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  1. By David Weinshilboum In 2013, the Golden State Warriors basketball team seemed on the verge. A franchise that had been a laughingstock for decades had been to the playoffs two years in a row. Led by coach Mark Jackson and a young injury-prone sharpshooter by the name of Stephen Curry, the steam had suddenly thrust itself into relevancy. Yet, just three days after a playoff loss in 2013, the Warriors fired Jackson (who had a year left on his contract). He was a good coach who had many positive attributes. The team was headed in the right direction. Why fire him? The Warriors hired Steve
  2. By David Weinshilboum On opening day, Willians Astudillo was coming off a white-hot spring training and remained beloved as “La Tortuga” in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. When he stepped in the box against Milwaukee flamethrower Josh Hader in the 10th, there was hope the Twins could pull out a win. A runner had been placed on second, per new rules, and Astudillo was a contact guy, maybe capable of moving Andrelton Simmons to third—what a professional hitter *should* do. What happened? The Turtle fouled off two heaters then swung and missed on the third. Luis Arraez and Jake Cave also K’ed and the
  3. Hey Dante, Not sure what you've been watching, but I know terrible baseball when I see it. This team is bad in a litany of ways, and much different than past poor-record Twins teams. They ain't making the playoffs. Periodt. Happy to tell you "I told you so" in August. Peace.
  4. The Twins are playing horribly and are ill equipped to make a run because of talent (visible) and psychology (body language and seeing how they respond to adversity). It's sort of like the Chauvin trial: believe what you've seen. I do; this team is done. If you disagree I'm happy to make it interesting bet-wise; unlike the shills on ESPN, I put my $ where my mouth is.
  5. I guess my blog is a counterpoint to yours. This team is done imho.
  6. By David Weinshilboum The Twins had lost the first two games of the series and just wanted to salvage something –anything – against the Oakland Athletics. They were the favorites to win the division and maybe make a run in the playoffs. In the ninth inning, it looked like a win was almost a certainty. Then the wheels fell off. A closer blew a save. It was brutal. While this is a seemingly accurate description of what happened in Oakland yesterday, I was referencing a different game, one that took place July 29, 1992. Then, the Twins had a loaded team and seemed ready to make another World Seri
  7. The last time I witnessed the Minnesota Twins play in person was almost two years ago. Back then Corona was an alcoholic beverage; police brutality was a back-burner issue; the likes of Kobe Bryant, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Alex Trebek all had tomorrows to experience. On the diamond, the Twins were the talk of the nation. They destroyed baseballs and home run records en route to a 100-win season. I attended a game in Oakland (as I am a displaced Minnesotan). It was July 2019. The Twins' offense did its part: Sano launched a towering bomb to left field and catcher Jason Castro rocketed two hom
  8. I think it's fair to raise questions about Polanco post PED production. Yes, he was banned in 2018, but he didn't sign an extension until the 2019 offseason (Feb). And his 2019 breakout pre-All Star was much better than the second half. Since then he's been replacement player level at best.... Could weaning off PEDs be an issue? That's got to be fair game when discussing his production imho.
  9. I don't share your optimism; Vegas' Over/Under for Donaldson's innings tomorrow is TWO! smdh
  10. A few minutes ago, I made a bet with a Minnesota sports aficionado (Darren Wolfson) that the Red Sox would sweep the twins in Wednesday's double header. For the record, I did not make the bet ($10 and a mea culpa tweet) because I am an attention whore or because I hate the Twins. (Though I AM an attention whore and I am not a fan of how the Twinks have played of late). I just have a baseball vibe and, from what I've observed the past couple weeks, it just seems like the Twins have yet to hit baseball rock bottom this season. I figure the Sox will assist them with their downward spiral. So h
  11. The non-injury injuries: why the Twins might have trouble against Houston The Minnesota Twins completed the whirlwind COVID season atop their division. They are a different team than the one that won over 100 games last year, and probably much more likely to make an October run, thanks to improved starting pitching. On paper the Twins are a better team than the Houston Astros this year. From starting pitching to bullpen to lineup, Minnesota is just superior.* But one significant issue could end the Twins’ march into October before it begins: Performance Compromising Injuries, or PCIs. Th
  12. FYI, players NOT on the 60-man roster can *not* be traded this year, per mlb.com, so Balazovic or Duran are safe, i.e. untradable, literally.
  13. Hi everyone, Long time firsts time (in awhile, I guess); I'm posting because I genuinely think today's game is pretty important, and here's why. Last night the Twins won; they played poor ball in the middle innings: bad fielding, bad pitching and certainly some putrid at-bats. After the game, I kept hearing about how the Twins kept after it, how they overcame obstacles and found a way to win. And they did. That's what I love about this team. They played a below average game -- arguably a BAD game in terms of fundamentals and focus and quality, yet they "stole" a win. Bad plays, bad at-ba
  14. OK, I'm over the anger. But Twins Daily and other outlets need to begin asking questions. Why do so many Twins prospects suffer from major elbow issues? (Sano, Gibson, Chargois, Wimmers) Why does it take so long for Twins to figure out major issues, at least in the Gibson case? Are they learning poor throwing/pitching technique? Are the Twins using advanced kineseology reports/experts? If not, WHY? Is there a lack of communication in the organization? (Gibson pitched a MONTH with a jacked up elbow.) Yes, ligaments are stupid. But now we need to determine if members of the Twins' development sy
  15. I would think the Rangers would have much more interest in Mauer: they need a pure hitter who can catch and play 1b. And Mauer might net Profar and a SP prospect. I love Joe Baseball, but let's be honest, he's injury prone and, at Target Field, he's got little power; his defensive skills have already eroded (you can run on him now) and his contract is an albatross to a rebuilding team. Curious to hear what other fans think of letting Joe go....
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