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Everything posted by jimbo92107

  1. Those highlights look pretty good... until you see Carlos Correa highlights. Miller's got a good arm, but not a rocket like Correa's, and at .220, he's got a lot of developing to do with his bat. 2024 will be a pivotal year for Noah Miller.
  2. First, congratulations to everybody in the Twins organization. This is the first season in a long time that the team did not look overmatched heading into the playoffs. Second, the future really does look bright for the organization. Even if a few veteran starters do depart, look at the prospect list: SWR, David Festa, Matt Canterino are set to emerge in 2024, along with Brooks Lee, Austin Martin, and maybe Yunior Severino. Third, the Twins appear to have an emerging superstar in Royce Lewis, a surprise star in Edouard Julien, and maybe a healthy Chris Paddack as a starter. The window for this young team is just starting to open. Let's hope they stay healthy and hungry. Go Twins!
  3. Hey, if Lewis plays 3rd base today, that frees up DH for either Polo or Julien. Polo looked sooooo much better at 2b than he did at third. I'd DH Julien today, bat him leadoff, see if he can have some long at bats early. Agree totally that the outfielders need to get their bats hot. Too many clean innings for these Astros hurlers.
  4. If I wasn't sure before, I am now: Pablo Lopez is the ace of this pitching staff. What a performance.
  5. This is so cool! I thought for some reason Bailey Ober was in Baldelli's doghouse. I guess not! Seems like a good decision. Ober is plenty rested, and he has that good sinker from a high release point...very tough to lift it. Polo and Correa can feast on a bunch of two-hoppers. If they do manage to lift Ober's stuff, THEN you bring in Ryan, and watch them hit a dozen pop-ups in a row. After that, you bring in Maeda with his whiffable forks and curves, then Paddack with high-velo, corner popping heat. By the time the hulking figure of Jhoan Duran crushes the mound sand, they'll be begging for a merciful death! Kinda sorta...
  6. I'd rather get Ober in the pen to backup Maeda's Game 1 start, if Kenta falters early. If that means removing a pitcher, I'd keep Paddack and remove Varland, who has a live arm but not enough command of his heater yet. Paddack has showed much better command of his heater and his off speed stuff.
  7. I do hope Jorge Polanco spends the next couple days fielding a couple hundred grounders at third base. We all appreciate his selfless team spirit, but his glove needs some serious work. He also threw a bad ball to Kiriloff, so his arm at third could use a bunch more throws, too. The good news is, we've all witnessed Edouard Julien's improvements at 2nd base. Hard work does pay off. Early season Julien was pretty sketchy in the field. Now, he looks solid, though he still has room for improvement.
  8. Let's talk about Robo-Ump. Never misses a ball or strike call. The ultimate fair arbiter for pitchers and hitters. This particular plate ump has blown two calls off the inside corner to lefty hitters. I'd say it was shameful, but what it really is, is pathetic. It is rare to see a human umpire get all the ball and strike calls right, and this one is no exception. Bring on Robo-Ump.
  9. Two indelible memories: 1. Carlos Correa's backup of Polo's goof was on the same level as the one by Yankees SS Derek Jeter. Nobody practices such things. 2. Nick Gordon flogging the dugout railing with his towel. Never think this guy doesn't love baseball. Oh yeah, Royce's homers, Pablo's pitching, and Taylor's dive were great, too. Oh, and now we know why Duran threw extra curveballs in his final regular season appearance. He wanted to surprise Toronto with a new wrinkle. Boy, did it work! They were muttering cuss words at the plate!
  10. That was an out. Ball was in K's glove, Springer stepped on the glove, knocked the ball out. Runner should be out for interference.
  11. I don't feel good about leaving Bailey Ober off the Wild Card roster. He's the best sub for any starter that gets jumped or injured in the first couple innings.
  12. As a former Padres fan, I'm really glad to see that Chris Paddack seems to be fully healthy. Not only that, but he's added a couple ticks to his heater, and appears to have refined his curveball into a legit weapon. Twins look like they've got an embarrassment of riches in the bullpen for the playoffs, and next spring they will have a wonderful logjam of quality starters.
  13. Between Ober and Ryan as #3 playoff starter, right now I'm favoring Ober. Ryan's been having home run problems lately. Ober may give up a few more hits, but he keeps 'em in the park. Maybe this is Ryan's hint: Learn to throw a fork ball!
  14. Interesting. Baldelli let Keuchel finish the game, allowing his lefty to make some adjustments that proved effective. Keuchel really is a competitive badger. He went out in the ninth with an "I'm better than you" attitude, and got the side out. Good finish. No chicken tonight. Too many calories.
  15. Keuchel is having trouble adjusting to the thin air. His game depends on spotting the ball very precisely, which he isn't doing right now. Boom, boom, boom. I'm guessing Varland will blow them away with his heater.
  16. Ball sure does fly in Colorado. Must be the fresh air. Interesting how little the thin air seems to affect curveballs from Caleb Thielbar. Still a long, slow arc. He could probably slow it down and fool even more guys. The extra speed difference might even make his fastball look faster. Dallas Keuchel's slider didn't look that bad, either. Betcha he could make the adjustment just like Thielbar, and then do pretty well in Colorado. I see the number one requirement for a Rockies prospect: Must be able to hit baseball over fence.
  17. Seemingly unnoticed, Willie Castro lately has been putting on a wonderful demonstration of offensive and defensive excellence. Twice in this latest series Castro laid down perfect bunts. First one was a face-high fastball that he somehow got on top of, steering it between the pitcher and third baseman. Thursday he laid down another perfect bunt, this time a drag bunt between pitcher and first baseman. Both bunts were perfectly placed, allowing Castro to dash to first with no throw. This, from a clutch hitter who can bang it over the fence or between outfielders. On the bases, he continues to be the team's best threat to steal and put pressure on every pitcher. With his glove, Castro has performed show stopper catches in the outfield, while showing off a strong, accurate arm at every position. I'm not sure what else he could do to prove his value as a baseball player. He would be on any conceivable post season roster I can think of.
  18. First and only live game for me. Did I miss anything? Both sides played pretty conservative ball. I'd say this week Baldelli got a good look at most of his starter/relievers. Kenta dominated with little trouble for three innings. Varland dominated for two. As for hitting...meh. Again, they were playing conservatively. Maybe the main focus is, "Don't hurt yourself." In the last few meaningless games before playoffs, you don't want to pull an oblique by swinging out of your shoes at a changeup. Anyway, it was fun watching Sonny Gray pitch, from the standing room area down the first base line. Chatted with my brother, had a beer, got some nasty nachos... Everything they serve at the ballpark is heavily processed food, isn't it? Oakland won, while the Twins tinkered like it was spring training. Good to see baseball live, for once.
  19. I will be allowed to watch the last regular season game from a special pet carrier somewhere in the stadium. After that, it's back to the storage closet...
  20. Duran came into his latest game to test out a few off-speed pitches, between his usual fireballs. Twins are using these last meaningless games to rest certain players, and to give some returning pitchers a tryout at relief duty. The last series is in Colorado. I wonder if Duran would like to enter one of those games to see if he can pop the mitt at 105...
  21. Two blown calls by the plate ump to end the game. The giveth and the taketh... Waiter - I'll have the mini-chicken dinner.
  22. Keuchel should have thrown the last guy two more slow changes on the glove side. Hitter was so far off time, no way could he adjust. Oh well, see if Jax has his usual stuff...
  23. It was almost like a magic trick - ball bounces off the wall, fielder turns his back, ball hits him in the butt and dribbles off to one side. The runners never saw it, nor did the fielder, but he felt it hit his back. Odd play. Cool how the Twins are using the last few games as try-outs for the bullpen. I liked Duran working on his curveball.
  24. A's are starting to see the ball vs. Pablo. The game begins... Still finishes them off, good play by Polo at 3rd. Good scoop by Barrels. Rooker could be a scary hitter with that tight wrist snap.
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