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  1. It just seems like for years it takes a long time for Twins players to heal. I am sure that is every team but I don't pay attention.
  2. I really hope we get one more reliever!
  3. I like this trade. You have to give up prospects to get players like Mahle. Look at our track record with prospects: Half of the hitters can't stay healthy (Lewis, AK, Larnach) and most of the pitching prospects can't stay healthy and/or flame out. I am greedy for one more reliever. But I am pleasantly surprised.
  4. It seems like the package Seattle gave up is way more than what the Yankees got. Oh well, we have called up Sanchez.
  5. Look out Guardians and White Sox we got Sanchez. I am sick of year after year of Twins sending out hot garbage to pitch. Falvey was supposed to be a pitching guru. You could argue we have 4 pitchers healthy who you truly trust in the playoffs in Gray, Jax, Duran. And Ryan. Who else? Last week my wife and I got rid of cable for youtubetv. BallySportsNorth was the only reason I was paying for cable. I was hesitant but don't regret it now with who the Twins bring to the mound. It was worth saving over $100 a month.
  6. C Jeffers 1B Kirlioff 2B Polanco SS TBD 3B Miranda LF Larnach CF Buxton RF Kepler DH Arraez That is a really good lineup. Question will remain about pitching staff after Gray, Ryan, Duran, and Jax. The rest of this year's staff could just leave for all I care. Will Alcala and Maeda be healthy?
  7. You are very nice to do so, but as someone who pays for The Athletic I wish you wouldn't have done that.
  8. When the Twins don't make big deals at deadline the FO can mention this signee.
  9. The Mariners had to overspend just like the Twolves had to overspend for Gobert. Neither team has been relevant in 2 decades. BTW the Twins could not compete with what the Mariners offered unless they traded Miranda, Kirlioff, and two pitching prospects. And I would never do that for a guy who will be here for a year and a half.
  10. I would be happy with Mahle and 2 relievers. I just don't want to give up Miranda or Kirlioff as they are our future along with Lewis (IF he recovers and stays healthy). The only prospect I wouldn't trade is Lee. But Dougie keeps saying it and he is correct. Other teams can offer more. Our farm is not really good right now. You are getting nothing for Martin or JB.
  11. Big fan of him. A lot of young media today are to scared yo ask tough questions. Patrick knows his stuff better than most reporters. I love listening to him on Mackey and Judd.
  12. Feel bad for him, but crap, are the Twins jinxed since 1992? This is really frustrating. Will he ever be the same player mentally and physically?
  13. The Yankees always brings in higher attendance. Also I am not convinced they can beat the Yankees. I also think many Twins fans just don't trust this team yet. They are winning but are in a terrible division (not the Twins fault however.) Plus when you throw out Cole Sands, Chris Archer (who did look good), and Dylan Fricking Bundy it is hard for the "casual fan" to get behind. Plus, a lot of fans have PTSD from the playoff woes. Fans who are on TD are mostly going to games. We are diehard fans. I still think the casual fan needs more convincing. That is a reason attendance is down. I love this site, but that article was a bit of a fluff piece. I live in Iowa and that is the kind of media we get covering the Hawkeyes and the hated Cyclones and I am very critical of. Just my opinion though. What the hell do I know? Still love this site but message boards are here for fans to share their thoughts.
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