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  1. I have long thought they should widen the plate, but only if they go to electronic balls and strike calls
  2. Arraez playing third reminds me of an old comedy routine where the doctor asks the father if he wants to cut the cord and the father says what Arraez should say to the manager when he tells him he’s at third. “What, dont you have somebody more qualified?”
  3. You’re talking about the game and I’m talking about Jax. You’re right about the game, to me these games are nothing more than auditions
  4. What about the other 18 homer’s, Jax needs to get better
  5. Ok sure, but he gives up too many home runs, there isn’t any defense that can help him with that
  6. Yeah I believe his first move was forward, hard to overcome that
  7. Like I said I’ve never been hit like that. He won’t do it again, I’m good with it
  8. So I’ll give Ryan a pass for the drama. Besides, I’ve never been hit in the wrist by a ball traveling close to 100 mph so who am I to judge.
  9. Or changes batteries in his drone without turning it off first
  10. The only reason I may stay tuned for the next game is for an update on Ryan
  11. I’ve never heard anyone say he was a good defender, quite the opposite. But he is a good hitter
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