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  1. I think the FO looked at their very bright pitcher prospect list, then realized it wasn't going to bear fruit in 2021. So they did what the Twins usually do - They kept a couple front line starters, then picked up some warm bodies to fill the rotation until the real harvest begins, hopefully in 2022. That's when we should have several plausible prospects arrive in spring training. Balazovic, Richardson, Duran, Winder, Cantarino, Sands, and He-who-must-not-be-named, Chris Valdimort, who is an evil wizard, but hey, if he can get guys out, I say give him a chance. These guys should be competing with Jax, Gant, Dobnak and Thorpe for the last two or three spots on the starting ro. Be prepared to watch another season of vigorous musical chairs between AA, AAA and the MLB teams. However, 2022 should be closer to a true harvest of talent from the farm system. Would you bet against ALL of the minor league arms at this point? If I had to bet, I'd put my money on the guys that show the best command in spring. The old K/BB ratio will play heavily, along with keeping pitches on the frame. Twins want stingy pitchers. Don't we all.
  2. Emmanuel Rodriguez'a swing reminds me of a lefty Garver, but with a freer follow through. Short to it, long through it. Screaming line drives and low-angle home runs. He will damage fences. Rosario's swing...good lord. Not just the power, but the carry of the barrel through the zone...almost like Hank Aaron. This kid will hit some mammoth home runs. If these two kids carry decent numbers into the bigs, they won't be counting their money, they'll be weighing it.
  3. Free Josh Donaldson! Much as I like his gung-ho attitude, Miranda is the heir apparent at 3rd base, and he should get slotted into that spot next spring. Miranda and Sweet Luis Arraez can take turns at the hot corner. Time also to move on from Andrelton Simmons, whose strong glove does not quite make up for such a weak bat. Personally I would love to see our two young sports cars, Royce Lewis and Austin Martin compete for the starting shortstop role, the loser going to...the outfield and part time shortstop. Get both young superstars onto the big league club. See if they can hang with major league pitching. Every season is an experiment. This season we discovered two important pieces of the playoff puzzle: Ober and Ryan. Next season we need to see if we can get better hitting and speed from the infield. Spring Training should also be when we find out if Duran, Balazovic and a couple other prospects can flash enough greatness to contribute a significant amount to a playoff run. Time for the kids to show their stuff!
  4. We can't know if the Twins got every possible inning from Bailey Ober this season, but to me it looks like they gave him a very good chance to grow and learn. Listening to him talk, I hear a young pitcher with a very good idea how to formulate a plan against an upcoming opponent, and then execute that plan with increasing precision. We do know that Ober will be exiting this season healthy (knock on wood), and he will have a very good idea what he needs to do in the off season to get better next year. If he builds up his legs and core just a bit more, he could add an mph or two to his heater, and last another couple innings in each start. That would make him pretty close to a #1 starter. Nothing wrong with having two potential aces on the staff. With a couple guys like Ober and Ryan leading the rotation, all you need is one more guy (Jax, Maeda, Duran, Belazovic, etc.) having a good season for the team to be right back in playoff contention.
  5. Buxton also showed that his base stealing technique and confidence are now matured. He is now a very dangerous man on the bases.
  6. I'm glad the Twins promoted Jovani Moran. I was beginning to wonder if they ever brought up relievers that worked their way up through the system, rather than using marginal starters in the bull pen.
  7. Sadly, we must have "the talk" now. The term "ace" has different meanings depending on the context. In Houston, it means Justin Verlander. In various places it used to mean Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, etc. Even in Minnesota, we have had "ace" pitchers like Blyleven, Liriano, Viola, etc. Berrios isn't an ace in that sense. He has bad innings too often between his dominant ones. Top aces have bad innings, too. But that doesn't happen every game or so. Top aces don't carry an ERA above 4. If Jose Berrios is an ace, it's in the small market sense of the word. He had the best raw stuff on the staff, but he never kept it together for a full season of dominance. Happily, the Twins now have a young pitcher that may fit the big market definition of an ace. Joe Ryan looks to be the real deal. In contrast, Berrios is Brad Radke with a little more flash and dash.
  8. Good Pineda game. This is why the Twins should keep him. Sunday I'd love to see Berrios pitch opposite Joe Ryan. Who's with me on that one?
  9. So...Twins lost the game... BUT WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heal up quick, Joe Ryan. You got some more pitching to do.
  10. Ryan's look of pure disgust would indicate that he knows he's got a broken bone. Poop, I say. Miles and miles of poop.
  11. Count me as pleasantly shocked. I was certain Thielbar was done a couple years ago. Now here he is again, pitching better than ever.
  12. John Gant has very good form. Good balance, and he finishes ready to pounce on anything in front of him. Only thing I'd change is his glove hand. Point the palm forward, fingers up, then pull down into the ribs, like Koufax. That puts the glove out front to distract the hitter.
  13. In Bailey Ober we are seeing the emergence of an excellent mlb pitcher. Deceptive fastball, good change-up, sharp curves... As he matures and gets better command of his curves and sliders, I think hitters will find it even harder to solve his riddle. Good to see Big Mike out there again, dealing as usual with no respect from his aching joints while he mows down hitters. I hope the Twins bring him back for 2022. He's fun to watch. Polanco had another great game at the plate, and now it looks like Buxton is rounding into form...just in time for the season to end. Ghaaaaaa..! The last couple things I want to see this season: Jordan Belazovic start a game for the club, and Jose Miranda start a few games at 3rd base, getting his first few hits out of the way. If we all click our heels at the same time...make it so!
  14. Griffin Jax continues to improve in small increments. Looks like his ceiling will be a steady #3 or #4, able to keep his team in games through about 5 innings, 6 on a good day. This is why it is going to be sooooo important for the Twins to get a look at some of their position players of the future. Call up Jose Miranda, puh-leeeze! He's the guy that takes Donaldson's place at 3rd, right? Fabulous, now let's find out how wobbly his glove is. Gots to know. Meanwhile, keep moving Gordon around the field. He may not be a shining star, but the guy's a serious competitor beginning to show signs of clutch hitting.
  15. The Twins will sport a very different starting rotation in 2022, one thing we can all agree on. Personally I think they can get by (but not get to the playoffs) with the following team owned starters: Joe Ryan - the John McEnroe of baseball. Are you serious?? Bailey Ober - the stingy one with the mystery fastball. Griffen Jax - our military bulldog. Sic 'em, Griff! Michael Pineda - more tics than a bird dawg, but the man throws strikes. Randy Dobnak - want ground beef? Go to store. Want ground ball? Go to Dobs. Alternatives: John Gant, Jordan Balazovic, Jhoan Duran, Devin Smeltzer,
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