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  1. Looks like someone discovered one of the few ways to get a hit off of Ryan. I'm glad he is OK.
  2. Would you trade a lottery ticket for something you can pick up in any convenience store on any street corner? I'd probably keep the scratcher.
  3. I think he is doing a great job this year. I am merely comparing his OPS+ with his previous years. "A down year for Arraez" is still a pretty darn good year, at least so far in his career.
  4. When the Twins play the Yankees, the umpire has been the 26th/27th man on the Yankees roster for a heck of a long time. I would hope the owners of the Twins have spoken up about this to the league at some point. If not, now's a good time.
  5. You're right. Your post should be pinned to the top of this thread. People are getting very emotional. Some of us are trying to write thoughtful responses, which are either ignored by those who disagree or are used as attack fodder. In the meantime, some people are just repeating themselves while (purposely?) misinterpreting what others are saying. People may not realize it, but when I see someone behaving like that on a forum, I picture that person being about an inch tall. Not only is the aggression not intimidating, but it has the opposite effect they are intending. This advice isn't new, but if you can't be respectful, it's time to close the browser and go and do something else. There is no place for attacks or putting words into other people's mouths, on TwinsDaily or anywhere in my opinion.
  6. We were all surprised when Arraez batted leadoff from LF in the opening game of the year, and not in a good way. He proved himself then and he continues to prove himself, and this is actually a down year for him. As pointed out elsewhere, he is also playing very good defense this year. If memory serves, he was universally loved in 2019 when he dominated after being called up for the first time, so I'm not sure where the current hate comes from. He is underrated for sure.
  7. Ryan's start v. Cleveland looks slightly less stellar given the fact that Cleveland just got no-hit again. Nevertheless, he is certainly on the right trajectory.
  8. That's still a lot of words for stuff you already said more than adequately, especially after you said you don't care. If you start talking about cookie monster, I'm out.
  9. You don't have to care. However, remember that I was responding to someone who asked for a list of names. I can appreciate that you don't care, but note that I wasn't talking to you and I don't expect you to care. I suppose in the grand scheme of things, I don't care either. My life does not change whether the Twins collapse or if they win the world series. I am merely relaying information. Some people in this thread, not you, are choosing to cherry pick on this, which is their prerogative. However, there are a hell of a lot of words being thrown around when it all could have been summed up in one sentence: "I don't trust the sources." Instead we are talking about clouds, Shoemaker, Cruz, and if this goes on long enough, perhaps Cookie Monster.
  10. Repeating this again. His opinion on something else does not have anything to do with this particular statement. "My point stands," as you would say.
  11. Kaat and Gladden are with the team every day. The others had VIP access/full access to the team for two weeks. They all witnessed the same thing and had the same takeaways. I'm guessing you know these things, so why did you spend time writing all that?
  12. I'm fine with Falvey and Levine, but 1. They were playing with fire by having so much turnover with relievers. It always seemed like nonsense to me how they had a new set of guys ever year. This was working for them, so this year I backed off of predicting it would fail. I figured they knew more than I did, but their luck ran out. They need to build a foundation of relievers and build on that, not do drastic turnovers every year. 2. I'm happy they found a way to hit a lot of home runs, but teams need more than that to win. Twins fans learned this watching Dozier mash the ball during the total system failure. This FO did not get that message, or disregarded it. The last I looked, the Twins were doing very well with home runs this year, among the best, but their W-L record is among the worst. What else can this FO do except coach to launch angles? Now's the time to show it. 3. I don't know how much control Baldelli has with the roles people play on the field. If he is responsible for pitchers and position players playing out of position, the lineup card being filled out in bizarre ways, and choosing when to pull a pitcher, I would find some way to coach him. Let him experiment all he wants in the preseason. If some of these are not Baldelli's decisions, then it's time to cut the cord and give him the space to succeed or fail. 4. Building on #3, if these are all Baldelli's decisions, have a serious conversation about changing his ways. If the results of that conversation is the feeling that he can't adjust, then don't waste time. Move on. Baldelli is a great guy, but there are countless great guys in this world who are unfit to manage a baseball team. Give him a chance to turn things around, but one output of this process has to be evaluating if can he build and maintain a successful clubhouse. When on-field decisions make fans wonder if the manager is on medication (or if he should be), that's not a good sign.
  13. His personality has not changed. He was traded from the Twins a few months after signing a new contract because his personality had become too poisonous. For fans, the newspaper reports about how he had been acting before the trade was the first time we had ever heard such things about him. When it comes to his good years, those around him and coaching him credited his success to when he learned to control his temper. Coaches had been pleading with him for years to calm down. Again, as fans, we never heard anything about this at the time. Not only does Viola understand culture from the positive side of things, but he understands how being in a bubble can negatively affect a team as well. You miss all of this nuance by dismissing him out of hand, and you mischaracterize his statement by attributing it to "advanced analytics." Perhaps his native New York personality goes against your midwestern sensibilities, but realize Viola has never changed.
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