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Byron Buxton: No longer a center fielder?

There are few plays in baseball that rival an acrobatic catch from Byron Buxton. Since he debuted with the Twins in 2015, Byron Buxton’s athleticism and prowess in center field have never ceased to impress. Of course, we’re all aware of the downside such fearless play brought too. The violent crashes into the wall and diving plays that have left him hobbled are etched into our memories. The Minnesota Twins organization remembers those downsides as well, and they’ve opted to use Buxton exclusivel

Why can't I quit the Minnesota Twins?

With snow falling precipitously, and the hangover of the holiday season settling in, it’s impossible not to wishfully envision the return of Major League Baseball this spring. But it will be 52 days until the Minnesota Twins take the field against the Tampa Bay Rays for their first spring training match-up of the year. In the meantime, I’m left to reflect on a disappointing season for our ballclub and pose to myself the annual question: “why can’t I quit the Minnesota Twins?” Typically, this que
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