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  1. So the Twins have finally started to play baseball. That just pisses me off.
  2. Wow! I take back half the bad things I said about them
  3. Everybody hates him? That’s not true, he’s been pretty good in the second half….. but he clanked that ball in left…. still don’t hate him.
  4. Sorry, that was as bad as it gets, it happens, but you can’t defend that
  5. Angels announcer getting way too excited about a meaningless game
  6. I called it a hit and run but In retrospect, Miranda had two strikes so he’s swinging at anything close, and Palacios was just running because if he gets caught Miranda leads off the next inning with a fresh count.
  7. So Palacios didn’t get a hit on that little doink, I guess they gave the pitcher an error
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