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  1. If they would have played all season like they did today, they would have won 4 maybe 5 more games. You have big guns on offense, use them! Defense showed up too, go figure. Bye Zimmer
  2. I was thinking the same thing. Something to play for.
  3. 1:05 left in the half, time for one more 3 and out
  4. All a prevent defense does is prevent you from winning —John Madden
  5. -6 at Target Field for the star of this game
  6. Hard to beat teams in your own division twice in a season, but the Bears could be the exception. Vikings 8-9 at best
  7. So he shaved before the game. Gamesmanship? Class?. I’d call that the perfecta, or a little bit of both. Lehner wins 4-3 in a shoot out.
  8. Good game, great rivalry developing between teams in different divisions. Both these teams are always ready for this game.
  9. So we got the team that tied Detroit against the team that lost to Detroit
  10. Where are the Patriots in that, they beat the Bills last night with only 1 completion for 12 yards in 3 pass attempts.
  11. MNF with Peyton and Eli is the only NFL worth watching
  12. Yeah he’ll be fired, even though I posted previously they’d probably keep him. Won’t be Tuesday though, I’m looking at Friday. That gives the new coach over a week to get acclimated.
  13. Like I said earlier, this team is a joke…. except for Jefferson
  14. No reason not to believe the rest is also true, 6 or 7 wins is all they get this season
  15. He should be fired, he threw this game. It should be tied and it should be overtime now
  16. Yes I know. My point is they should have kicked for the conversion on both td’s…. They should be tied now
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