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  1. “Struggled…” “Been terrible…” ”Nothing really interesting or exciting here…” JFC, Twins…
  2. Why does it always have to be “Buy low” with this team? And why do we just lay over and accept this org doing almost all of its shopping from the bargain bin?
  3. I think the two years of leadership & production The Boomstick has brought justifies gambling for two more years. In fact, I’ll be pissed if the Twins let him walk.
  4. Two World Series Titles in four seasons will tend to bring a guy some accolades. Your version of a “star” is very different than mine. Manny Ramirez has one more World Series MVP Awards than Eddie has playoff wins. In GAMES.
  5. I have no doubt Eddie still has plenty of ball let in him. I wouldn’t be a lifelong Minnesota sports fan if I didn’t think he’d come back to haunt the Twins at some point. Fenway fans would run Eddie out of town quicker than a hiccup the first time he blows through the third base coach’s stop sign only to be thrown out at the plate by 15 feet against the Yankees.
  6. One of the most frustrating Twins players to watch in recent memory. All the physical tools to be a phenomenal player. One of my favorite baseball coaches growing up always used to say, “Baseball’s a game of inches, boys. The six between your ears!” So deflating to watch Rosey throw to the wrong base, or air-mail one over the cut-off man’s head, allowing runners to move up. For every great throw he would make to cut down a runner, it seems there would be three bad ones. Always a fine line with Eddie: is he gonna make a heads-up play, or is he gonna make us wonder what his head’s up? Too bad to have let a guy go because you could never be sure if he was in the game or not. Sucks to give up on a guy with that much thunder in his bat, but I’ve been ready to move on from him for quite some time. What does the barber say? “Next!”
  7. Love Joe, but no way is he a first-balloter. MAYBE eventually, but I’m not yet convinced. I’m open to it, but not quite there yet.
  8. Sorry Tom- I misinterpreted the post I quoted. I was referring to the part of the rumored child sexual abuse. We can all agree THAT is unspeakable.
  9. How many “situations” does this make for Sano now? Seems it’s one thing after another with this guy.
  10. In the early ‘90s, one of the Twins clubbies sold Zubaz. They were made by a company owned by Hawk & Animal, The Road Warriors. As visiting teams came through The Dome & saw Twins players & clubbies wearing them, they starting buying them. I’m not even joking when I say that an awful lot of American Leaguers in the early ‘90s wore Zubaz. And it was all due to your Minnesota Twins.
  11. The thought of a true 'fireballer' coming to the Twins pitching staff is indeed very exciting. But pitching takes a lot more than just throwing hard. Just saying that there's a very high likelihood that Graterol will have some issues when he makes his debut and his first several appearances. There's a great chance he will not whiff the majority of batters he faces. Almost all pitchers struggle during their fist big-league go-round. I may be just stressing some patience and that we extend Graterol some room for growing pains that are expected of all rookies. Granted, his ceiling is higher than most and with that comes upped expectations, but I suspect his first time through the league will not be lights out. It usually doesn't work that way, even with the most talented of pitchers.
  12. If this is a more a statement about the Twins wanting to check under every stone, I'm on board. If they're serious about re-acquiring him, please kill me.
  13. If somehow Sano managed to get into 150 games, he’d also smash Mark Reynolds’ single-season record of 223 strikeouts. By the same token, if my aunt had nuts, she’d be my uncle. I’d venture to say at this point Sano has zero trade value. Now is not the time to love him. That would be selling way low.
  14. One thing I can't figure out about Minnesota sports fans: Why do we have such an issue letting go? "Maybe we can get Erv back..." "Maybe Dozier will re-sign here in the off-season..." "Maybe the Vikes can bring back Case Keenum..." "Maybe the Wild can trade Staal, then re-sign him in the off-season..." Why can't we just let go? Especially when the guys who left didn't win squat here in the first place? Why are we so attached?
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