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Article: Tommy Milone Is Tommy Milone

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:00 PM
I've been calling the 5th starter outings "tryouts," which sort of implies they count for something. It's not totally clear they do.Tommy...
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Reusse on Arcia

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:59 PM
http://www.startribu.../297601151.html   Reusse brings up some questions about Arcia -   "Molitor hasn’t flat-out said it, and...
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New draft thread

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 07:33 PM
The other one was getting long - so maybe time for a new one?   In any event, Klaw tweetedthat Aiken might make his next start, alth...
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Brady Aiken gets TJ surgery

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 07:17 PM
http://www.theplayer...-a-fresh-start/   Not sure if he'll declare for the draft or not.Hoffman and Giolito both got drafted a few m...
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Twins Option Stephen Pryor

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:32 PM
The Twins announced this morning that RH RP Stephen Pryor has been options to AAA Rochester.      The Twins now have 41 p...
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Tommy Milone Is Tommy Milone

I've been calling the 5th starter outings "tryouts," which sort of implies they count for something. It's not totally clear they do.

Tommy Milone had his - probably last - tryout Thursday afternoon. I'll give you the numbers, because some of you might be interested - 5 IP, 3 ER, 6H, 3K, 2 BB. But a more complete summarization was that he pitched like the fairly good version of Tommy Milone. That is not the guy that Twins fans saw last summer, but he's also not going to be anything much better than a back-of-the-rotation starting pitcher.


Get To Know: 1B Brock Peterson

As you have likely noticed, I enjoy writing about and telling the stories of Twins players and minor leaguers who don’t get many headlines. Sometimes, in my opinion, their stories can be as interesting, or even more interesting, as the big-name headline makers. I had a chance to catch up with Brock Peterson in Ft. Myers and talk to him about his unlikely path to the big leagues and back to the Twins organization.


Bullpen Calculus

After yesterday’s crazy day at Fort Myers, today was considerably more serene. It also served as a deep breath before the last big push for several roster spots. Twins Manager Paul Molitor says he would like to get the roster set by this weekend, so the pressure to perform (or at least not mess up) is high. “It always is in spring training,” said Twins General Manager Terry Ryan. “Especially when you get to the last ten games or so.”


Giving Brian Dozier's Defense Attention

As Terry Ryan rattled off the bullet points which led the organization toward signing Brian Dozier to a new four-year, $20 million contract that lasts through 2018, the Twins’ general manager cited his second baseman’s glove work.

“He doesn’t get enough attention for his defense,” the Twins’ general manager said on Tuesday morning at Dozier's press conference. To put that in pop culture terms, his fielding is the baseball equivalent of Justified.


Five Beliefs Reinforced In Spring Training

Anyone who has followed baseball for a substantial amount of time knows better than to put much stock into spring training performances. Down in Ft. Myers, players and coaches constantly warn against reading too much into statistics compiled or tendencies displayed during exhibition play in March, insisting that this time is all about readying oneself physically and experimenting before the games begin to matter.

I'd certainly agree that it's foolhardy to allow the proceedings in spring training to determine or change your opinion about a player, or unit, on the team. However, I traveled down to Florida with a number of ideas already in my head about this club, and some of what I saw and heard during a week in camp served to reinforce those ideas.

Here are five beliefs I hold about the 2015 Minnesota Twins that were reaffirmed during my time covering spring training.


Roster Cuts, Keystone Cops & Never Saying Never

To quote Halsey Hall: “Holy Cow!” It was a big day in Fort Myers with early roster cuts, an exciting win over the Blue Jays, and of course the big Brian Dozier contract. Let’s catch up on all of them, notes style.

Twins Make Roster Cuts
Innings and at-bats are a very valuable commodity. As split-squad games end and as the regulars need more innings to prepare for the season, that commodity becomes scarcer and scarcer.


Minnesota Twins And Brian Dozier Sign 4-Year Extension

The Minnesota Twins announced today that they and second baseman Brian Dozier have signed a 4-year guaranteed contract that will pay Dozier $20 million guaranteed through the 2018 season. The deal buys out Dozier's arbitration years but not any of the years in which he will be a free agent.


No Juice Podcast #48: Twins Over/Unders

How many games will Kurt Suzuki catch? Which combination of pitchers will have more starts -- Ricky Nolasco/Mike Pelfrey or Trevor May/Alex Meyer? Will Joe Mauer have an OBP over .390? How many fastballs will Glen Perkins throw over 95 mph?

On this week's No Juice Podcast Dan Anderson and Parker Hageman try to handicap these stats and more. Listen up


Get To Know: Eric Farris

When the Twins announced their non-roster invites to major league spring training, Eric Farris was one of the least known players on the list to most. Sure, since you read Twins Daily, you’ve read his name quite frequently in the daily Minor League Reports the last two seasons. He came to the Twins before the 2013 season after getting big league time with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2011 and 2012.


Twins 5th Starter Competition Will Continue

The primary drama for the Twins-Phillies game on Monday surrounded Twins starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey looking to stake his claim on the last spot in the Twins rotation. The Phillies did their part to make the litmus test feel real. Their lineup featured Ben Revere, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz in the top five spots. So how did Pelfrey do?


Extension Candidate: Oswaldo Arcia

What?! You're joking. Right?

We've hashed, rehashed and triple-hashed a potential extension for Brian Dozier. We've even thrown Trevor Plouffe's name around in those talks. We've loved (or mostly-loved) the Phil Hughes (unnecessary) extension.

But we haven't talked at all about a player who makes sense - eventually - to approach about a long-term deal. It's not a "How Did We Miss Him?" discussion at all. Mostly because this player hasn't been very good.


Embracing Substance Over Style

I’ve been married to The Voice of Reason™ for nearly 25 years, and I can say with confidence that I’ve never called her “solid.” Because she’s from Philly. And I like my teeth. Wisely, I choose a lot prettier adjectives, but I have to tell you, it’s the substance beneath that veneer that has sustained 21 years of marriage.

(And here’s the point in the story where I compare my betrothed to Eduardo Escobar. Hmm. That’s going to cost me a bicuspid. Can we keep the rest of this story between ourselves? We all agree? Ok, let’s go on.)