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  1. Always a great time to relive that memory. :-)
  2. I love the image of you jokingly considering adding two and a half hours of drive time to avoid driving through Iowa only to find out it requires extensive South Dakota and Nebraska road time.
  3. I very vaguely remember watching the 1991 playoffs at home on tv when I was 7. Living in rural Minnesota my parents almost never had people over and so I vividly remember a bunch of neighboring farmers were over. After all of that excitement I was hooked. The first game I remember attending in person was sometime in 92-93 range from the old Skybox. I remember Kirby Puckett had an inside the park home run but being that I was 8 or 9 it easily could have been a 2B with a two base error. My baseball reference play lookup skills are failing me to find the exact game. Either way that was crazy ex
  4. Sano frustrates me too, but only quoting his AVG with RISP is cherry picking. He also has a .340 OBP and .500 SLG with RISP. That's coming typically out of the 7th spot in the lineup which is insanity. I'm more concerned about his home/away splits. On the road his slash line is .269/.324/.699 At home? .182/.308/.348
  5. I'd be willing to bet against elite pitching failure rate goes way up regardless of your free-swinging tendencies.
  6. In general I agree the staff needs help but the defensive errors, combined with what seemed like a non stop barrage of weak Royal contact finding a hole made for some pretty tough situations for both Perez and the relief staff today.
  7. The team's opening day payroll is like $24m less than what they spent in 2018. I think they can certainly afford to eat a few arb raises and not blow up the team. Also, I believe Perez has a team option for 2020 and Cron has one more year of arb left after this year. We also have Addison Reed's $8.5m coming off the books after this year.
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