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  1. I like the Eovaldi as an option if he came relatively cheap. Lopez.....not so much. 19 innings of work this year ......is not enough to override the last 6 years of being a terrible pitcher in my book.
  2. Larnach will end up being a stud for many years. We can "fill" Taylor Roger spot right now (even if only 85% of it.) I would much rather give up Rogers for Paddock...... than Larnach!
  3. Oh boy.....3 for 3 yesterday and suddenly let's compare him to Trout? Agree with the Mad King.......let's play more than 100 games this year.....and then we can talk.
  4. I sure don't like to see Sanchez at the top of this list! If he was a middle of the pack defensive catcher, his hitting numbers could be bearable behind the plate. His numbers DON'T hold up as a "regular" DH. I would rather have Kiriloff, Larnach, Rooker, Sano, or Arraez at DH over Sanchez.
  5. A lot of pressure on Ryan and Ober (and 2-3 other young pitchers who will be forced up due to injury.) If they are not successful.......this is a "D" grade based on only getting Sonny Gray as a viable starting pitcher.
  6. Ugh....I hate to see Sanchez even mentioned as a DH. I would much rather have Sano, Larnach, or Kiriloff in that spot (heck, maybe even Rooker!)
  7. I like everything that Danchat says above. Palacios would already be Adrianza or Simmons. Solid glove and weak bat. "Seems" like there is still some potential there with his bat though.
  8. Why not have the guy come up a fail a bit at 25 and then come back at age 26 to be rock solid. Use the Berrios as the rule...instead of the exception. Last year would have been a perfect opportunity. Of course, keeping control of them for an additional year is the reason you wouln't do that. Again....Berrios........
  9. I think we have heard about Sano "getting in shape" for the past 5-6 years. I hope that is true this year!
  10. flexibility doesn't equal long term success. It might mean we are a .500 plus team this year. That would be improvement and the front office keeps it's job. I guess it depends on what you are looking for.
  11. Letting him throw as hard as he can for one inning.....2-3 times a week......is a recipe for disaster both short term and long term.
  12. Agree....what is plan B. Story isn't signing with the Twins (probably Houston.) Palacios or Lewis? Both will hit .220......... but Palacios will play better defense.
  13. I just don't feel he is going to have enough time to establish himself as a reliable bullpen arm coming out of spring training. I would imagine he will get released after his second poor outing........
  14. Oh boy......2-3 days later.......and we are already working the "change of scenery" angle? Next week: "He really worked on his pitch framing in the off season........"
  15. After adding Pineda, and after adding Story, this team is still a 4 place team....with this pitching staff. Swap in Gray for Berrios.....that part seems pretty even. Swap in Story and Urshela bats for Donaldson.....that seems pretty even. We appear to be the same as last year (at best.) I guess we can still bank on the rest of the division getting worse.....
  16. We got rid of Berrios because we were going to be a poor team....... so why not get something for him. Now we give up a recent #1 pick to GET a similar player (I thing Gray will be rock solid,) to be a poor team. Makes no sense.
  17. "Sanchez could be a primary DH for the Twins when not catching, and with his extreme power potential he could be a scary force, especially against lefties, against whom he posted a .835 OPS in 2021." I sure hope the Twins don't screw over Jeffers again by letting Sanchez hit against all the lefties.......
  18. H2O...your link says the Twin got Sonny Gray as well! Hopefully the Twins will use the savings on a free agent shortstop. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/minnesota-twins
  19. Not a fan of this trade. Lite hitting SS with a good glove.....that has not worked for us in the past. How far off is Palacios from matching Kiner-Falefa's batting numbers? His defense might be close. And then you still have Garver.
  20. Give me Palacios. he can hit the same as Andrelton and "similar" defense?
  21. Story isn't intersted in a one year deal.....he will get a multiple year, 100M deal. He started slow with injury last year but came on strong the last two months to "re-prove" himself. Twins are not getting him on a one year deal.
  22. Jermaine Palacios...would his defense be "average" to "above average" in the majors? I have heard mix comments on this. If he would be a solid FIELDING shortstop, then lets take his .225 batting average. Otherwise we can pay Andrelton Simmons again (A LOT MORE) for the same results? (Simmons is a better defender for sure...but I guess.....how much better?)
  23. I agree with most everything that Tony n Rodney says except I am having trouble with Kepler. He has had 1.5 solid seasons in his entire major/minor league career. Does his defense offset a .220 batting average........maybe? 23 home runs....maybe?
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