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  1. No me either, I actually wanted the Sox, was that wrong?
  2. Another run for Houston making it 6 to 1. Bummer
  3. When I posted that I was referring to the Vikes, but thanks to the Lions for proving my point
  4. The Vikings did all they could to lose, but the Lions weren't having it
  5. Championship teams always play to win, they score often, even when they feel they don’t need the points, they are always intense. Does any of this sound like the Vikings, of course not, they will not go anywhere, just playing not to lose, any third grader can see that.
  6. Good thing the Lions went for 2, otherwise the lackluster Vikings would have just settled for overtime
  7. Bad teams will always find a way to lose
  8. If Houston’s cheaters would have been held accountable I could deal with them being in the playoffs, but MLB tolerates cheaters, yet they’ll suspend a player for 81 games for using a “banned substance” some of which are nothing more than vitamins.
  9. I don’t mind one game series in baseball, how much consideration should a 2nd or 3rd place team get?
  10. I don’t care if we gained 25 yards. No passing on first down!
  11. Twins are 28-28 since August 1st. A big improvement, but 500 ball doesn’t really get you much
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