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  1. Fantastic news! Absolutely correct. So happy to watch him as a Twin for the next seven years. He’s just coming into his own!
  2. Is anyone else happy that the next cornerstones of the franchise could be Martin and Lewis. I hope they’re as good as a baseball duo as they were in comedy.
  3. We might not want to hear it but this is just a tough, weird year! I think it is hard to fault the front office and the manger when every single player in that bullpen is underperforming, all together, at the worst possible time. You can weather one or two of those but everybody seems to be choking (is it contagious?). Rogers appears to be following Colome in his inability to nail down a lead, Alcala and Stashak just can't seem to step up and seize the opportunity. Maybe Duffey needs to be the man? As far as offseason acquisition failures, I can't see what would have improved the situation. Liam Hendricks contract is just ridiculous. Matt Wisler is struggling with the Giants. Rosenthal and Yates are both out for the year. None of those guys would've been the answer. I hate to give up on this year with Chicago suffering so many setbacks. The division is still within reach. Maybe Law and Gibaut can catch fire? Could Dobnak push Shoemaker to the bullpen? Swing a trade right now? It's clear something has to happen now!
  4. Cool! If only this new platform also included a couple of reliable bullpen arms.....
  5. Well written! Thank you. This applies not just to a team but life in general. When things are spiraling so fast it’s so hard to slow things down and regain perspective.
  6. Am I alone in not being all the impressed with the Yankees? Sure, they have the potential to be “all world” but they also have the potential for serious issues. Behind Cole in the rotation are a lot of questions. Judge and Stanton health wise don’t inspire a ton of confidence. Voit seems like he could regress and nobody seems high on Sanchez anymore. Not sure any Yankee partisan should be getting too cocky about all that surefire “star power”. Maybe they should focus on just staying ahead of the Blue Jays and Rays.
  7. Why, oh ancient ones?! Wouldn’t it be more fun to afflict the Yankees? Liriano in ‘06 will always be their finest (cruelest) work.
  8. That is great news about Thorpe’s extra option. It’ll be nice to let him work a full year at St. Paul and get back on track without taking up a place in the bullpen. Feeling much more optimism about Dobnak filling that long relief\Swing role. Excited about Spring Training and the Season!!! It’s going to be fun!
  9. KFEY93 Today, 02:21 PM We dont need Astudillo articles I sense your frustration over this article. I get that. I too occasionally find an article I do not like/don’t agree with. It can be frustrating and upsetting. My advice to you: swing at the first pitch. Also don’t click on the article or read it.
  10. Seems like a much better value than what Marcus Semien commanded. And, oh, that defense..... Good move!
  11. Can’t the Orioles or the Pirates or someone do us a solid and sign Marwin to remove the temptation for the front office?
  12. My friend had a multi level marketing opportunity that might interest them. There’s also this Nigerian prince that keeps emailing me.....
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