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Article: Game Thread: Twins@Rangers 4/21/17 7:05PM

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:50 AM
Our Twins travel to Texas for a brand new series and this is good because the old series stunk. Yesterday was a horrible performance and...
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Article: Spring Backward

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:35 AM
One of the biggest reasons for positivity coming out of spring training was the fact that two players hugely critical to the Twins' succe...
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Behind the Fence: Tyler Jay Rehabs, Balan Brothers on the...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 06:31 AM
Tommy Lasorda once said, "There are three types of baseball players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wo...
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Engelb Vielma 2017

Adopt A Prospect 2017 Today, 05:13 AM
Engelb Vielma DOB: 6-22-94, in Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela Height: 5'11" Weight: 155 Position: SS Bats: Both Throws: Right Entered the 20...
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Article: Twins Minor League Report (4/23): Kranson Cranks...

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 04:41 AM
Minnesota had stuck with their Opening Day roster through the team's first 17 games. That changed on Sunday as first baseman Kennys Varga...
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Spring Backward

One of the biggest reasons for positivity coming out of spring training was the fact that two players hugely critical to the Twins' success were on top of their games, seemingly poised to take big steps forward and help lead the team's turnaround.

But since coming north, both players have seen their play go south, and now they've become perhaps Minnesota's two greatest sources of concern during an 8-10 start.


Game Thread: Twins@Rangers 4/21/17 7:05PM

Our Twins travel to Texas for a brand new series and this is good because the old series stunk. Yesterday was a horrible performance and I couldn’t help but think of a great performer because of it.

Back in February of 1984, Bruce Springsteen thought his new album “Born in the USA” was done and ready for final production. After all, the band started recording material back in January of 1982 and after 13 months of on and off sessions, they finished 86 possible songs for this new album and some of those songs were pretty good. It was easy to assume that the album was ready but Manager Jon Landau didn’t think so. Bruce’s last release “Nebraska” was a great album but it was dark and acoustic and it didn’t produce any hits. Mr. Landau wanted hits with this new album and he told Bruce that he didn’t hear a sure fire hit in any of the 86 recorded tracks and he told Bruce to go home and come back tomorrow with a sure fire hit and this pissed Bruce off.

Bruce is a prolific songwriter but you need inspiration and he was being forced to write a hit song on the spot without it. The only thing in his head was how he felt about the impossibility of the absurd task he was assigned and that was… “You can’t start a fire… you can’t start a fire without a spark” and the rest is history. Dancing in the Dark was the last song written and recorded for the album and it was the first release and it became his biggest hit when it spent 4 weeks at #2. Biggest hit performed by Bruce because Manfred Mann’s cover of Blinded by the Light was technically Bruce’s only #1 hit since he wrote it.

Why am I thinking about this? Because Bruce was convinced that you couldn’t write a song without inspiration and he was angry that he was forced to write a song without inspiration. Without realizing it… he had used that anger as the missing inspiration.

OK… You get it… So why am I thinking about this? Because the Twins lack emotion in my opinion and they have lacked emotion for a long time now. On Saturday, Sano was handed some inspiration, he got a little angry and the team couldn’t recognize that spark and followed that up with one of the worst performances of the year on Sunday.

This has inspired me to think out loud, “Is Baseball just too boring for you guys”. I hope Falvey and Levine noticed this and are prepared to cull the uninspired out eventually. This has been going on for too long. We need them to exhibit actual physical and emotional engagement to their jobs.

There is darkness on the edge of this town!!!


Here are some things to think about:


Twins Minor League Report (4/23): Kranson Cranks, Beeker Deals

Minnesota had stuck with their Opening Day roster through the team's first 17 games. That changed on Sunday as first baseman Kennys Vargas and left-handed reliever Buddy Boshers were recalled from Rochester. To make room for them on the roster, the Twins placed right-hander Justin Haley on the disabled list and optioned left-hander Adalberto Mejia to Triple-A.

Rain was the main headline on Sunday. Both the Red Wings and the Lookouts were washed out including a double-header in Chattanooga. This left the Kernels and the Miracle to carry the load. Who would shine? Who would struggle?


Twins Minor League Report (4/22): Controversial Conclusion in Cedar Rapids

The Red Wings faced some of the top prospects in the game, Randy LeBlanc extended his scoreless-innings streak, the Kernals somehow managed to get beat on a "swinging strike" and, of course, there was another rain out.

Find out what else happened around the Twins' minor leagues on Saturday.


Twins Minor League Report (4/21): Wheeler Deals In Wings Win

It was a busy night in the Twins minor league system. One starting pitcher recorded a career-high in strikeouts. Six hitters recorded three hits on the day as well. There were two one-run games, one of which finished in 12 innings with a walkoff. Hey the Twins beat Justin Verlander on Friday night which is a good reminder that in this great game of baseball, anything can happen.


Deserving Of Discussion

I encourage you to check out Jake Depue’s weekly Mining The Minors article on 1500ESPN.com. In it, he provides updates on several of the Twins top prospects that he finds intriguing. This week, he asks if it’s time to call up Daniel Palka.

At Twins Daily, we’ll keep updating you on the top prospects, but you will also be able to learn more about some lesser-known prospects or at least guys who maybe aren’t being talked about as much as they deserve.


Game Thread: Twins v Tigers, 4/21 @ 7:10pm CT

Our Twins kick off a three-game series with the Tigers this weekend. The last time we faced the Tigers... we were in first place. Since that time we have been re-accommodated into last place. We boarded the division, sat in our first-place seat and the Cleveland Indians security officers came around and forcibly removed us from our seat… And don’t tell me the AL Central is overbooked because it’s not.

Yeah I know… I’m stretching this... trying to make this work but continuing with it because I have no other place to go. If you follow the timeline of events, this Tigers series is where the Twins run back on the plane shouting frantically… “I need to get home.”

At least I hope the Twins are frantic about it. Eight runs in the last 4 games, we need to get home!!!

Here are some things to think about:


Twins Minor League Report (4/20): Wells And Wiel Work Wonders

It was another busy day in the Twins minor league system. Two hitters were one hit away from achieving a cycle. There were a couple of very strong pitching performances as well, especially for Cedar Rapids, but also in Chattanooga. Those Miracle bats, which were quiet most of the season, went off for the second straight day. There was a transaction, and so much information that we're just going to encourage you to start reading.


Twins Pitching Success is Not Sustainable

They say ignorance is bliss, and there’s plenty of validity to that statement. You ever want to enjoy a hot dog again? Don’t look up what’s in them or how they're made. And if you want to believe the Twins will have a good pitching staff, you’ll want to stop reading this article.

There’s no questioning the performance of the pitching up to this point, the staff has been nothing short of spectacular despite the familiar personnel. Why?


Will the Save Stat Go Away?

If you follow me on Twitter or even if you’ve engaged me in conversation about bullpens, you know how deeply my hatred burns for modern-day bullpen usage.

For example, the practice of saving your closer for a save opportunity that he’s never going to get because you ran out a middle-reliever against the opponent's 3-4-5 hitters.

How about bringing in your second-best lefty reliever to face the opponent’s best left-handed hitter with two runners in scoring position in the seventh inning of a tied game?

Or how about warming your closer up to save a ball game, but then you score a run in the top of the ninth and since it’s not a save opportunity anymore, you quickly warm up a lesser reliever for to close out the game.

Dumb. Dumb. And more dumb.


Get To Know: LHP Prospect From Moldova Petru Balan

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Vadim Balan, the first player from the Republic of Moldova to sign a contract with a Major League organization. Today, we will learn more about the second player signed out of Moldova. His name is Petru Balan, and yes, he is the brother of Vadim Balan.


Twins Minor League Report (4/19): Turley Flirts With No-No

One Twins minor league pitcher had fans wondering if they were going to see a no-hitter. A couple of the Twins top pitching prospects were on the mound on Wednesday, Jose Berrios for Rochester and Fernando Romero for Chattanooga. The Miracle bats exploded, something they really needed. The Kernels played a get-away game before heading home for a homestand.