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  1. Kirk was a guest on Peyton and Eli last Monday night. He needed that I think, good confidence booster.
  2. This is not the same team that got beat by the Eagles. Vikings defense is much better now and making game changing plays in every game. What’s really impressive in my mind is that they are getting noticeably better every week. This combination of offense and defense could possibly be unbeatable.
  3. At some point you just have to admit, this team is good
  4. First game back in Washington since he left, huge win for Cousins
  5. They have shown they know how to score when they need it, and the defense has made some crushing plays late in games. There is no choice but to stay tuned for the full 60 minutes, I’m liking them better each week.
  6. Washington could have won, they are better than they get credit for, it’s good to beat anybody on the road
  7. The defense is getting better, tough games coming up, the Bills can be beat….
  8. Good road victory, glad I wasn’t part of todays drama here
  9. My point wasn’t about who or what put Pagan on the list, my point was that the small sample of those stats dont really mean much.
  10. Post all star break is less than half the season. The mere fact that you have Pagan on your list says everything
  11. No I think 16 games was the correct amount for NFL. Many NFL teams were obviously not ready for week one this season. As for baseball, 162 is far too many unless every team has double headers every week. In the case of the Twins, in case they go far far in the post season, they start the season in the snow and end in the snow. Baseball is a summer game, that’s my main reason for a shorter season.
  12. The best teams make it most of the time, the AL has the two best, I’m not sure if that’s a better or more meaningful series than the Padres/Phillies though. There’s no turning back to the 60’s when the best records won the pennant and that’s your World Series. I don’t miss it, I do think the season could lose about 40 games, not enough summer for 162 games and 19 or 22 playoff games
  13. If the Guardians don’t pull this off, they will still have a winning record in this years playoffs
  14. 120 game season is a great idea.
  15. There are great incentives to winning as many games as you can. Best record gets a bye, division winners get a 3 game home series. I’m not sure I understand the complaints about the playoffs. Should the best teams automatically win? If a lower ranked team beats the best team should we just dismiss the underdog as inferior or not deserving? Doesn’t make sense to me.
  16. Interesting take. The Phillies were by far the best team against the Braves. And the Padres proved better against the Dodgers and the Mets. Given every advantage your so-called best teams just can’t do it. I love this new format, it’s more than fair for the teams with the best records. Go Guardians!
  17. Here’s the thing, make all the hurry up rules you want, pitch clocks, ghost runners in extras, whatever it is that you think makes the game “better”. But it’s still a baseball game, it could last forever.
  18. I guess Judge got booed by the home crowd yesterday, whatever… that’s nice. Twins would take him! …… but I’m not a hater, believe it or not, I can laugh at them without hating them, that’s enough for me.
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