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Dream FA Target Johnny Cueto

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:50 AM
Pros: Only 29 5 year contract likely gets it done. Last 5 seasons: 889.1 IP (3 seasons 210+ IP), 2.71 ERA, 1.082 WHIP even when pitching...
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Article: 1987 Revisited: Twins Upset Tigers

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:45 AM
“What an unlikely bunch of champions we’re looking at here.”Those were the words NBC’s Bob Costas offered as the on-field celebration scr...
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Souhan's solution to the "Mauer Problem"

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:34 AM
http://www.startribu...blem/331496821/ The gist: Plouffe at third, Sano at first, Mauer to super-utility player.
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Why so much love for Plouffe?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:31 AM
There's plenty of speculation, here and elsewhere, that Trevor Plouffe will be traded in the offseason to make way for Miguel Sano. ...
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Fun rant against baseball replay

Other Baseball Today, 07:17 AM
http://deadspin.com/...e-it-1736111661   Kind of a fun rant. KC runner was called out after his momentum slightly carried him off th...
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The Case For Joe Mauer's Contract

I wanted to stay in a Twins uniform, and I want to win. And we’re definitely headed in the right direction.
— Joe Mauer after signing an eight-year, $184 million contract in 2010

All of the vitriol aimed at Joe Mauer right now would have been directed, ten-fold, at Twins management if they had not retained him in 2010. Minnesota had just opened a new publicly-subsidized park, they were coming off a year in which they had won the AL Central and Mauer was named MVP. He was an anomaly: a defensively-sound catcher and a batting champ.


Myth: Starting Pitcher Velocity

How many times and in how many ways have you heard the following comment? “He sits 91 to 93 with his fastball. That’s not hard enough.” “The Twins need more hard-throwing starters.” “Other teams have starters that average 95 mph or more with their fastballs.”

So, how do you feel about that? What value does extra velocity have for a pitcher, and do pitchers need to throw 95 to be successful? Do they need to average 94 of 95 with their fastball to be an “Ace?”


1987 Revisited: Twins Upset Tigers

“What an unlikely bunch of champions we’re looking at here.”

Those were the words NBC’s Bob Costas offered as the on-field celebration scrum of Minnesota Twins players pushed like a rugby pile from the initial contact point near first base towards second base across the Tiger Stadium infield.

Costas’ assessment couldn’t have been more accurate. Most experts believed the Twins were vastly outgunned by baseball’s winningest team in Detroit. They had the ability to score runs, they had the starting rotation depth and they had the experience, having just won the World Series in 1984. Most believed the contest would last five games and end in the Tigers favor, not Twins.


Through The Fence: End Of The Instructs Nears

Once again, the Twins and Red Sox took to the diamond for Instructional League ball. There was a new giddiness in the air as the League is done as of Tuesday and a good number of these players will head home for the winter.


Gleeman & The Geek, Ep 219: Jackalopes

Aaron and John talk about watching the playoffs and trying to imagine the Twins making a deep run, reviewing the good and (mostly) bad preseason Vegas over/under picks, buying a mattress from Casper, Ron Gardenhire's ongoing job search, eating Jackalope and drinking beer at New Bohemia, how to become the subject of a gossip column, and living your life around a living room mattress.
You can listen by downloading us from iTunes, Stitcher or find it at GleemanAndTheGeek.com. Or just click the Play button below.


Did You Know?

The 2015 Minnesota Twins season is dead and gone.

People mourn the end of the baseball in different ways. One way is to stare at tons of numbers on a computer screen trying to make sense of the season. For instance, did you know Trevor Plouffe was terrible when facing fastballs? Or that Kyle Gibson threw the fewest in-zone pitches among all qualified starters?

Here are all the little statistical tidbits from 2015.


Twins Daily Awards 2015: Most Valuable Player

After handing out the 2015 Twins Daily Award for Most Improved (Aaron Hicks), Best Rookie (Miguel Sano) and Best Pitcher (Kyle Gibson), today we focus on the 2015 Minnesota Twins Most Valuable Player.

Each year, it seems, there is some controversy on what the definition of “Valuable” is in baseball terms. Is it simply the best player? Is there a Leadership function to it? How about a clutch factor? How do you compare a guy who played nearly every game to a guy who was tremendous but missed half of the season?

That was the decision our eight Twins Daily voters had to consider. The first half (and full season) of Brian Dozier had to be compared to the second half of Miguel Sano. There were other solid candidates as well which is why this ballot had the most variety in its vote.


Winning Season Raises Expectations for Inexperienced, Inconsistent Minnesota Twins

"I’m coming here to win. I think that it’s very important to lay that out there, right from the start. Things can change in this game very dramatically at this level."
— Paul Molitor at the press conference in November, announcing his hiring as Twins manager

"It might have sounded corny last winter when I talked about 70-92 and the fine line of being able to at least cut that in half by winning 10 more games or whatever it is. There was enough signs there for me to think that it could happen."
— Molitor the morning before the Twins were officially eliminated from the playoffs

The Minnesota Twins just finished their first winning season since 2010, and in doing so have accelerated their rebuilding project after four years of 90-loss seasons. Second-year manager Paul Molitor will be expected to juggle a roster full of players who are either young and volatile in their production or are experienced and, at times, inconsistent while understanding that the expectation, inside and outside the organization, is that his team will make the playoffs next year.


Twins Daily Awards 2015: Best Pitcher

We began our look Twins Daily Award 2015 on Tuesday by naming Aaron Hicks the Twins Most Improved Player. Yesterday, Nick surprised no one when he wrote that Miguel Sano was named the Best Rookie. Today, we continue handing out some hypothetical hardware by naming the Best Twins Pitcher in 2015.

In 2014, the Twins posted a team ERA of 4.57 which was 29th of 30 in baseball, ahead of only the Colorado Rockies. Fast-forward to 2015. The Twins reduced their team ERA by a half run, to 4.07. That was good for 19th in MLB and 10th (of 15) in the American League. Still not great, but a significant improvement from just one year ago.

The pitching improvement was even more noteworthy when focusing on Twins starting pitchers. In 2014, starters posted an ERA of 5.06. That number included the remarkable performance of Phil Hughes. In 2015, Twins starting pitchers worked to an ERA of 4.14. That improvement is nearly one full run per game.

That huge improvement came despite the fact that no starter put up numbers near what Hughes did in 2014. It is unlikely any Twins pitcher will receive a single vote for American League Cy Young.


No Juice Podcast #71: The End.

On this week's NO JUICE PODCAST, Dan Anderson and Parker Hageman review the 2015 Minnesota Twins season, hand out their awards and revisit their over/unders set during the offseason.



Twins Daily Awards 2015: Best Rookie

Across baseball, 2015 was The Year of the Rookie. A majority of the game's highest rated prospects debuted this season, and in most cases they made that transition with notable success.

The Twins were a microcosm of this trend, graduating several of the best young players in their system and receiving numerous highly impactful rookie performances.

But while there were a few different names deserving of consideration, the choice here was pretty easy.


Not Enough At The End, But The Twins Had A Great 2015

It's over. The book has closed on the 2015 season for the Minnesota Twins. What a ride it was.

Coming into the last week of the season, the Twins had seven games left. Many thought they needed five or six wins to capture the second AL wild card spot, or even just to tie either the Astros or Angels.