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  1. Nationals showed what elite starting pitching could do in post season.
  2. What kind of leadership did he provide? Did he have a choice? He's not going to walk away from millions of dollars.
  3. Bring Odorizzi, Pineda and Romo back and add a few effective pitchers like Minor and Harris...
  4. I would not trade Rosario, I think he is special, he could help Twins win a World Series in the future. I would trade Buxton first. Buxton has the talent, unfortunately he has not contributed much on and off the field. He may not want to play in Minnesota. Lewis could be our future center fielder.
  5. Dobnak might not survive in the major league. Getting Odorizzi and Pineda back would be important. Let Perez and Gibson walk, try to sign Wheeler or Minor or both. Romo should be brought back and Graterol is going to be a starter in the minor to get ready, Smeltzer could be the long reliever, getting one more effective reliever like Harris would be a step in the right direction.
  6. I think it would be better if Schoop, Gibson and Cron are not on the roster. I wanted Perez over Gibson and Wade over Schoop. I wanted Cron to stay on the bench. If he's not healthy, he should not even be on the roster. Astudillo can take his spot.
  7. That's why he should not even be on the roster. If Cron is not healthy, he should not be on either.
  8. Cron might be worse than Schoop offensively in the second half of the season...
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