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  1. I guess then if the Twins trade Buxton and Berrios we are announcing that we are in rebuild mode. Let the games begin.
  2. Our pitchers in the minors must be licking their chops in anticipation of future opportunities to come.
  3. The idea of having Shoemaker make his first relief appearance in the 8th inning, while having Alcala do the 6th makes no sense to me. Then Shoemaker goes out and pitches a great 8th inning so Rocco tempts fate with having him do the 9th, with Taylor Rogers in the bullpen? Beyond comprehension.
  4. Time to bring up some more pitching prospects and say goodbye to Shoemaker for sure and maybe Happ. Happ had some good games early so I am not sure what happened to him, but... Let's just not waste the rest of the summer as we have time now to look at some of our best pitching prospects for the future and give them a taste of the life in the Bigs.
  5. Let's bring up some more to St. Paul and then to Target Field. I say goodbye to guys like Andrew Albers who will likely never pitch for the Twins again.
  6. I like the Cleveland model. Develop good young pitching and then trade the big buck or soon to be big buck guys for more prospects. It seems to be working for them. Bye Bye, Jose. It's been fun, but....
  7. People keep saying the season is "over". In all likelihood we will not make the playoffs, but I still find myself thinking of the teams that have been this far out in August who came back and won the pennant. I guess that is why they play the games.
  8. I look at the baseball season as kind of a 6 month soap opera. We expected better and so far have been disappointed. We are now in crisis. So what will happen? How will the front office respond? What will Rocco do? Will any of our stars reestablish themselves? Will Buxton get his health back? What prospects will impress at the big league level this year? Will our relief pitching recover? I guess we will just have to tune in and see. Should be interesting.
  9. Too soon to get serious about trades. Nevertheless I think with Berrios you are on the right track. I think we may need to send Sano to the minors or try and trade him if he doesn't improve, which given his, once again oversized self, seems unlikely.
  10. Derek Falvey got a deserved pass this off season regarding the bullpen, considering how they had done in 2020. It looks like they tried to say some money by not bringing back Wisler,,Clippard, and May. Well, sometimes you get what you pay for. Maybe time by midseason, if the team is not doing better, to bring up some of our young guns and give them mlb experience.
  11. I hope that Larnach gets to start a game when we face a righty.
  12. It seems odd that Rogers didn't pitch at all last week.
  13. Just signed up for MILB TV so I can watch our prospects play. Can get the AA games too. I am in heaven, if only the Twins would pick it up.
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