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Article: Twins Minor League Report (5/29): Kelly, Keaton...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 05:38 PM
The Twins fell to the Blue Jays thanks to one of our favorite Old Friends. Chris Colabello’s two-run homer off Glen Perkins was the diffe...
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Article: Mauer: Productive Season Or Worst Season

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:36 PM
I was having a discussion with an old friend of mine over a beer last night. I was drinking a Guinness and he was having a Bell’s Two-Hea...
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2015 Minor League Transactions

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 05:21 PM
I should have started this a week ago, and I'm sure I'll miss a few.    Earlier this week, the Twins called up Caleb Thielbar a...
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Game Thread, Twins vs Jays 5/30 @1:10pm CT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:19 PM
Gametime Weather forecast (courtesy The Weather Network)  Partly sunny, 15 degrees celsius, wind NW 21 km/h, 10% pop.   ...
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First Place Minnesota Twins!

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 04:59 PM
It's been a long while since one could say that on any given May 27th.  Keep battling those tails off!  
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Twins Draft Preview: Aiken & Allard

As recently as a few month ago, many Twins and draft fans would have been shocked and ecstatic if told there was a possibility that either Brady Aiken, last year’s first overall pick, or Kolby Allard, the top prep pitcher in the class, would be available at pick #6.

But both would be available? You’re nuts.

Only you’re not crazy at all. That’s the ups-and-downs when it comes to pitching prospects.


Mauer: Productive Season Or Worst Season

I was having a discussion with an old friend of mine over a beer last night. I was drinking a Guinness and he was having a Bell’s Two-Hearted. We were talking about Joe Mauer, and we had very different perceptions about what kind of year number 7 was having.


Twins Minor League Leader Board (Through May 29)

The Minnesota Twins minor league affiliates will pass the 50-game plateau this week. Each week, we will be posting the Twins Minor League Leaderboard in the Saturday morning. From week to week, we can see several things change on these lists. A hot week. A cold week. An injury.


Evaluating The Twins Bullpen: Part 1

This is the first part in what I envision being a three part examination of the Twins bullpen. In Part I, I will look at the 2015 Twins bullpen as a whole, and compare it to the other bullpens in MLB. In Parts II and III, I will look at the performance of the individual members of the Twins bullpen and then at several players in the upper levels of the Twins minor league system who could be viable replacement options.


Twins Minor League Report (5/29): Kelly, Keaton Help The Kernels

The Twins fell to the Blue Jays thanks to one of our favorite Old Friends. Chris Colabello’s two-run homer off Glen Perkins was the difference in the Jays 6-4 win.

Colabello is a good reminder of why these minor league reports are so important. He was a minor league free agent signed after eight seasons in independent ball. He has made it to the big leagues and contributed. In these daily reports, we don’t solely focus on the prospects. We focus on all players who deserve to be recognized because you never know which ones will get to The Show. Colabello was mentioned frequently in these reports in his two-plus seasons in the organization.


Twins Draft Preview: Tyler Jay

University of Illinois pitcher Tyler Jay starts up a lot of conversations about how he has been utilized in college. His team boasts plenty of pitching talent, but Jay is likely the best of the bunch, is left-handed, and boasts a deep starter’s repertoire and secondary skills. But for whatever reason, he has only started one game in his three year collegiate career in the Big 10.

This hasn’t stopped him from being projected high in the first round of this year’s draft however, as scouts hold little doubts about his ability to transition into a starter as a pro.


Thompson Shedding Yes-Man Attitude, Flourishing

Aaron Thompson marches to the beat of his own drum. That probably isn’t a shock to many, as he falls in a number of subsets that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing oddities from. Bert Blyleven will frequently suggest pitchers are a different sort on Twins telecasts, but beyond that Thompson is also a reliever as well as left-handed — two things that push him further down the oddball spectrum in baseball circles.


Quality Pitches The Key For Phil Hughes

The Minnesota Twins are at the top of the American League Central thanks to an unexpected surge in strong starting pitching. While some pitchers like Mike Pelfrey continue to defy expectations, starters like Phil Hughes has turned in an average performance up to this point.

There were no signs that Hughes’ 2014 season was driven by luck. He missed bats, he limited walks and, thanks to a roomier ballpark, reduced the number of home runs. Still, with a historically good strikeout-to-walk ratio and a career-best home run-to-fly ball rate, there was room for things to go the other way but a solid foundation existed to build upon. The Twins felt the same way and offered him a contract extension this past offseason.

After 10 starts this season, Hughes has not been the same starter he was in 2014.


Twins Draft Preview: Carson Fulmer

In the draft, the Minnesota Twins – and other teams – have a tendency to get into patterns. As we know, with their first-round picks the last couple of decades, the Twins have either gone high school hitter or college pitcher. In our draft previews this week, we have already looked at couple of college pitchers who could be there when the Twins select at #6.


Twins Minor League Report (5/28): Bats Sputter, Berrios Brilliant

The Twins and the Royals both had the day off on Thursday which means the Twins remain in first place!

In the minor leagues, Rochester had the day off, but the other three affiliates were in action. In Chattanooga, JO Berrios made another start. That alone should make you want to keep reading. Plenty of action on Thursday.


That's The Ticket: Old Friends

The Blue Jays are coming to town this weekend, and bringing some familiar faces. Meanwhile, the Twins are as hot as they've been in half a decade, with a five-game winning streak pushing them 10 games above .500 and into first place.

Sounds like a good opportunity to catch some ball at Target Field. Let's break down the most intriguing aspects of this Jays/Twins series.


Trevor May Abandons Consistency, Finds Enlightenment

When you spoke with Trevor May about pitching in spring training, you were bound to hear the word “consistency.” It was more than just a focus, it was an obsession. It was damn near a zen mantra. “Consistencyyyyyy-ooooooommmmmmm”.

Two months later consistency has turned into a koan, those conflicting riddles that monks pondered to achieve a zen-like state, like the sound of one-hand clapping. That’s because May is attributing his more consistent success this season to…abandoning consistency.