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Yesterday we got the news that Willians Astudillo, Nick Gordon and Edwar Colina all tested positive for COVID-19. Today, we learned that Miguel Sanó is the fourth player on the Twins Summer Camp to test positive.Sanó was tested as part of the standard intake policy for camp and has been quarantined. He did not participate in the first workout at Target Field yesterday or on Saturday.


There have not been any specific reports on how Miguel is feeling, but we wish him the very best in his recovery. Baldelli said that he will be talking to Sano and Willians Astudillo on Saturday afternoon.


UPDATE: Sano is feeling well and is not experiencing any symptoms.



Baldelli said that he's heard reports from players noting that, "Miguel is chomping at the bit to get out here. He's talking to different people." He continued, "As soon as we get the clearance, he's going to be out here. We know he's been working hard. So I'm looking forward to seeing him."


Per MLB's safety protocols, a player who tests positive will be isolated from his team until he tests negative twice at least 24 hours apart, shows no symptoms for a 72-hour period and is granted approval to return by a doctor and a joint MLB/MLBPA committee.


"I think whether we're talking about our team or anyone else, I think when you see anyone you know, people you're familiar with, friends and family, affected by this, it really does hit home. 100 percent. It becomes very real when you see it first-hand. When it's only something you see on television or people discussing around town or it's on the news, I think someone could look at that and not feel like it's as big of an issue. I personally believe that this is a huge issue that we're all dealing with and I know the importance of it. But everyone might not have the same exact perspective. I do think that when it does it home is when it affects the people around you."


Baldelli held the team's meeting, "spread out in the outfield."


"One thing that we talked about was making sure that the guys know that they have a voice. We want to know how they're feeling. It's very important for all of us and for all of them to feel very open and free to talk about these things. Whether they feel good about things or they feel apprehension. It helps us, but more importantly, it helps the player to be able to say these things. We aren't going to be able to help until we have that open dialogue going. We have a good group for that. Our guys are really good about feeling good about talking about whatever they want to talk about."


The one other notable absence from Friday’s workout was Luis Arráez, but here he is taking batting practice at Target Field today.




Additionally, Rocco Baldelli noted that Byron Buxton is expected to fly to the Twin Cities on Sunday morning. He will go through his intake testing, but Baldelli also noted that there would be another round of testing. So all players have




  • Official practices at CHS Field will begin on Sunday. Some of the players were at Target Field earlier this week, and they were all tested. They'll start in the morning and Baldelli will address the group tomorrow as well. The last two days, they haven't been able to do anything. They set up CHS.
  • At the end of the team meeting this morning, Cruz was honored for his Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award. Cruz then had some words for the group. "He told our guys that we have no excuses. We're going to go out there. We're going to prepare. We're going to do our jobs. We could look at this pessimistically, but we're not going to. We're going to look at this in the most optimistic way we can. We're never going to make an excuse. We're going to go out there and get the job done, and that was his message to the group. It was great."

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I'm thinking MLBPA is going to recommend no 2020 season. Lots of players testing positive and more deciding not to play, just a matter of time.....

There is no one person or one group of people who will make the decision. Just as is happening in other walks of life the virus will make the decision. The virus is the boss and we have no choice but to obey the boss.

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