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  1. At this point I would not. Unless you are able to package him to get a piece for the rotation now. Someone from Miami or Oakland. See how he works through his rehab and progresses this season. Hopefully he is ready to go this spring and give him every chance to show he can stick at SS. His value is as a hitting shortstop, otherwise he is just another average outfielder which the Twins already have plenty of.
  2. I know it does not excite anyone but re-sign Simmons for another year. He has to hit better as he cannot do any worse than he did last year. His defensive value is still good to great. Keep Polanco at 2nd and keep the position open for Lewis or Martin or Palacios. If you want offense go for Chris Taylor who gives a lot of versatility.
  3. I agree. Buxton puts pressure on the pitcher and defense in ways that very few players can. They have to sign him. Below is the reason I sign him. Having Buxton is like have a true ace like a Johan Santana or Clayton Kershaw, Yes, there is the injury risk with Buxton but there is risk involved in business.
  4. I don't get the love affair with Jon Gray. Averages about 5 innings a start, I know it fits into Rocco's 2 times through the lineup. I'd go for Rodriguez, Stroman or Ray who will go 7 innings.
  5. Brusdar has to develop his change up if wants to be elite. Can he do this out of the bullpen? How was Santana's change up when he worked in the bullpen?
  6. A few things to think about: 1). The quality of pitcher available right now may not substantially help the team. For example, Gray would be a really nice piece to have around during the regular season. But, is that what gets the Twins over the hump in a playoff series? I don’t think so. They’re better off waiting for the deadline, where maybe someone like the Rays would make Snell available, for example. That is what I'm thinking...maybe Tampa, Arizona or someone else is not close to sniffing the playoffs.
  7. They have to look at what Houston did in getting Verlander for their staff. Hopefully the FO can bring themselves to let go of some of their prospects in order to make run. If this is about winning the World Series, you cannot outslug team with superior pitching. Just does not happen. They should be trying from this day until the trade deadline to acquire a frontline starter. Unless one of Graterol, Thorpe or Dobnak are able to make the most of their opportunity make a big jump.
  8. I looked at Donaldson's numbers and it is tantalizing. As much as Donaldson could add to the Twins it still is not enough to make a run at a World Series. The Move the Twins need is to move prospect capital and pay the price for an ace because they are unwilling to sign here as free agents. And not many Free Agent pitchers really work out for whatever reason. I have my list of pitchers they should make a trade for but it is up to the Twins to pin point and pursue a starter they can control for a few years while they have this core of players together. If they wait for one of their starting pitching prospects to develop into the ace one day it might be too late.
  9. Any of the deals are fine except for Archer. His velocity continues to decline and his best years are way behind him. Hasn't become a pitcher, still just a thrower.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. If he could get his command back he could become a decent starter again. He needs to try Urine Therapy for his blisters like Moises Alou and Rich Hill.
  11. My mistake its Aaron Sanchez pitched for the Mariners this past year. Throws hard but control is an issue. Maybe Wes Johnson can help him. Had a great year with Toronto in 14' or 15'. Yeah they are not anyone you can pencil in for a rotation spot but something to look at.
  12. I'm sure the Twins have their coaching staff looking at video of free agent pitchers seeing if there is anything they could find mechanically with them If I were making the calls for the Twins I would be looking at Matt Moore, Alex Sanchez or Shelby Mill and Drew Smyly for the bullpen. Of all the pitchers left in free agency I would sign Alex Wood, no it's not a flashy move but if his back is ok then it could pay off.
  13. I wouldn't mind either one but I think they are going to have to trade for a top line starter. Robbie Ray, Mike Minor, Sonny Gray or they should go after one of the younger guys, German Marquez, Luis Castillo, Sandy Alcatarra. It'll cost prospects but that is exactly what they are. They just waived the top pitching prospect from a couple years ago in Gonsalves.
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