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  1. If you're talking about presenting stats with charts and graphs, Jax might want to look into another language, Python.
  2. This is exactly what makes baseball so great. Either you win and feel good for yourself, or you lose, and by doing so you make your opponents very happy. Either way, happiness is created by the grand old game of baseball!
  3. Guy can barely swing the bat, Thielbar could barely throw a strike to get him out.
  4. I've noticed that the new site also lags significantly during processing time, like after you hit Save on a comment. It's gonna take a while, possible a couple months before they get it mostly smoothed out. For an initial release, this is working very well.
  5. Signing in was a bit of a hassle because extending my username to be my email address meant that I had to reset my password. After that, it said "Something went wrong" again, but I noticed I was logged in, so I clicked the good old logo and wheeee, a populated website! Perfect choice for the font. This is an easy read variety with an explicit curl on the end of the lower case l. Helps us bad spellers differentiate our 1, capital I, and small l. Definitely easier on the eyes, thank you. The color scheme and spacing seems more upbeat, a bit cheerier. We may need that desperately, along
  6. A couple games ago I made the shocking prediction that Ben Rortvedt would develop into a very good hitter. Much like the state lottery, the amount of the shock keeps building, along with the odds that I will win it. However, the laws of probability insist that at some point he will straighten out a drive somewhere that the fielders cannot reach it.
  7. Tempted to be optimistic about Shoemaker, but he was facing the lowly Tigers, not a good team. Best sign of this game was Kepler's two dingers. If Der Kid has found his home run stroke, we have seen before what he can do. He could have a two-week stretch where he's tearing the cover off the ball. When that happens, teams will walk him every at bat, so you follow Kep with your second hottest hitter. Another good game for Garlick. Could be a gamer. How is Stashak still on the active roster? Is there seriously nobody in the minors that will not walk two guys, then serve up a cookie?
  8. In OT situations Rocco might as well tell his guys to swing for the fences. With this bullpen, they have no chance otherwise.
  9. Not saying the plate ump is blind, but after that performance the league should require him to undergo a full MRI to see if there's brain damage. Just to be safe. Because he could be going blind.
  10. It really is all about throwing that first pitch for a strike. Robles, Rogers and Duffey all have good enough stuff to throw a first pitch strike. Only Rogers seems to have the confidence to actually do it.
  11. Some famous pitcher said a winning pitcher gets a lot of 1 and 2 counts, where a losing pitcher gets a lot of 2 and 1 counts. Robles just walked in there and threw himself into a 3 and 0 count. Lucky the guy ground out, but you can see the stress of getting behind the batters. It starts with strike 1, Hansel. Have a little faith in your stuff.
  12. I wonder if Ben Rortvedt crouched over a little more like Ricky Henderson, maybe a bit of head tilt. He'd get a better look at the ball. Seems like he's not really seeing it.
  13. Makes sense. Pleasantly surprised to see how comfortable Gordon is stealing bases. Very good at it. Seems to have a plan at the plate. I assume he's a competent fielder, after so long in the minors.
  14. Gordon's play today does raise an interesting question: What does the team do if the kid plays like a friggin' star the whole time Polanco and Arraez are healing up?
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