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  1. I think this article sums it up pretty well: Twins winning and having fun while doing it, tout their clubhouse chemistry
  2. In my opinion you also have to factor in the fact that had the Twins not been able to trade Donaldson, they would not have been able to sign Correa. As good as Lewis looked the short time he was with the Twins, Correa has been a big difference overall with this team, and there were a lot of question marks with Lewis at the start of the season due to health and missed time. I think Correa was the biggest addition with the Donaldson trade.
  3. I don't know why everyone thinks this trade was so bad. Rogers had plenty of questions coming into this year as well. Is it as good as before Paddock was injured, No. Would it have been a good thing to have Rogers in the bullpen for this year, yes. Let's face it, Rogers was not going to be on the Roster after this year. This was a trade made with a longer term plan. The only thing I didn't understand is why the Twins agreed to basically pay for Rogers salary this season, but that is also the cost of getting a starting arm with upside in the MLB. This trade truly can't be judged until we see what Paddack can do after the surgery. Sure, if he misses most of next year as well, it will not look near as good but it could also look a whole lot better as we look back on it.
  4. Unfortunately it will never happen, but I really enjoyed it when Tori Hunter did games with Dick a few years ago. They seemed to have a natural fit and Hunter really complemented him. Morneau is getting better as he gets more comfortable, but you can tell that he is not a very outgoing person. I thing it could be pretty good if they got Perkins in the booth.
  5. When Kirby was forced to retire, I lost my love of baseball for some time. Luckily, Tori Hunter, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau brought some of it back for me, but there will never be another Kirby.
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