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Souhan: Buxton Deserves A Look in CF

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 11:33 AM
I am as high on Byron Buxton as anyone, and even I can't get behind this Jim Souhan article.    Is he the best choice? Arguable...
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Is Phil Hughes an ace?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:33 AM
Is Phil Hughes an ace? He had a lower FIP than Lester and Hamels, and most people consider them aces.   Also, how much could we get...
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Game Thread: Twins v. Indians, 4/19/15 @ 1:10 PM

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:26 AM
Lineups for today's game:   Indians 1. CF Michael Bourn 2. 2B Jason Kipnis 3. LF Michael Brantley 4. 1B Carlos Santana 5. RF Brandon...
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Article: When Is It Time To Take Action?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:15 AM
The Twins desperately needed a good start this year to generate some enthusiasm following a stretch of four consecutive horrible seasons...
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Article: Twins Minor League Report (4/18): The Power Of W...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 10:50 AM
There were a couple of really rough starting pitching performances on this night, but there was one that was very good. One of the prolif...
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Twins Minor League Report (4/18): The Power Of Walker

There were a couple of really rough starting pitching performances on this night, but there was one that was very good. One of the prolific power hitters in the Twins farm system went deep a couple of times. On Saturday, there were five Twins minor league games. In a bit of a riddle, all four affiliates lost on Saturday, although they went 1-4 on the day. Read below for the scores and highlights from today’s action.


Twins Minor League Report (4/17): Pitchers and Power

Power and pitching have a way of getting noticed, in the big leagues or in the minor leagues, or frankly any level of organized baseball. On Friday night in the Minnesota Twins minor leagues, there were some big home runs (to go with Trevor Plouffe’s extra-innings, walk-off blast), but there were a couple of very strong pitching performances as well. Continue reading to find out all of the details about Friday night in the Twins farm system.


Player Appearances: Kernels Reading Program

Author’s Note: Thank you for checking out this story. My name is Mat Batts and I hope to bring you some stories and insight from the minor league lifestyle here on Twins Daily throughout the season. This will be my second season (first full) in the Twins organization and my second stint here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I look forward to getting to know a lot of you—online or in person—as we move forward this summer. I hope you enjoy!


Game Thread: Twins vs Indians 4/17 7:10PM

The Twins kick off a brand new series with the Indians tonight. Rolling with a two game winning streak... The Twins face a team that smells funny right now. If you've ever been to Cleveland... Smelling funny isn't surprising. It's Pelfrey vs. Kluber and that sounds like Lawyer vs Lawyer to me.

Here are some Things to Think About:


Jake Mauer On Advanced Statistics, Shifts And Platoons

Earlier this week, I enjoyed the three-game, home-opening series in Cedar Rapids. It’s always enjoyable to watch the young players develop and see their improvement and success going forward. On Monday afternoon, I was able to enjoy a twenty-minute one-on-one interview with Kernels manager Jake Mauer. We discussed many topics (and some will be written in future articles), but today, here are some of his thoughts on advanced statistics, shifts, platoons and more.


What A Terrific Start!

It’s pretty hard to imagine this baseball season getting off to a better start, isn’t it? I mean, even the most optimistic of us probably wouldn’t have predicted a .789 winning percentage through the first week of games! This looks like it could be a fun summer of baseball!


Twins Minor League Report (4/16): Starters Give Games Away

The Twins surprised everyone and won on Thursday afternoon, taking two out of three against the Royals to win their first series of the year. Down on the farm, things did not go as well with every affiliate in action taking the loss.


That's The Ticket: Battle For Fourth Place

Five words: weekend baseball at Target Field. I've been waiting six months for those words and they're finally here. Now to scientifically determine which game to attend:

Best Pitching Matchup
Sometimes things just line up right - and then there is this series. Everything is off by a day, and it's the schedule makers fault. For some reason, the Indian's last series was just two games, so the rotations don't match up.


On Risk, Community And The Cup

What drives this site is the sense of community that can develop around sports, and nothing demonstrates that more than a playoff run. Tonight the Minnesota Wild begins their quest for a Stanley Cup by facing one of the NHL favorites, the St. Louis Blues. More are always welcome in the community, so stop by WildXtra.com and check out:


For Young Hitters The Struggle Is Real

Tom Brunansky was recently asked what he saw as the biggest difference between handling veteran hitters and young hitters.

“The young hitters put the horse before the carriage,” Brunansky said about the desire for hits. “The young hitters, they see success as the result. The veteran hitter knows that the result is something we can't control and it is about the process. So that's where we step in and let them know that it is process, process, process. We have to change that mindset.”

With a clubhouse filled with hitters like Danny Santana, Kennys Vargas and Oswaldo Arcia -- all under the age of 25 and all expected to play key roles in the offense -- Brunansky will be busy spreading that message.


How Tall Is Too Tall? How Old Is Too Old? (Part 1)

Last month, when Twins pitching prospect Alex Meyer was taken off of the spring training roster, Twins Manager Paul Molitor was asked if Meyer being 25 years old and in the minors was a concern. “Not to me,” replied Molitor. “Just different people at different times. Sometimes different body types take a little longer to fix issues like [mechanics], too. He’s got a lot of time to be really good.”


Twins Minor League Report (4/15): WIns and Extras

The organization-wide success of the minor league affiliates continued on Wednesday with two wins and two extra-inning losses.

There had been some questions on Monday about why Adrian Salcedo - and not Alex Wimmers - was making the start for Chattanooga. Well, it turns out the Lookouts were going to be cautious with Wimmers after he experienced a tight hamstring. The club has pushed him back to Sunday.

Let's take a look at what happened on the farm on Wednesday.