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Name your favorite lesser-known Twins players

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Shane Mack. Not really "unknown" I guess, at least to long time fans, but he was really good and underappreciated.


Brant Alyea: I remember the start he had to the 1970 season...I was convinced he'd hit like that forever.

Spoiler alert: he didn't. But always  will have a place in a 12 year old's heart.

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Dave Gassner

Played at a golf course in Appleton, WI where his brother was working in the pro shop days before he made his first start.  Gassner won that first start and I remember the brother saying how excited he was to go to Minneapolis to pitch his next start.  How did that start go?  1.2 IP 6 H 4 ER

I believe he was injured in that start and never seen or heard from again.

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2 hours ago, Seth Stohs said:

I'll start... 

Fred Tolliver. 

I remember collecting his Phillies rookie cards, and then he briefly became a Twins player. 

Your turn... Name some lesser known Twins of the past, and what reminded you of them. 

I have Fred Tolliver's autograph on a baseball. After a game at the Dome I went to the exit where the players came out, did this for a few games that particular summer. Anyway, I think the first autograph I ever had signed in real life by a baseball player was Mr. Tolliver's. Was a big moment for me.

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I'll also add a small vote for Andrew Albers, with the caveat that i don't want to know what combination of unfortunate events might result in him being called up again.


He's pitching for St. Paul tonight...

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I'll go with Luke Hughes, Seth.   Gotta love those Aussies that Howie used to sign for the Twins.

Correct me if my memory is in error, but didn't he get a home run in his first AB with the Twins?  Remember he was with maybe Oakland for a bit after the Twins, but his MLB career was short, wasn't it?

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Bill James said it best about Brian Harper.

"Harper should have had a much better career than he did. He lost a lot of his career to other people's stupidity. He was drafted by the Angels in 1977, hit .293 with 24 homers, 101 RBI at Quad Cities in 1978, then hit .315 with 37 doubles, 90 RBI at El Paso in 1979. The Angels at that time were building entirely around free agents and veterans, in no mood to give a young player a chance. At Salt Lake City in '81 he hit .350 with 45 doubles, 28 homers, 122 RBI. The Angels traded him to Pittsburgh. The Pirates already had Tony Pena and Steve Nicosia; they needed another catcher like they needed a first baseman. Harper tried to convert to the outfield or first base. He wasn't fast enough to play the outfield; nobody was sure he would hit enough to play first. He bounced over to St. Louis, Detroit, Oakland, Minnesota. He was (28) by the time he got a chance to play."

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So many names running thru my head on this one, Seth.  I'm going to give you two.

1) Brian Harper - Kind of a "quiet" free agent acquisition who played a significant role in the 1991 World Series Championship team. He also hit over .300 overall during his 6 seasons with the team.

2) Dick Stigman - I never saw him play, but my Dad grew up playing against him in Northern MN!

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15 hours ago, Seth Stohs said:

Vastly underrated. Definitely a Top 50 Twins player of all time! And, coached current Twins prospect Willie Joe Garry on a travel team. 

Liked Willie Joe as a draft pick coming out of HS. Looks like he's struggling a bit in the minors though, at least briefly looking at his standard stats.

Currently with the Mussels (Low-A) hitting .169 after 124 ABs. That lost season last year really hurt him - wonder how many careers were ruined by the Covid-19 pandemic? Don't really expect an answer, just food for thought. Too bad.

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