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  1. Stayed up and watched the entire game yesterday, first time in over a month. Very entertaining action. Shoemaker really looked dominant those last two innings. Is it a splitter that he throws? Nasty. Buxton just can't catch a break... hoping for a speedy recovery.
  2. What an awesome story about Mancini. Pretty amazing that he's back competing (and succeeding) at the highest level already.
  3. Larnach is legit. Kirilloff is legit. Buxton coming back in the not so distant future. Hopefully Cruz can avoid the IL. Get our "A" lineup on the field most days and entertain us!
  4. Go Twins! A nice competitive game is all I'm asking for... and a Twins Win!
  5. Starting to come to the realization that this team is just bad. I keep thinking they are going to turn it around, but man this is pathetic to watch.
  6. Is it just me not remembering, or is this the most running this team has done for a few years? I like it! Polanco's caught stealing (a few weeks ago) was actually a bad call as he was safe but the team did not have any challenges left.
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