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Article: Five Years of Twins Daily - BYTO Edition

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:40 PM
So goodbye, BYTO.Where the dogs of society howled.Five years ago, four bloggers – whose writings were widely shared on the BattleYourTail...
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Bark's 2017 MN Twins OF Insanity

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:06 PM
Damn, I love the guys we have slotted to play the OF for us this year. Not to ignore Sano or Dozier, I hope they do more than well. I thi...
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2017 MLB draft thread

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 10:55 AM
Baring some sort of scenario where the Twins manage to win the next 8, the Braves lose the next 8, and win the tie breaker, we'll be pick...
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So is Danny Santana competing at Short Stop or Extra Outf...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:53 AM
So is the coaching staff giving Santana a chance to compete at the Short Stop position or is he strictly a utility player. Would like to...
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Hammond Happenin

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:13 AM
Feb 6 Make no doubt about it, there are Twins players and prospects starting their respective seasons. Didn’t see a bullpen session, but...
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TD Top Prospects: #6 Wander Javier

Just a couple of years ago, MLB changed its rules on signing international players. In an attempt to keep signing bonuses down, MLB gave slot numbers that teams could use to sign 16-year-olds. In 2015, the Twins allotment was just shy of $4 million. They chose to give $4 million to shortstop Wander Javier, going over their slot to secure his signature.

Javier made his professional debut in 2016 in the Dominican Summer League where he showed what he could be, albeit in just nine games due to injury. He has a ton of potential, and we will begin to see it stateside in 2017.

Age: 18 (DOB: 12/29/98)
2016 Stats: (DSL): .308/.400/.654 (1.054), three doubles, two home runs
ETA: 2022
2016 Ranking: 13

National Top 100 Rankings


Five Position Player Headlines

Man, does it feel good to finally have real baseball news coming out of Florida. At the beginning of the week, Glen Perkins threw off the mound for the first time on his way back from injury. Phil Hughes might turn his removed rib into jewelry. I also ran through multiple headlines fans could follow as pitchers and catchers reported to Fort Myers.

Many position players are already in camp but their official reporting date will be this weekend. Here are some headlines to keep an eye on in the weeks ahead.


Reliever Arbitration Salaries On The Rise?

Perhaps the biggest area of uncertainty when it comes to a baseball team's future financial obligations is arbitration salaries.

In some cases, teams will "buy out" a player's arbitration years by signing him to an extension in order to ensure cost certainty. The Twins saved themselves a good chunk of change by doing exactly that with Brian Dozier prior to the 2015 season, signing him to a four-year, $20M extension. Sometimes this strategy doesn't work out so well (see Singleton, Jon).


Get To Know: LHP Domenick Carlini

On Sunday, the Twins will hold their first full-squad workout. Within the next couple of weeks, minor league camp will begin and all will be right with the world. Today we present another Q&A with a Twins minor leaguer. Domenick Carlini is a 22-year-old left-hander who the Twins drafted in 2016 out of Southeastern Louisiana University. As a senior last year, he went 8-2 with a 2.03 ERA. He was second-team All-Conference. The Twins drafted the crafty lefty and sent him to Elizabethton.


Five Years of Twins Daily - BYTO Edition

So goodbye, BYTO.
Where the dogs of society howled.

Five years ago, four bloggers – whose writings were widely shared on the BattleYourTailOff.com forums – gathered their considerable baseball knowledge and passion to form Twins Daily, eschewing their individual sites in favor of a single site for All Things Twins.


TD Top Prospects: #7 Adalberto Mejia

Cloudy bad seasons are supposed to provide some trade deadline silver linings. Left-handed starting pitching prospect Adalberto Mejia is the shiniest bauble the Twins acquired at last year’s deadline, but that’s about the only time you’ll see the adjective shiny in a sentence about Mejia. His strength is that he’s very likely to contribute to a MLB organization, rather than dazzle with enticing upside.


2017 Minnesota Twins Roster Projections - The Relief Pitchers

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been making some roster projections for the teams from the Twins down to extended spring training. We predicted the starting pitchers earlier this week. Today we tackle the bullpen arms. Of course, there will be some crossover, especially in the lower levels.

As always, the Twins brought in several additional pitchers on minor league contracts. Some will compete for a big league job. Some have opt-outs. Some are competing for AAA jobs, and others are competing to keep their careers going. There are few relievers who are absolutely guaranteed to be in the bullpen on Opening Day (pending injury), so there are a lot of questions. The same is true throughout the system, so let’s take a look at some of the names you’ll be hearing over the next six weeks.


The Inside Story Of Twins Daily

I’m sure we all remember May 23rd, 2009 as the debut of Twins pitcher Anthony Swarzak. But there was something exciting brewing up in the stands, too.

Watching Swarzak (who threw seven scoreless innings) from the Home Run Porch was a collection of Twins bloggers, brought together by Parker. We met before the game at Huberts, but afterwards we split several pitchers at Dan Kelley’s and commiserated about the dead-end that blogging had become. We didn’t settle on the idea of writing together that night, but we walked away with the idea of seeing if we could, as a team, figure out a way to make blogging more worthwhile. We traded some ideas and at another Twins game in June decided to try to publish some content as a PDF file.


TD Top Prospects: #8 Kohl Stewart

In June of 2013, the Minnesota Twins made perhaps their most important draft pick of the past decade and beyond. With the No. 4 selection in hand after a dreadful 2012 season that reinforced the organization's desperate need for pitching talent, they gambled on a Texas high school hurler named Kohl Stewart.

Nearly four years later, the jury is still out.


Celebrating Five Years Of Twins Daily

Time flies when you’re having fun! And, at Twins Daily, we’ve been having a lot of fun, and hopefully you have too. It is hard to believe that in the next week, Twins Daily will turn five years old. In fact, when one of the Twins Daily owners recently mentioned that we were about to turn five, we all did a double-take. Fortunately, we had the screenshot from the first day to prove it has been five years.

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on our old sites, Twins Daily, and some of our favorite things about this community.

And that community is what Twins Daily really is all about, at least in my opinion. When John, Parker, Nick and I first started meeting and discussing consolidating our individual blogs, we spoke frequently about building a community of Twins fans.

As you can see from the Day 1 web page, Twins Daily has come a long ways in five years. Arguably the best decision in Twins Daily history was bringing on Brock Beauchamp. OK, not arguably. It was.

Note that this is Part 1 of a series of articles. Each of the Twins Daily owners will share their thoughts on the site's first five years and what it has meant to them.


TD Top Prospects: #9 Travis Blankenhorn

The first wave of top Twins prospects has already reached Target Field. This has allowed for more recent draft picks to find their way into the Twins top prospect list. Many of the players might not be of the same caliber as Byron Buxton or Miguel Sano but they all have the potential to be everyday players as the Twins fight to get back to their winning ways.


2017 Minnesota Twins Roster Projections - The Starting Pitchers

We have projected all of the hitters in the Minnesota Twins organization over the last couple of weeks. Today we dive into what could very possibly be the most important part of any baseball team. The bullpen is important, but it can be helped by starters being good and giving six and seven innings consistently. The hitters obviously have to score runs, but the starting pitchers have to give the offense a chance.

There are plenty of questions as it relates to starting pitching with the Twins, as you would expect. There are some veterans who will get a shot, but there are also some high-end, talented pitchers who will likely get an opportunity in 2017 as well.

If you missed any of the previous articles, you can find them here: Catchers, Middle Infielders, Corner Infielders, Outfielders.