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  1. They’re doing a helluva job obtaining quality upside depth.,.Gibaut, Waddell and Hamilton all clearing waivers. St. Paul is gonna have a nice little pen this summer. I do agree with the above quote that one more quality reliever/SP would be nice to round things out. Also, being mindful of character issues, Osuna on a Pineda like 2 year deal might be worth considering. ,
  2. I did...well played all who joined. It appears my question was well timed as to who is next off the 40 man with the today’s addition of Ian Hamilton
  3. Yikes had a name copied for work and used that bad error on my part. Wish I had a better excuse.
  4. Love yesterdays activity, and if reports are correct we may not be done. With a full 40 man and assuming we sign a viable #5 or another pen arm, who do you think gets cut off the 40 man? A very quick glance and I would think Marcus Peery, who we scooped on waivers from TB, might be first in line. Thoughts?
  5. MLB Trade Rumors this morning reporting we're still in on him. Sounds like he wants a guarantee but looks promising. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/02/twins-rumors-taijuan-walker-interest.html Depending on the amount, I'd be all over this (even on a guarantee). Ice the offseason cake Falvine!
  6. Scherzer. I’d trade Royce in a minute for him!
  7. I'm going to play a little devils advocate here on Boyd. It seems the majority is in favor of unloading top prospects for him. I personally feel he's peaked. His last 8 starts are as follows: Cle: 6 IP 5 ER 0 BB 8K KC: 7 IP 4 ER 4 BB 10 K CWS: 5.1 IP 4 ER 0 BB 13 K Tex: 7 IP 4 ER 1 BB 11K Cle: 6 IP 5 ER 2 BB 6K KC: 4 IP 4ER 2BB 6K MN: 7IP 3ER 0BB 8K ATL: 5IP 3 ER 0BB 9K The K/BB ratio is fantastic, I will give you that. However, his only quality start came against us and he has not been dominant since May. Additionally, these are not top tier teams he has been facing of late. I do not see this as a guy who puts us over the top (not even sure he'd crack our top 3 SP the ways he's been trending downward. Just some food for thought.
  8. Well said! I have also heard arguments that signing Kimbrel may not allow us to lock up young players to long term deals. That argument is pretty flawed. We have Kepler, Polanco and Gonzales on the books next year for 19 million. Assuming we pick up Cruz's option for 12, that puts us at 31M. Perez has a 7.5M option which seemed like a no brainer but will be interesting given recent performance, but for arguments sake we pick that up and are now at 38.5M. Add Kimbrel's 15M and now you're at 53.5M. Simply put, we still have ample resources to sign any of our young guys to extensions with that much capital remaining. This really was not an either/or proposition. Even with Kimbrel we need additional pen help to make a serious run in the playoffs. The benefit (as stated by many) was it only cost us money. Now, we likely (hopefully) have to trade for two high impact pen arms (and perhaps another SP). Hopefully, this was a FO decision based on something they are being told about Kimbrel. If it was simply a monetary concern than I am extremely disappointed in the organization.
  9. The Kimbrel has fallen apart based on the playoffs argument is played out in my opinion. Yes, he gave up runs in 4 strait playoffs appearances last year. He also held them scoreless over his last 4. 96/31 K/BB ratio last year in 62 IP. I just don’t see anything better on the trade market, which will also cost us prospects. I for one am disappointed.
  10. 3 years 45 M https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/06/cubs-to-sign-craig-kimbrel.html Well...dang it!
  11. June 03 is the day we find out if we locked up Kimbrel and/or Keuchel. Predictions?
  12. Reading these reports every day (excellent work by the way) and am I the only one who feels like Larnach is this years Kirlloff? Seems like every day he’s doing something special (much like Kirilloff last year).
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