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  1. These comments are appropriate if we had a season that only lasted 3 months. Lets see what we have to say about things in mid-September.
  2. Reading those stathead statistics is eye-opening. Thanks for the informative article.
  3. I look forward to these weekly roundups. It seems like there are very few of the 2019 & 2020 draft picks still playing. With the late start this year, I have to keep reminding myself that these numbers are pretty meaningless with only about 6 weeks of the season played. Keep up the good work.
  4. In my opinion, a pitcher should NEVER throw a pitch he has less than perfect control of, when a man is on 3b. NEVER!
  5. Yay Rah Twins. We're driving up to Seattle to see them again, next week. I'm looking forward to it. Win Twins!!!
  6. Since the Twins don't have enough outfielders, he is playing thru the pain. Under normal circumstances the Twins would have been more protective of his wrist. Lets see what his stats look like at the end of the season. Probably they will be very good.
  7. In Baseball, the past usually predicts the future. At the end of the season Cruz will have hit over 30 HR, Donaldson will have hit 20+ HR with a .280 + batting average. Sano will certainly have 30 HR and probably 40. Arraez will bat over .300 & Polanco will hit and so will Garver. Berrios, Maeda & Pineda will have positive records and our current bullpen pitchers will have bushels of saves and holds. Lets just hope the Front Office holds their mud and let the boys do it in a Twins uniform. PS. Those rookies will be an overall plus and that will get us into the playoff mix
  8. Falvine is supposed to be excellent at pitcher development Its time for some pitchers to develop. .
  9. I don't care if they have reached 100 pitches in 6 innings. If they are pitching good, let them keep pitching.
  10. Please let Refsnyder stay hot all year. Please.
  11. When Sano swings at low pitches, he has problems. Otherwise, his hitting is fine. He gets walks. He hits to right & right-center, he even gets the occasional single. Right now he is one of those glorious streaks where he carries the team. GO SANO!
  12. Luck! Schmuck! The Twins have magnified their bad luck with bad play. Some by Rookies and 2nd rank players but some by Donaldson and Simmons, who have previously been elite defenders. Yeah, yeah...I suppose that is bad luck too. but if the relievers would pitch faster and throw more strikes, we wouldn't be so unhappy.
  13. This thread should be abandoned. The season is young. Nothing that is happening means the terminal demise of Twins baseball as we know it. Who knows what fun we will be having as the the weather gets warmer and the muscles start remembering. I watch every game (even though it is hard) and in every game I see something that gives me hope. GO SANO! CRUISE CRUZ! WIN TWINS!
  14. thanks spycake. It seems I get easily confused these days.
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