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  1. I agree with Mike. If Lewis isn't a middle of the pack, starting shortstop for 10 years, his numbers probably won't hold at other positions.........and he will be a solid utility guy. "Solid utility guy" is not what we need out of the #1 pick.
  2. Due to the knee problems, Arraez would jump at a much cheaper long term contract than what you have listed. Due to the knee problems (and suitable replacements behind him,) a much cheaper long term contract is the only way this gets done.
  3. Kepler had one very solid major league season and one solid minor league season. I think "we" have a much higher opinion of his talents than the rest of the league. If Lewis was not our #1 pick, he would not be on this list at all based on performance over the past 4-5 years (covid and injury aside.) He has a Nick Gordon 'feel' to him right now. I sure hope I'm worng on that!
  4. Unfortunately, that "north of 10" ERA will make him our #2 starter (as things are shaping up now.) (tongue-in-cheek............I hope!)
  5. Adding Greinke as the 4th starter on a playoff caliber team makes sense. Adding him as a mentor or "presence" to an 80 win team is just throwing away 10-15 million. What.....so the "young pitchers" will listen to him........ instead of Wes Johnson?
  6. Agree. Simmons is a better overall player than Andrus at this point......which says everything you need to know about this article. If the purpose to get Andrus is to get an additional player AND taking the Andrus contact off their hands, then lets just say that. The Twin's, historically, would be on the OTHER side of that equation
  7. oh boy,......let's go get a light hitting shortstop with good defense.........where have I heard that before?
  8. Doc nailed it. If you flip the script, Jeffers has the big numbers and Garver struggles. I was fine having Garver hit all lefties because he was rock solid......but then having Jeffers bat against almost strictly righties........of course he will struggle. 90% of the league struggles against the same side pitchers. This is why managers stack line ups. Basically, Baldelli stacked the line up against Jeffers. He will be fine!
  9. I think Rodriquez agrees with h2o.......he sees a team that needs 5-6 additional starters at some point over the next 9 months instead of 2-3 on other major league teams.
  10. Lewis as the top 'hitting' prospect? Right now he is more likely to follow the Nick Gordon path of a utility player who can play at several positions around the field and he "won't hurt you at the plate." I certainly wouldn't put him ahead of Martin or Miranda........
  11. I really wish these guys were "allowed" to pitch more than 100 innnings. Guaranteed, everyone of them threw over 150 pitches their Jr year in high school(including summer ball.) I agree with Bert....let them pitch!
  12. ha.....Nick Gordon would be the reason to NOT weigh in the family connection.
  13. Gordon would be a good story if he was a 19th round draft pick who worked his way up through the minors. If he was just 22 years old there could be a case that there is still potential there. If he is getting significant innings in 2022, the Twins are once again a last place team. He probably will fill a utility roll with the club this year and play significant innings......which means............
  14. Wait....I should say outfield is way down the list......on the "needs" list.
  15. It will be Larnach's job to lose in left. We don't need another outfielder.......
  16. You need to quit listening to Barriero......that would solve 1/2 your problems right there!
  17. Boyd has really NEVER been good. At his best, he would be a #4 starter. At his "average," he is a AAA player. This was a whiff for Detroit! But we have our share of our own whiffs.......
  18. Huh? it is easily arguable that Donalson was better last year than Chapman and will be better next year than Chapman. Giving up ANYTHING for that is nuts. Gving up OUR future 3rd baseman alone would disqualify even thinking about this trade. Even if this was strictly a salary dump, it wouldn't make sense since you could "give away" Donaldson and bring in Miranda to play 3rd base for the minimum.
  19. Gordon fits the "lite hitting shortstop" meme to a tee....except for the glove part! LOL!
  20. Not following the quote or the issue here. He has something other than the vaccine (a product)....... that he is saying didn't work. If anything, he is recommending to try something that he says doesn't work. Seems like there might be a typo somewhere in there.
  21. Agree with several of the above posters. Arraez was not paying attention to the fact that the pitch was about to be thrown. Donaldson realized this and called time out. Simple as that. It is on video tape. From that point, Arraez denied that he was not ready. Donaldson pointed it out...and Arraez continued to deny it. It is over now and I'm sure Arraez will pay more attention moving forward. It won't happen when he is 27 years old. I will still take his entusiams and put up with a few youthful issues!
  22. Lewis is still a couple years away from having his bat translate to the major leagues(if ever.) Calling him up to "try him" in centerfield is not an option.
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