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  1. I admire Cave's hustle. He hustled every game. However, there is no room for him on the Twins 2023 roster. Too bad. It was nice knowing you jake. (PS. Shave the beard so you don't look so dang old.
  2. I guess it is a matter of trust. Does Rocco trust Winder or Varland or does he cross his fingers, close his eyes and choose Ober?
  3. I love watching Correa play defense. His mistakes are so rare that they stand out. He makes so many good throws that we just take for granted. This can give some fans a distorted idea of Correa's value. Can anybody remember the Twins having a SS of his quality? Smalley? Gagne?: They were good but not near as good as Correa. Enjoy him while he is here. However long that may be.
  4. I wish the departed players well, but if the pitchers we recieved help us win a playoff game or 9, then the loss is well worth it.
  5. This is a wonderful day and maybe we can get some catching help???
  6. Its not the game, its the fans. I'd bet most of us Baseball fans played the game at some level in our youth. We quickly learned that catching, throwing and hitting the ball takes effort and concentration. We came to understand that the game is subtle and demanding and requires patience and attention to detail. Most of today's fans only superficially played the game. They have other amusements to capture their attention after school. For me, nothing is more exciting than a low scoring, 1 run game going into the 9th inning. After a game like that, you go home from the game knowing that you saw a good one. Try to explain that to a kid that played video games instead of little league.
  7. The rundown of past players in the Futures game brings back many fond memories. There are many great Twins on that list and some we had high hopes for. I wonder how we'll feel about Steer & Wallner in 10 years?
  8. I'm buying myself a Kiriloff jersey. I'm planning on wearing it for a long, long time.
  9. I am a Reusse hater. I hated him back in his Pioneer Press days and he hasn't changed a bit. He mostly writes negatively and takes cheap shots at easy targets. That is considered " lazy" journalism, and in his case it certainly fits.
  10. I love Arraez. Look at his On Base %! over 400. He makes me smile every time he steps up to the plate.
  11. Times have changed and so should the game. Tech advances allow us fans to see where the ball is pitched. This brings justified anger with the umpires calling balls and strikes. Baseball analytics have determined that most pitchers should not try and pitch through the order more than twice. So a multitude of relievers is the result. It is hard for the avid fan to keep track of all the relievers, let alone the casual fan. It used to be, people would say, "Lets go to the game, Ryan is pitching." Now that is a good thing, but we know he'll only pitch 5 or 6 innings and then a bunch of guys we don't know will finish the game, and besides, the umpires can't call balls and strikes right so whats the big deal about baseball anyway? Analytics also have affected where fielders are placed. and the players are too dumb to adjusts. The whole game seems unfair. Too random. Too long. I'd rather stay home and watch 'Survivor' on TV. (I live in California and I watch all the games on TV using MLB.TV, If they let computers call balls and strikes and leave the rest of it alone, the game will adjust. Don't ban the shift. Don't use a clock more than the rules we already have. Get rid of the 10th inning man on 2nd. I remember when they lowered the mound. Maybe we do it again..)
  12. From what I've seen, Celestino is a little luck, a little contact, a little bit 'hitting em where they ain't' and a little bit more luck. I'll take it while it lasts.
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