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  1. I suggest that anyone who wants to find out what is really going on with BSN and their Sinclair pirate owners, to read Michael Rand in the StarTribune.
  2. The way I read it, MLB is hoping that Sinclair keeps losing so much money on the RSN's that they can get a good deal from them. Also, MLB is seeing if they can go in togehter with the NHL and NBA. It's about time.
  3. Congratss to Andrew Albers. I hope I'm wrong, but the league has seen his act before and before long it will likely be " bombs away".
  4. Great article. In regards to Smeltzer, just because we don't protect him doesn't mean someone else is going to take him in the Rule 5. I view him as a AAAA player, but if he is not taken in Rule 5, then he gets another look in Spring training.
  5. I believe that the Twins have a lot to play for. They are professional baseball players and they want to advance their careers. Also this will give us a chance to check out some of our pitching prospects for next year. I am impressed they they are playing hard and want to win these games. If they could make it to .500 wouldn't that be grand.
  6. Much of the reason I don't watch much is that for my schedule, the games start too late. I heard a player interview in which he talked about how great it was where he had played before, where night games started at 6:30 and most people loved it. Also, I have many tasks to do in the evening and find that listening on the radio while I do them works better for me. Then I also listen in bed until I fall asleep, often waking up in time to catch the ending.
  7. I may be one of the few who like Simmons for a team that wants to be respectable. He will probably win a gold glove again this year. Although his batting numbers are not good he has had many timely hits. Unless we have a major league caliber defender at shortstop for next year, I would bring him back if the price is right.
  8. i too will miss Nelson Cruz, but trading him was the right thing to do for the Twins and for Nelson. When Branch Rickey was GM of the then awful Pittsburgh Pirates in the early 50's, he once offered a lower contract to his best pitcher from the previous year. The pitcher naturally objected. Rickey then said to him, " Son, we lost with you, we'll lose without you".
  9. If the Twins give Maggi a look then he may become this year's version of Niko Goodrum. So after he is DFA'ed again the Tigers will maybe sign him?
  10. Can someone please tell me why Tomas Tellis never seems to be in the conversation whenever the Twins are in need of another catcher?
  11. Being 71 y.o. and a non drinker of adult beverages, I have discovered that I prefer listening to the games on the radio, and watching TV with the sound off, unless Jim Kaat is doing the game. Cory Provis is an exceptional announcer. Danny G is fine too. I have also discovered the wonderful announcing team for the dreaded Yankees, John Sterling and Susan Waldman. I am not a Yankee fan, but I greatly enjoy them. I have discovered in my old age that Target Field is too noisy, ( due to incessant PA system), the concessions way over priced, and missing the certainty and comfort of a game that A RETRACTABLE ROOF would have given us. Guess I'm just a grumpy old man. In a few weeks I will sample in person the delights of CHS Field. We shall see.
  12. Bud Grant was always a big proponent of valuing durability as a key factor in the players that you have. Berrios has durability and unfortunately, Buxton does not. If Berrios will take a 5 year, 100 million dollar deal then I say do it. Buxton will go down in Twins history as perhaps the greatest, " might have been".
  13. I think the Twins should consider bringing Simmons back for one more year, unless they do not intend to field a contending team next year. He has been good defensively, much better than Polanco. BTW, unless he is injured, I would have used Nick Gordon in CF yesterday.
  14. I wonder what the concern is regarding Tomas Telis. Is he not a good defensive catcher? He seems to hit for a decent average and power. He can play multiple positions too. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.
  15. Great article. I think it will come down to how much Taylor wants to stay with the Twins. I am guessing that it they offer the 3/20 miliion that he will take if he wants to stay here. A fair contract for both sides.
  16. I like Randy Dobnak. However he has not pitched well lately. Unless something has changed it could get ugly. I hope I am wrong.
  17. I guess then if the Twins trade Buxton and Berrios we are announcing that we are in rebuild mode. Let the games begin.
  18. Our pitchers in the minors must be licking their chops in anticipation of future opportunities to come.
  19. The idea of having Shoemaker make his first relief appearance in the 8th inning, while having Alcala do the 6th makes no sense to me. Then Shoemaker goes out and pitches a great 8th inning so Rocco tempts fate with having him do the 9th, with Taylor Rogers in the bullpen? Beyond comprehension.
  20. Time to bring up some more pitching prospects and say goodbye to Shoemaker for sure and maybe Happ. Happ had some good games early so I am not sure what happened to him, but... Let's just not waste the rest of the summer as we have time now to look at some of our best pitching prospects for the future and give them a taste of the life in the Bigs.
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