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  1. Like him, but both he and Sano need weight limitations in either their next contract (Pineda) or staying on field (Sano). Period! Their weight is rediculous!
  2. Sano needs to sit! MANY naseball players can hit 25-30 hrs a year....without striking out 50% of the time....and he isn't a gold glove first baseman either. So he is big....big deal. I would tell him to go to the triple A team to lose weight and learn thecstrike zone! Bring Laurnich up...at least to see what we've got there. Why is it that mostbTwins prospects have to be 25 to be brought up= either they are studs or not= shouldn't take a senior discount to find out! Outta here!
  3. Dodgers win World Series again. Champs until someone beats them, just like Bucs (and Lightning in hickey) again in football=rinse and repeat.
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