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  1. First of all, love the trade. Second what do they project from Martin? .300 hitter with 15-20 home runs?
  2. I have actually been spending a lot of time reading about top prospects for other teams. It is fun.
  3. I just hope Falvey doesn't screw this up. This trade will be one of the most important trades in team's history.
  4. I am going to sound crazy but I want to see Buxton, Berrios, Rodgers, Kepler, Donaldson, Simmons, Robles, and Pineda gone. Twins are not resigning Buxton, Berrios, or Rodgers so get as much as you can. I know you are not getting much for Donaldson, but get rid of his contract. I like Kepler, but corner outfielders can be found. Simmons, Robles, and Pineda are all gone anyway so try to get something for them. Time to rebuild. The White Sox are going to own the division the next couple of years anyway. Build up the farm and build around Kirlioff, Lewis, Larnach, Arraez, Jordan B, Duran, Ryan, Jeffers, etc and the prospects they get in trades. Plus they will have a high draft pick next summer.
  5. Is it to early to be worried about Sabato and Urbina? And where is Cavaco's power?
  6. In a perfect world the Twins would sign both Berrios and Buxton. I don't think that is happening. I think it is time to trade them along with Rodgers and get some valuable young players and prospects. They can join players like AK, TL, RL, and the young pitchers to give the Twins a nice young core. Maybe that generation can win a playoff game or series. I love them but the Buxton, Berrios, Kepler, Polanco, Rosario, Rodgers, and Duffey group have proven they cannot win in the playoffs even with a vet like Cruz.
  7. I hate to see Cruz go, but I am intrigued by these two young pitchers. I will be interested to see where MLB will have them ranked in the Twins organization. Never can have to many pitching prospects. The more pitching ypu can develop the less you need to sign a Happ, Shoemaker, or any of the other dozens of terrible starting pitchers Terry Ryan or Falvey have signed over the years.
  8. When are all the injured prospects due back? With the Twins playing terrible it is disheartening to see all their top prospects out.
  9. Does anyone know how serious the injury is? Will he be back in 10 days?
  10. Morneau and Nathan are two good choices. Nick Punto is in Gardenhire's Hall of Fame Speaking of Gardenhire, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame too eventually IMO.
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