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  1. The truly alarming fact is that the Cardinals have been all but completely locked down since July 30 and are STILL getting positive tests from players and staff that have presumably tested negative at least once since that date. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/how-should-mlb-handle-cardinals-covid-19-outbreak-three-options-league-has-with-st-louis-still-sidelined/
  2. There were like 4 covid related cancellations Saturday too. So that means there were only 11 games scheduled.
  3. So that means they got 7 new positive results today. Just to recap, two teams that are in different geographical regions had about 20% of their traveling party test positive within 10 days of starting the season. There are what, 8 teams that are not playing this week because either they have an outbreak or their scheduled opponent does. That’s about 1/4 of the league. MLB needs to shut it down before they kill somebody. Right now they are embarrassing themselves.
  4. I still work outside the house almost everyday. Even though more people are working at home, I would guess it’s still considerably less than half.
  5. The Cardinals are now up to 6 positive tests, though at least 3 are not players. Still, given the incubation period of this disease, it is worth noting that they were likely spreading it around when they played the Twins. My gut says Manfred will shut it down today for at least two weeks. My guess is that before those two weeks are up, the 2020 season will officially cancelled. MLB had something like 50 positive tests in the first ten days of games. That’s a clear indication that they have no way of preventing outbreaks. Can you imagine what the fallout will be if someone (like a traveling staffer) actually dies? It will be a human tragedy and a PR nightmare the likes of which MLB has never seen, and that’s saying something about a sport that has seen betting scandals, rampant narcotics use, rampant PED use, and cheating scandals.
  6. Of course, that strategy will fail if you are allowing HARD contact or if you have a poor defense.
  7. I don’t know if it would count as questioning the batter’s box, but Matt Lawton routinely “erased” it so he could stand in a spot that was likely behind the back line. I seem to recall at least one team complained about it once.
  8. This might be the only time in their brief history as teammates that Max Kepler has had more strikeouts and fewer walks than Eddie Rosario.
  9. And now this: https://www.yahoo.com/sports/red-sox-pitcher-eduardo-rodriguez-will-not-play-in-2020-due-to-covi-drelated-heart-issue-205843844.html Also, Lorenzo Cain has had enough and is calling it a year. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29577759/brewers-lorenzo-cain-decides-opt-season At some point, as more and more players opt out or suffer covid complications, there aren’t going to be enough good players to make games worth watching.
  10. It may not matter what MLB decides. At some point, states are going to enact travel bans from hot spot states and they won’t necessarily exempt MLB (as New York initially did). If Washington bans travel from Texas and California for example, the only opponent they would have left would be Colorado. Don’t think it can’t happen.
  11. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29572885/sources-mlb-commissioner-warns-shutdown-players-do-better-job-managing-coronavirus
  12. At least two positives. May not both be players. But Cardinals/Brewers tonight is postponed. I suspect it’s likely the tip of another iceberg.
  13. The problem is that some of the teams that “don’t care” are playing teams that do.
  14. Two Phillies’ staff members and a clubhouse attendant have tested positive. The Phillies won’t play until at least Monday. Likely longer if others return positive tests by then. Miami’s mayor is recommending that the Marlins be quarrantined for a full two weeks. Less than a week in and two teams are on indefinite hold. Seriously, there is no chance MLB completes it’s season. https://www.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-now-hit-philadelphia-phillies-180301099.html
  15. I wouldn’t say a sport that has seen ratings decline consistently for the last 25 years and attendance declining for the last 10-12 years is “doing fine”. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Series_television_ratings#Television_ratings_by_year https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/misc.shtml
  16. Every player and coach on the team they just played was exposed and likely in close contact with many of the infected. Plus the umpires. It only takes one guy to get infected and spread it around for 2-3 days before testing positive. Then boom, 30% of your roster is gone. There’s just no way to keep players away from infected individuals if they are allowed to go out on the town during down time. At least the Twins won’t be playing in any of the major hot spots. But the teams that are playing in Texas, Florida and California are just ticking time bombs.
  17. Also, if their players’ health is the top priority (as Jeter’s statement said) shouldn’t they have at least considered not playing Sunday when 10% of their players had already tested positive?
  18. Wasn’t there like a 200 page covid playbook that everyone agreed to? Mattingly said the other day that there was no consideration to not playing Sunday, despite 10% of his roster testing positive over the preceding couple days. If there isn’t an automatic “pause” button plateau in that agreement, there sure as hell should be.
  19. Canada has a smaller population than California. And while Canada has had about 4 times as many positive cases, Canada has had a slightly higher death toll. Which really doesn’t say much for Canada’s health care system. As much of a “bubble” they think they have created, there are still gaps. Players are being fed. That means food is being prepared. Are they in the bubble? What about the people who are bringing in food shipments? They obviously aren’t in the bubble.
  20. There has been at least one case of an individual in the NBA that has broken the “bubble”. It was in the news that an NBA player was at a club with a friend, who posted a selfie. How many others have slipped out un-noticed?
  21. Which means he could have infected his entire roster which could have infected ours. Yep, they’re done. Stick a fork in MLB for 2020.
  22. All the sports shut down in the spring with virtually no input from the government. Things were considerably better then than now.
  23. Keeping in mind that only the 60 players on their list have done anything baseball related since March. They just lost 20% of their players. And that’s the ones they KNOW are positive. Every other player and coach was exposed. Typical protocol for John Q Public when one has been in close contact to a known positive is to quarrantine for 2 weeks because exposure doesn’t always register on a test right away. So that should put the Marlins out for two weeks IMO. OK, that’s almost 1/4 of the season. How are they going to make that up? It’s a mess. And it was extremely predictable. Bold prediction: MLB will shut down inside a week. The NBA probably won’t restart and I don’t see the likelihood of NFL or college football this fall. Or any college athletics for that matter. Most likely not high school either.
  24. IMO it’s going to be moot. The Marlins are having a major outbreak. I think there is no way the season finishes. They’llbe lucky to make it past July.
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