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  1. Gordon fits the "lite hitting shortstop" meme to a tee....except for the glove part! LOL!
  2. Not following the quote or the issue here. He has something other than the vaccine (a product)....... that he is saying didn't work. If anything, he is recommending to try something that he says doesn't work. Seems like there might be a typo somewhere in there.
  3. Agree with several of the above posters. Arraez was not paying attention to the fact that the pitch was about to be thrown. Donaldson realized this and called time out. Simple as that. It is on video tape. From that point, Arraez denied that he was not ready. Donaldson pointed it out...and Arraez continued to deny it. It is over now and I'm sure Arraez will pay more attention moving forward. It won't happen when he is 27 years old. I will still take his entusiams and put up with a few youthful issues!
  4. Lewis is still a couple years away from having his bat translate to the major leagues(if ever.) Calling him up to "try him" in centerfield is not an option.
  5. If Detroit were to get competitive this season I would guess Baddoo would be offered back to the Twins at some point. Unfortunately, once he falls below a .250 batting average (which will happen,) Detroit will be out of the hunt so Detroit will switch to: "well, we might as well keep him on our roster." That being said, there are several guys currently on our 40-man roster who could have been easily swapped out for Baddoo. This was a whiff by our front office for now....but they have hit more triples than whiffs so far......so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Great article with good recaps! Maybe a little too optimistic on when some might be ready to contribute "Sabato near-ready by season's end..." But i like it!
  7. There is a lot of movement between the big leagues and AAA, so i am not overly concerned about the 25th and 26th guys on the roster. Not sure why Law didn't make the 5-man taxi squad though. I would hope once AAA starts up, Rooker will go down and play heavy innings in AAA rather than watching games on the taxi squad.
  8. Make Cruz prove himself in the minors for a month. We would be able to get an extra year of service time out of him as well. WIN-WIN
  9. So far, it seems like they will have to keep Law if he can keep up this pace over the next two weeks. I sure hope he can fill the Whisler production from last year. I would think they would drop Anderson from the 40-man to make room.
  10. I wish the Twin's 'standout hitter' would get at least TWO hits .......one of these days.......
  11. I agree with Scrap. Yep...at 41 years old a guy can just stop hitting. But often, that coincides with an injury .....which is much more likely to happen when your.....41.
  12. If Buxton stays healthy, I think it will be hard to bat him above the 6th spot due to his power. It doesn't seem like Baldelli wants to use his speed on the bases like we are projecting above(bunting, stealing bases, etc., don't seem to be priorities.) No one scores from 2nd on a hit more often than Buxton......but he can do that from the 5th-6th spot in the order. Batting 8th or 9th seemed to be a confidence/pressure issue for Buxton in the past for Baldelli. Hopefully, that is a thing of the past.
  13. I have to agree with Old Nurse about the bats.....I don't feel good about Blankenhorn being on any of our "best lists" as well. Larnach and Kiriloff make me forget all of that though!
  14. His career numbers are that of a solid #4 pitcher on a good team. This article obviously hopes he far surpasses this at age 32. Drew nailed it......."As usual in March hope springs eternal" LOL
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