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  1. I'm going to give you a negative take so you can all rip on me too. I can't believe the readers of this article are going to let the general logic or message of the article stand. Maybe because it's the same readers that were Terry Ryan excusers, or the bunch that still think Sano is wonderful, or the bunch of readers 6 weeks ago who wanted to trade Arraez because he didn't have a position. What I am saying, is I frustratingly disagree so often with the commentors of this site. I still appreciate the site but I just don't get their takes on things. Now back to the article. The first argument was that Rocco is superior because he has a good regular season record. One, its a small sample size, two, the margin over .500 is largely from one year, 2019, when all the stars aligned and almost the entire team had career years all at once. You might never see that good fortune again. To compare Rocco to other managers based on wins is extremely unfair. They had different GMs to work with, they had different budgets, and most importantly, most had harder schedules. Rocco is managing in a 5 team division, a division that is laughably terrible each year. Rocco also had good luck with the Covid year limited (easier) schedule and a super collapse in the last week by the Sox. The second argument is that Rocco is great because of the playoff appearances, which is two. It has never been easier to make the playoffs than it is right now. To dismiss his 0-fer-playoffs record and praise his for his appearances is crazy. 2019 was a great year, sure, but Charlie Brown could have won that division by also just sitting around and waiting for another homer to go out. Add the odd 2020 year with an easy schedule (don't forget, they got to play the worst playoff team in 2020), and I just don't know how you can use this to argue Rocco's worth. If Rocco was truly great, as implied in the article, then surely, he'd win a playoff game, right? The head-scratching moves from Rocco continue and they might win despite them. But the two arguments discussed above are puzzling to justify the argument that Rocco is somehow one of the best. One final thought: The current front office didn't want Molitor, so he was never ever going to get a fair shot. Rocco is their guy, so getting rid of Rocco when the time comes, is going to take an act of God.
  2. I'm not buying it either. Their record, I'm afraid, is largely due to the super easy schedule so far. While the Twins won 2 out of 3 against the Rays, they got killed by the Dodgers and Astros. All the other teams they played are terrible. SO, they haven't been tested. If they can play well against actual good teams, then you can see what you've got in them. Their super easy schedule continues until June. If they made the playoffs, they'd be huge underdogs. How about letting Rocco get a single playoff game win before calling him great?
  3. Thank you for mentioning the soft schedule. It's been a major factor in their winning record at this point.
  4. Twins have played only two teams with winning records at this point. Plus, two victories were handed to them in the most lucky of ways. Without those, they'd be .500. And, with Sano going out to injury, the Twins caught another huge break. So, what I am saying is that is way too early to say they are a great team. Or even a good one. Only one thing is for sure: their division is winnable because it is embarrassingly putrid.
  5. Sorry, I can't come close to agreeing with the Sano comments. He is one of the worse defensive 1st basemen in the league, he's a strike out king, a rally killer, a terrible baserunner, and if he doubles his average, he's still below the Mendoza line. Can't wait for him to go away. It sucks that Rocco puts in the lineup everyday. And some of this optimism is based on Grossman dropping the ball? I do agree on the division race part-the Central is so terrible, that the Twins just might win it.
  6. Take random people out of the crowd. Three out of four minimum makes a better throw than the catcher did tonight.
  7. The Twins are the luckiest team in MLB. Period. Winning two games in one week on double error plays is beyond lucky. Boy, this division is trash.
  8. The only way I see that he stays, is if he continues to struggle and has a poor year. He'll want to play on a contending team and the Twins are not that.
  9. Solve a couple of problems at once. Put Arraez at first base. The Twins are not a good hitting team and need Arraez in the lineup. Bench or finally cut Sano. They won't miss his crappy fielding and even worse hitting. I doubt the Twins fans would be unhappy with the move. If you trade Arraez, I know in my heart that he will ultimately be replaced with a worse hitting option. They need that like they need a hole in the head. Oh wait, they have Rocco.
  10. An earlier posted said "I mean no disrespect to any front office, they are all better at what they do than us mere mortals making comments about what they are doing." At this point, I really have to disagree. The percentage of diehard Twins fans that would call the current front office CLUELESS, it growing by the day.
  11. All this talk of possibly trading Arraez is based on the assumption that the front office would "win" the trade. If you lose the trade, we would all agree it was a bust. Has anyone paid attention to the "win" percentage of this front office? They ran this team into the ground (last place in baseball's worst division) and you expect to see something different? I don't get it.
  12. Like someone said previously, we have this discussion every year. And every year, we hope he gets better only to be disappointed again and again. We should have traded him years ago when he at least had some trade value. He had none now. He is a disaster in the field. He is a strike out machine. Trading him in the past would have prevented a lot of heartburn. Oh well. Certainly, we should still trade him if we can find a sucker. I'd even take a Subway coupon if that's all you can get.
  13. Anybody that watched the playoffs had to be thinking about the Twins own talent deficit. We are a million miles away from being a legitimate contender. Even the possibility of having Cave in the outfield next year shows the shocking lack of talent. The hole the front office is making just keeps getting deeper. They are going to have to offer 5 dollar seats.
  14. This year was similar to 2019, where several players had their best year all at the same time. It was also similar in that it ended with a dismal showing in the playoffs. The paragraph about Punto was especially true. His highlight real from third base was off the charts. At a certain point in the season, you could have made a point he was one of their most valuable players. That sounds weird, but that's how well he played most of the time.
  15. If the Twins care about their fan base they won't resign Simmons or Colome. If they care about winning, they won't resign Simmons or Colome. I've already lost my confidence in the front office, so if they choke on this, I won't be surprised.
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