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  1. The Twins offense is decent, the defense with Buxton is fine, and even the majority of the bullpen (everyone other than Colome) has been pretty solid for the last month. The problem is the Twins stuck with Shoemaker and Happ way to long. It's incredibly frustrating to watch the team start Happ knowing he's going to give up multiple runs in the first 3-4 innings.
  2. I'm wondering if Kirilloff is going to play a lot at 1B with Buxton/Kepler/Larnach as the starting outfield. Sano is getting close to playing himself out the lineup.
  3. I hope this is just the first step in clearing the useless players off the roster. Shoemaker needs to be released and Dobnak sent to AAA. Simmons, Happ, and Colome should be traded if deals can be found to get out some small part of of their salaries.
  4. I really don't understand the Twins thought process. The pitching staff has been struggling about as bad as I can remember, so they decide to pull the starter after 4 innings (63 pitches) of 1 hit ball.
  5. If both Donaldson and Simmons go on the IL, I'm wondering if Jose Miranda gets called up. Miranda has been red hot at AA with 9 HR and a .919 OPS. I'd rather see him at 3rd over Astudillo or Arraez.
  6. I doubt the Twins pitching staff is the worst in team history, but they are definitely in the running for having the biggest gap between expectations and results. The most frustrating part is that even though Happ, Shoemaker, Dobnak, and Colome have all been brutally bad they are still making appearances.
  7. Dobnak doesn't need to take the same flight, he just needs to drive back to St. Paul and stay there.
  8. The Twins bullpen leads all of MLB with 18 losses, yet it still feels like they've blown more games than that.
  9. Whatever magic the team had for putting together pitching staffs the last couple of years has completely disappeared. It's shocking just how bad the Twins pitchers are at this point.
  10. Using Shoemaker in a high leverage situation makes me seriously wonder if the Twins are actively trying to lose games.
  11. There is no rational explanation for why Shoemaker is still on the team. He was truly awful as a starter and has now proven to be truly awful out of the bullpen. I guess they could be waiting until he gets 10 losses (tonight looks like number 8).
  12. I still watch some games, but my Twins viewing has changed. Early in the season I looked forward to watching the games, now I only watch when I have nothing else going on. I'll probably watch a bit more once the top pitching prospects make it to the majors.
  13. I think the Twins should listen to offers for Buxton, Berrios, Rogers, Duffey, Garver, Polanco, Sano, Kepler, Maeda, and Donaldson. If a really great trade comes along they should make it, but I'm not in favor of making a deal that doesn't have a pretty good chance of being a long term win.
  14. It's tough to succeed when over half of the starting line-up are guys who would be in AAA right now if the season had gone as expected. Add in a starting pitcher that is obviously cooked, and competing gets even more difficult.
  15. Rental guys rarely get a big trade return anymore, so I'm not expecting huge hauls. That said Cruz, Simmons, and Pineda are all guys who will be legitimately attractive trade options for teams looking to upgrade or fill in for injuries. I would guess all three bring back fairly attractive packages (especially if the Twins are willing to eat some of their salaries).
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