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  1. Rochester had a shortage of position players on its roster after putting Rooker on the IL. This is simply minor league depth.
  2. I think on one of the recent episodes of Inside Twins (sorry, I don't have a link), Falvey said something to the effect that May came to them with the request to work out of the bullpen for now, but they are not ruling him out as a starter in the future.
  3. I'm getting redirected to the same page as Vanimal.
  4. Option 1: Move him to left field, where he would be a better, switch-hitting version of Rosario. Use Rosario (a better trade piece than Polanco today) to get more pitching. Option 2: Trade Dozier (I think the Twins are more likely to extend Dozier than to trade him).
  5. The way Escobar has come crashing back to earth, you could try Santana at shortstop again and there would be room in the outfield for everyone else (assuming you don't care about defense).
  6. There are 26 players listed. Have they changed the AAA roster limit from 25? Will someone start on the DL?
  7. I'd give them Gibson if Milwaukee would also send back Will Smith and his 12-ish K/9 in addition to Lucroy.
  8. The only thing I would change is that I would eliminate the wildcard play-in game if both qualifying teams were from the same division. If the season ended today, the Pirates would have to play the Cubs, even though Pittsburgh is four games ahead of them in the same division. That seems pretty unfair to the Pirates.
  9. My guess: five years, $54mm 2016, Arb 3, $6.5mm 2017, Arb 4, $8.5mm 2018-20, FA, $13mm/yr There aren't a lot of good comps for him out there.
  10. Today is Hicks' 15th day. He can't come off the DL until Friday.
  11. Scott Atchison was released per the Southern League transactions page.
  12. I believe Hunter and Santana were given #'s 48 and 54 at their respective press conferences.
  13. The Twins were a top-ten offense last year. Why make a ton of changes? 1. Santana, CF or SS True, his .405 BABIP is unsustainable, but we can expect his BB and K rates to improve. Why take him out of the lead-off spot for something that MAY happen? He handled it last year, let him play himself out of it. For whether he plays CF or SS, see #9 below. 2. Dozier, 2B I believe he won’t repeat the 23 HRs from last year, but he’s likely to improve his BABIP, and thusly his BA and OBP. Again, let him play himself out of the #2 spot. 3. Mauer, 1B You could move him up to #2 if Santana or
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