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  1. All this talk of possibly trading Arraez is based on the assumption that the front office would "win" the trade. If you lose the trade, we would all agree it was a bust. Has anyone paid attention to the "win" percentage of this front office? They ran this team into the ground (last place in baseball's worst division) and you expect to see something different? I don't get it.
  2. Like someone said previously, we have this discussion every year. And every year, we hope he gets better only to be disappointed again and again. We should have traded him years ago when he at least had some trade value. He had none now. He is a disaster in the field. He is a strike out machine. Trading him in the past would have prevented a lot of heartburn. Oh well. Certainly, we should still trade him if we can find a sucker. I'd even take a Subway coupon if that's all you can get.
  3. Anybody that watched the playoffs had to be thinking about the Twins own talent deficit. We are a million miles away from being a legitimate contender. Even the possibility of having Cave in the outfield next year shows the shocking lack of talent. The hole the front office is making just keeps getting deeper. They are going to have to offer 5 dollar seats.
  4. This year was similar to 2019, where several players had their best year all at the same time. It was also similar in that it ended with a dismal showing in the playoffs. The paragraph about Punto was especially true. His highlight real from third base was off the charts. At a certain point in the season, you could have made a point he was one of their most valuable players. That sounds weird, but that's how well he played most of the time.
  5. If the Twins care about their fan base they won't resign Simmons or Colome. If they care about winning, they won't resign Simmons or Colome. I've already lost my confidence in the front office, so if they choke on this, I won't be surprised.
  6. All those things you said about the Metrodome are absolutely true. I miss her too. For those of us that just like to simply go and watch baseball, the Metrodome advantages you mentioned are significant. You could afford to go to more games, you'd be more comfortable inside (temps), you'd never had to be screwed over with a rain out or maybe even worse yet, have to endure a long rain delay. It was easier to get a foul ball souvenir. And back then, people actually watched the game instead of their stupid phones. It was also a place our team could actually win a playoff game.
  7. This same article (and comments) written after the 2022 season will not look the same. After their second year in a row of non-competitive baseball, people will start to finally see the dismal situation that this front office has created. I'd give them an F just for hiring Rocco, not to mention their other misfires. Just wait until the end of next year. You'll see.
  8. For those of you that thought Rocco deserved a grade better than D-, I don't understand you. I don't understand why you make excuses for him. Why settle for the same old failure and disappointment? How can you watch a game and say he is what they need to be a winner? Rocco is dreadful and it saddens me that not enough fans see that. Because until there is consensus on his poor management, we are doomed to more crappy baseball. Yes, the front office has been terrible, and share the blame for this season and the next few, (as there are going to be more of the same). But that is no excuse for being terrible at his job on a nightly basis. The list is long of things he is poor at. Many were mentioned in previous posts. I've never seen any Twins manager look so clueless as I do now looking at Rocco. (he is worse than Ray Miller at this point). BTW, I've been watching since 1972. The list of things he is actually good at is extremely small. The only one that I can think of is that he is a good interviewer. How else could he have convinced anyone to hire him? Using injuries as an excuse is tiresome. Giving him a good grade in the second half when all the games were meaningless, is stupid. He was one of the primary reasons their season was over after 30-45 days in the first place. To say managers are overrated in their significance to success/failure is also off the mark. If they don't matter, why even have them? Why not grab someone out of the crowd to manage? In fact, they do matter. Many pennant races are determined by a few games. Certainly you can't suggest that poor game management decisions couldn't cost a team a title. Baseball, as in life, you are supposed to learn from your mistakes. Rocco simply doesn't. If you want to blame the players, the front office for picking those players, fine, I would agree. But the Tigers, Royals and Indians didn't have good players either, and they were better that we were. Rocco is a difference maker, in that he makes the Twins even worse. Just think about it, the Twins couldn't be competitive in baseball's worse division, the Comedy Central. The Twins, in their current management situation have about as much chance of a title as the Detroit Lions have of winning a Super Bowl. I want my kids to see competent baseball and a hope of winning a single playoff game. Every year with Rocco is another year wasted. Grade: F If I were in a crowded theatre, I'd still yell "Fire".
  9. Endless strikeouts, terrible defense, meaningless 2nd half homers. Pass
  10. Last place in the worst division in baseball, the Comedy Central. Thankfully it will be over soon.
  11. Funny, this article produced the opposite affect from readers than it should have. Because readers wanted to make a point that Simmons isn't the absolute worst free agent, they ended up sticking up for him, making excuses for him. He is dreadful and shouldn't have been signed. But the real crime is that we didn't cut him loose many moons ago. That's on the team management and not on him. This move also forced Arraez out of position that didn't really work well. And this was SUPPOSED to help the defense.
  12. I read most of the comments on this article. I am really choking on the praise of Terry Ryan. People really forgot how awful he was. I think it is similar to the fact that terrible ex-presidents have their approval ratings go up over time. Those interviews of him on the radio made me sick. His over-the-top arrogance was really sickening. It was like, "how dare you challenge anything I say?" He thought of himself as some baseball god. Like I said, over time, people forget. As far as the current front office is concerned, they'd get poor grades from free agent signings, roster management, pitching development, and more. But their worst sin is the hiring of Rocco. The readers won't agree with me but I'm telling you, you will in another year or two. Instead of making excuses for him, they will see what I, my family and friends have seen for a while now. He is clueless and the worst manager we've had since Ray Miller.
  13. How this type of play (regardless of the player) doesn't reflect on the manager, I don't know. There's plenty of people on this site that will stick up for Rocco but their rationale for doing so is getting weaker by the day.
  14. And the Turtle can't catch and hit better than Rortvedt? Rocco never gave him a real chance at catcher, the only position that would have given him some stability on the team. Hope you enjoy the sub .200 BA's.
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