardson, Duran, Canterino, Ryan, Winder, Strotman, Sands, and Vallimont. The team's future depends heavily on whether that group turns into 3-4 legitimate major league starters that include 1 or more front of the rotation type guys. If the pitching pipeline produces, I think the team can be competitive next season and contend again in 2023. If the pitching doesn't materialize, I don't know that the front office can buy and trade their way out of their massive pitching deficit. Right now i have reasonably high confidence about the future, but if the pitching pipeline doesn't show results during the rest of this year and early next season that confidence will evaporate.
  3. I give the team a straight B for the trade deadline. The moves they made were good, but being unable to move Pineda, Simmons, and Colome reduces the grade.
  4. Finding a trade for a 38 year old pitcher that has been truly terrible for 3 straight months is amazing.
  5. One of the great mysteries of the Twins season is how Happ managed to get 19 starts when he has been legitimately awful in May, June, and July.
  6. One thing about Buxton is that he seems to have the worst luck of any player I've ever seen. So many of his injuries are freak accidents that most players never see more than one of in a career. If his injury luck balances out even a little bit, he should be in line for an extended stretch of good health. The Twins should be making every effort to sign him to a incentive heavy deal that pays him $20+M every year he plays 120 or more games.
  7. My guess would be to preserve his good start. No reason to put him back out there and risk him giving up a couple of runs. The Twins need him to build up some positive momentum as the trade deadline approaches.
  8. To get a PTBNL the Twins would have to cover pretty much all of Happ's remaining salary (no one is giving cash for Happ).
  9. I hope the Twins front office can finally give up on the hope of Happ recovering any trade value. It's been obvious for a while that he has been terrible and continues to be terrible. I guess waiting another couple of weeks to release him won't kill the team, but there doesn't seem to be any point.
  10. It's tough to be competitive when the pitching staff gives up 28 runs in 3 games. Any remaining hope that the Twins could turn things around has to be completely gone now.
  11. I'm starting to look forward to the Twins making some trades. Hopefully at that point they will stop cycling through their pile of scrap heap relievers and start giving prospects a chance.
  12. I think they expected this to be the season that the minor league pitching pipeline started to show results, unfortunately most of the near major league ready pitching prospects have been injured. Duran, Canterino, Enlow, and Sands are currently on the IL and Balazovic started so late that he was not a realistic option up to this point. The best case scenario for the rest of the season is that 4 or 5 out of Duran, Canterino, Balazovic, Winder, Sands, and Vallimont make their debut later this year. Once we start seeing these guys in the majors we will have a better idea of how well the front office has done at identifying and developing pitching talent.
  13. My impression of the Twins plan coming into the season was that Happ and Shoemaker were placeholders until the Twins top pitching prospects were ready. Unfortunately Happ/Shoemaker were both terrible and the next level of mediocre depth fell apart (Dobnak, Thorpe, and Smeltzer). To make matters worse, Maeda and Pineda have had injury issues that have limited their effective innings. Adding insult to injury, the top pitching prospects have been injured (Duran and Canterino) or had a very late start with inconsistent results (Balazovic). Basically every facet of the starting pitching has collapsed this season leaving no way to salvage the rotation. I don't know that anyone could have predicted the complete meltdown on every level, but some of the issues were not surprising (Happ/Shoemaker disaster). The front office needs to put a much better plan in place for 2022 if they hope to be competitive.
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