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  1. I am the only one foolish enough to watch this crappy game? Soon, there will be more discussion about trades than the games themselves.
  2. I still think 100 loss season is possible. If that's what it will take to get rid of Rocco, I'm OK with it. The Twins are A LONG distance away from winning a playoff game. And if you keep Rocco, that long distance becomes NEVER.
  3. I would be sad if we keep him. I've watched the majority of the games. His arm sucks. He makes a lot of mistakes that don't show up in the stats like dropping cutoff throws. Plus his baserunning is terrible. Hard to believe some stats show him to be solid at SS. That is not how I'd describe him. He is not part of the future. He is instead, just a part of a losing ball club. Give the reps to someone else that might have a future with us. Not a fan.
  4. 100 loss season is still in play. Please fire Rocco. Please... Our family watched the game and we all laughed when Colome gave up the predictable bomb. Way to take us out of the game Rocco. We also laughed when Rocco called on Sano K King to pinch hit with again, predictable results. It is so pathetic that all you can do is laugh. And I agree with the clown car music comment.
  5. Now that nearly everyone on this site is agreeing that there will be no great turn-around this season, it's time to look forward to the changes that will be necessary to be competitive in a few years. This includes firing Rocco. There is almost nothing he does well. I am tired of all the excuses people make for him, including injuries and bad luck. If they do not fire him, do you honestly think next year will be better, even with some different players?
  6. I hope not. I enjoy watching his at bats even when he is struggling, compared to most of the Twins. However, if true, it would be sad and just more evidence that the team won't be competitive for quite some time.
  7. Just ask yourself, what could you get in return if the Twins trade Sano? The answer is not much at all. And that is your answer on his supposed value. How many more years will we have to debate this? I will admit, in 2019, he had a great year. But so did almost everybody on the team. It was a fluky year. When the last game is played in 2021, Sano's stats are going to show an overall poor season. It was predictable.
  8. Rob Refsnyder was playing like an all-star (except the error) and the Twins are lucky to have a player like that make such a huge contribution. Celebrating the winning streak needs to be tempered at bit, because it comes from beating such an awful team. Still, winning when you are supposed to is good. No mentions about our supposed hot hitter Sano? He looks worthless again, just like he did most of the season (except for one week). 4 K's again. Yuck. I wish we could trade him but they'd be no takers. It surprises me that so many on this site like him so much and are fooled by
  9. "It looked like three infielders running to second to receive the throw from Rogers. Seems inefficient?" How many Twins does it take to change a light bulb?
  10. A 100 loss season is looking very possible now. Will that be even enough to get rid of Rocco?
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