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  1. We should not judge how "good" anyone on the team is doing over the past couple of weeks considering the competition.
  2. May has had good runs before. In my eyes he's gotta do this for a full year before I can believe a new approach helped.
  3. The Twins are faring well against these teams now that they are "doing what they do" instead of sleepwalking.
  4. Berrios's pitch location in August is 6-8 inches to the left of his usual location. I would guess his arm is tired.
  5. I've been saying all year ... the Twins have an easy schedule down the stretch but they have to take these games seriously. If the Twins think they can coast through these divisional games to close out the season and still outpace Cleveland, they somehow have not been paying attention to the only division they have ever been in for the past couple of decades. If the Twins show up and do what they do, they'll finish well. If they think these games will all be automatic wins and they don't have to put in the work, they are mistaken. To me this seems like a good time for the pitchers to work on getting smarter and to start playing defense....
  6. A common opinion in this thread is, "Oh well. You win some, you lose some." One fact being missed: This front office has never put together a good bullpen. They don't have a closer. They don't have a set up man. They don't have any specialists. They don't have a manager who seems to play matchups. If the Twins win the world series by having a bunch of nonspecific, unmemorable relievers then we can admit that all of us were wrong when we talked about this more than any other topic over the past couple of years, of course. But when all of us see this as the missing piece we are probably right. (Though some defense would be nice, too.) I'm not saying this guy was the answer -- he wasn't because the Twins need more than one guy -- I am merely pointing at the elephant in the room.
  7. Being in Minnesota, the Twins may as well play as the Vikings. Anyhoo, this is why good pitching is important. Ask any Rangers fan from the 90s how well those hot offenses helped them in the postseason.
  8. Um, no, I won't dig through box scores to find examples. However: 1) We have had this conversation on this website before, but on the opposite side, with me arguing someone else should have received the win and everyone else here saying "so what" 2) Consider the possibility that others were paying more attention This is something I first noticed in the 70s and have been thinking about it a long time. Pitchers who pitch 1/3 or 2/3 of an inning can get shafted. It happens.
  9. It happens where if a relief pitcher faces only one batter he does not get the win, even if the final lead change happens when he's on the clock. It may not be right, but it happens.
  10. Per above, Odorizzi has 7 quality starts in 23 tries. He's not underrated and there's no way he's good for 5 innings as you say. Gibson is better, but he's practically geriatric considering his ability. May as well find a younger option than Gibson and let Odorizzi walk too.
  11. RoY voting has been predictable for at least five years. Just look at whoever has the highest bWAR at the end of the year. Put your money on it.
  12. I will say what I said on this website before the Twins played the Yankees in their last wild card game: The Twins can only beat the Yankees in the playoffs if it's a low scoring game and the Twins squeak out a run or two at the very end. If there is early scoring and it becomes a bullpen game, forget about it. If you recall this is exactly what happened, and it's what will happen again. The Twins fared very well against Houston this year, probably better than they have against any other playoff team. The Twins can beat them.
  13. Yes, I think it might take more than one year to get the pitching in order unless the Twins very uncharacteristically open their wallets. If the Twins had addressed the bullpen this year, they would only have to address the starting pitching next year. However, the Twins neglected to do that and will now have to address both. The Twins showed they can win without Sano, so he could be a nice trade chip.
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