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  1. you yep.. I don't think Donaldson's heart ir desire is in question hee. there is plenty of time for his stats to even out. What gets to me is this..why are 95% of these so called experts on here insisting that this joke of a team isn't Derek Falveys fault? If you run a business into the ground you can't blame anyone else. If you cheat on your wife you can't blame the mailman. This is ultimately the fo's scrw up. don't bore me with ... excuses. Baldelli is their guy and all these playesr are Their players!
  2. i am sure you will get warning points for this blog but I am right here to tell you I am 100% in agreement with you. Have you ever met someone and things just weren't right? You couldn't really explain why you just didn't like em.. couldn't trust em. That to me are the Falvines. Am i the only one that sees the crap that went on in 2018? One example, How are you at Spring Training and it takes you until June 1st to see how out of shape Sano was? (boneheaded) Fast forward to now. This team needs a not so swift kick in their overpaid asses. I am afraid Baldelli is not qualified to do t. Derek Falvey is giddy because now he can gut the team and see his name in the media as our savior once again
  3. the FO is never the topic when it is The Topic! Every time i hear Jim Pohlad say these words.. "they have no payroll budget limitations"
  4. wow..all i have to say is....he probably isn't as Great as we all thought in 2019, and to some extent 2020, but he isn't as bad as we all probably think now. What happened in 2018 and so far in 2021 is absolutely the dynamic duo's fault. (and especially the boy wonder that calls the shots)
  5. In find it unbelievable that the best front in the history of Major League Baseball can't field a team that can't catch the ball, hit with runners in scoring position, ir hold a 2 run lead in extra innings. I personally really miss Eddie Rosario, Marwin Gonzalez, and Ehire Adrianza.
  6. a 38 year old man had to pitch a one hitter against Pittsburgh to keep this from a 1-14 crapper.
  7. Without saying I told you so(i already have). Did any of us really believe that dumping Rosario, Gonzalez, and Adrianza was a smart move? They could have added Simmons and let someone like Cave ride off into the sunset. For all of you that cried about Gonzalez and Rosario shame on you. This team is crap defensively. Unfortunately every ball won't get hit to Buxton or Donaldson. I never thought Simmons was that great despite what the analytics spreadsheets say. He showed up late 3 weeks and then gave everyone Co-vid 19. he has never been on a playoff team in his MLB life, and i dont think he has ever hit .250. Now without Gonzalez, there is no back up first baseman, no decent third baseman if JD needs a day, and there is a massive hole in left field both at the plate and with the glove. Shame on all you who wanted to let Rosario go! The problem is not with the rotation, bullpen, or the manager (he is a figurehead anyway). The problem is with the defense, and the depth. Falvine took a gamble with our team and Crapped Out. Way to go Derek and Thad. Its the little things that matter and they need to tear themselves away from the computers and really watch a baseball game. They should keep their Clown faces off the television win or lose. Jim Pohlad said they had no budget, so now its on the superstar front office to take this in their pale butts.
  8. i have just watched a game from 2019...it doesn't matter which one it was...but it was in August against the White Sox. In the first inning Marwin Gonzalez made 3 soectacular plays that will never EVER show up in the box scores from the 1b position. Later I saw Eddie Rosario make an outstanding throw to nail a runner trying to go first to third. I wonder if this crap team we are watching now could use a little Rosario/Gonzalez/Adrianza now. But Dammit that Derek Falvey us a genius isn't he?
  9. First of all none of these guys have dazzled anybody who knows anything about major league baseball. AND second, the fact that they are even on the active roster spells doom for this entire season.
  10. You make it sound like he calls any shots or something....He does not. He doesn't need a bench coach, and all the moves ARE pre-determined by Falvey and Levine. Thats why they need 2,ooo office workers...so they can micro manage every on field decision. Whatever happens is on them not Baldelli. They will have their mugs on tv to take the credits and make Baldelli take all the blames.
  11. Well I can't say much since my free speech rights are basically taken away on this site, but I will say some key points with tact. I drove to Anaheim from Phoenix to see the entire series. What the hell was Thorpe doing starting any of those games? That's on Falvine not Baldelli. We all know who calls the shots. Ok, what the hell is Dobnak doing on the roster if he isn't going to make those spot starts. Their defense was Crap last friday night....Thorpe against Trout, Rendon, Pujols, Upton, Fletcher, and (do they have any left handed hitters at all?) They weren't ready to play and they embarassred us all. The next two games got postponed because of what? The 10.5 million dollar defensive savior tested positive for Co-Vid 4,5,6, or ten players got infected subsequently. Everyone or a vast majority lambasted me for criticizing him for being three weeks late for work...hmmmm never heard an explanation for that...now he wont take the vaccine....hmmm okay then. There's enough blame to go around to be sure....I was against letting Rosario go, I was against letting Adrianza go, and I have always loved Marwin Gonzalez. Those dudes played defense and were tough outs...Everybody wanted to change everything. I know Gonzalez would have taken a pay cut to stay. Are we really better off? I doubt it. The bullpen will be fine, The rotation will be okay. The lineup has a glaring hole out in left field. As injury prone as this team is we may have a repeat of 2018....or even 2016. If that happens I wonder how many geniuses will be singing the praises of the Falvey administration then? We should be worried about winning two in a row, not beating the Yankees in the playoffs. What a joke.
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