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  1. White at home, grey on the road. Everything else is just a Dave St. Peter money grab. And get rid of the gold. KISS.
  2. 4 2/3 innings with five hits, four walks, and two K's is not a solid outing. It's almost a 2 WHIP. This is who Dobnak is as a pitcher. If he is any more than a 9th or 10th option for the rotation next year, the FO will have failed miserably over the off-season.
  3. Why are you worried about what happens to Rooker? The guy is not a major leaguer.
  4. Nick Vincent DFA'd to make room for Thorpe, per several Twins beat writers on Twitter.
  5. Andre David. He drew a bases loaded walk in the 12th inning to beat the Blue Jays in the first Twins game I ever attended in 1984. Boxscore
  6. Rochester had a shortage of position players on its roster after putting Rooker on the IL. This is simply minor league depth.
  7. I think on one of the recent episodes of Inside Twins (sorry, I don't have a link), Falvey said something to the effect that May came to them with the request to work out of the bullpen for now, but they are not ruling him out as a starter in the future.
  8. I'm getting redirected to the same page as Vanimal.
  9. Option 1: Move him to left field, where he would be a better, switch-hitting version of Rosario. Use Rosario (a better trade piece than Polanco today) to get more pitching. Option 2: Trade Dozier (I think the Twins are more likely to extend Dozier than to trade him).
  10. The way Escobar has come crashing back to earth, you could try Santana at shortstop again and there would be room in the outfield for everyone else (assuming you don't care about defense).
  11. There are 26 players listed. Have they changed the AAA roster limit from 25? Will someone start on the DL?
  12. I'd give them Gibson if Milwaukee would also send back Will Smith and his 12-ish K/9 in addition to Lucroy.
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