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  1. Brock, now where in my comments did I say that a significant number of reports are false? I’m sorry you reached that conclusion. However, they are out there and social media has contributed to the damage individual lives through suicide and loss of reputation. You can look at the hearings for the SCOTUS as an example of false allegations. ALL allegations need to be taken seriously. But I believe as the public we need to reserve judgement of the accused until we know the facts. That was my point. And if you feel my position is dangerous, then so be it. I’ll still be on the side that one’s innocent until proven guilty. Otherwise, we have a society of vigilantes.
  2. One of the troublesome trends we are seeing nowadays is the jump to judgement before the facts are known. While I may or may not believe an accusation I’ll wait for both sides before I condemn someone. Every one has a story - let’s hear them all. Mike, “the tiny itsy bitty portion of cases“ seem shortsighted. Look at all the rape allocations that have ruin people’s lives because of false accusations. The problem is that we allow our bias into our analysis of information received, pro or con, immediately upon the reception of that info. It is so easy to make a false allegation on social media without any repercussions. And it’s so difficult to recover one’s reputation afterward. At the same time, false reports diminish the attention needed in actual occurrences. This creates a atmosphere of the abused being reluctant to report it and the damage done to the innocent, I think we can all agree these actions should not be tolerated at the same time recognizing the accused as innocent until proven guilty. I trust that the judicial system will sort this out and at that time I will be prepared to take a side.
  3. I lean toward bringing Cron back. His defense seems solid and before his injury he had a solid bat. However, i think it will depend on whether they sign a 3B, as they have been rumored to be vetting. (Sorry, I’d post the link but have been unable. Saw the rumor on MLB Trade Rumors.) Then they’d move Sano and Cron would be gone.
  4. Nice write up Nick. It would really be interesting to have been a fly on the wall when the FO was discussing these 5, and others.
  5. Diehardtwinsfan made a good point about the lure of working with Wes Johnson. I would think that is a very positive for the Twins in any conversation with FA pitchers. Especially those on the fence. As a team, Falvine have created a very attractive destination for FA players, IMHO. While far from an expert, I place Wheeler signing with the Twins at better than 50%.
  6. I’ll go under, slightly. I think there will be a trade for a controllable SP plus a second tier signing. As with others if they improve including ab eye to the post season I don’t much care what the final amount is.
  7. I don’t really disagree with that position. I happen to think that Berrios will continue to improve and could legitimately work his way toward an elite pitcher. The only concern with Cole or Strasburg would be the length and how it could hamstring future spending, if in fact it would. Long-term contracts (>4-5yrs) are not something I prefer. There are always exceptions. Is this that case — maybe?
  8. Fair enough Tom. I guess we view the future through different lens. i definitely agree with you on Pineda/Porcello along with the trade. As far as future moves it’s a matter of how much history we need before we make our assumptions. And while you may be right, I hope they prove you wrong and that the truly do take advantage of the open window.
  9. Mike, you may be right, however I personally am not convince that LY creates a trend. Another year of the same and I’ll probably have the same position. Until then I’m on the side that they will make the moves. It could be I’ll be be greatly disappointed, hopefully not.
  10. So Tom, if they accomplish Jeremy’s preferred options, will the Twins be improving their team and specifically pitching? Secondly, do you have evidence that they did not contact other teams about trading this past July? My point about Greinke wasn’t to indicate a trade of that nature would happen, but having the $$ and prospects certainly make it plausible. I see this plan as accomplishing what is needed with players that can improve the Twins. And BTW, I have not been a big fan of Wheeler.
  11. Are saying that if they didn’t make that trade LY they won’t do it in the future?
  12. In Jeremy’s plan Wheeler would be the big signing. In some form or another, this SP scenario has been advocated by many at TD. It certainly is an improvement in pitching as it brings in someone better than Berrios of today. As far as the balance of the squad it maintains still an excellent offense. What seems to be the problem (was at first for me too) is the payroll seems low thus some will say nothing was done to improve. I think this is a great example how the team can improve and still have the bullets for further acquisitions, either at the trade deadline or next year. A trade in July, like a Greinke, now becomes possible because $$$ and prospects are available.
  13. One thing I like about a Cole signing is that it would be open in 21, thereby giving a one of our prospects a slot or another FA. This plan doesn’t jam the $$ or the prospects for future growth and gives us a very good team this year.
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