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  1. I like it when people say the NCAA is "more authentic" than professional sports. It's more fraudulent, not more authentic. The NCAA can't even agree on a worthwhile championship system for football because they want to ensure the big, rich schools remain big and rich. I can think of few things less sportsmanlike.
  2. If those are the measurements we are comparing by, Kepler is at .211 and also 5 HRs.
  3. I suspect Buxton has Marfan Syndrome or some other syndrome in that family.
  4. Sano needs to start treating every game as if it were the 12th inning and he just wants to go home.
  5. HBP should be handled on a case by case basis, as it is now.
  6. The Twins will improve until one-person-too-many gets traded, then it will be more of the same for a while. There is a chance the team will still finish the year on a positive note.
  7. The Twins will decide whether or not to trade in the weeks before the trade deadline, not the day of. If the Twins are human, and I think they are, like most of us they already made the decision. A 12-15 game winning streak might change their minds, but short of that, it's sell time. And even if the Twins do the improbable and are back in it at the end of July, and it's not sell time, its probably not buy time either.
  8. I was surprised by how much the Twins spent this year, so there is the tiniest of glimmers of hope that they will at least stand pat. But yes, if history is any indication, spending will go down.
  9. In both 2019 and 2020, the Twins played at better than a 60-31 pace with Buxton on the field. 2019: 62-25 (39-36 without Buxton) 2020: 26-13 (10-11 without Buxton) I agree that 90 wins is not likely, but the Twins could be within earshot of .500 after the dust settles. How the rest of the season goes depends largely on which assets get traded away. Plus, Buxton is due for at least one more injury before the year is done.
  10. Here are the players who have played for the Twins this year with a worse dWar than Astudillo. Astudillo's hitting has been worse than his defense. Astudillo is performing as well as any other player in the 26th roster spot is expected to perform. I expect his minors stint will last about a month, after the Twins are done giving as much playing time as they can to the players who are trade bait.
  11. Kirilloff to 1B, Garver can back him up Cruz - He won't be in a Twins uniform much longer Sano - Trade him Jeffers or Garver at C? - It doesn't matter Garver at DH - Before making this decision, the Twins need to figure out why his bat is ice cold when he is the DH
  12. I did not realize there was so little money invested in the bullpen. This is like the end of the Dennis Green era, where the team was spending nothing on defensive backs... and the outcome is equally predictable.
  13. Kepler is playing like he has played most years, with the exception being his defense has taken a dive. Although his salary is cheap, it's not cheap enough for him to be tradeable. His 2019 numbers signified a problem, not impending greatness. He hit 36 home runs in 2019, but only ended up with an OPS at .855. In the previous years when he hit around 20 home runs, his OPS was below league average. Kepler doesn't have enough power to profile as a power hitter, yet that's all he is. I'm sure he will continue starting in the bulk of games through the rest of his contract and he will
  14. Welcome to the community. And yes. The 2001 Twins felt they could not win without Christian Guzman. They were proven wrong in later years, but this team is truly embarrassing without Buxton.
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