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  1. This is a wonderful evaluation. This means that we can sneak up on folks at the beginning of the season.
  2. I don't look at this as a rebuild. This is a chance to find out who has the ability and temperament to be a Big League pitcher. If this is the way the Twins do it,, this should be a fascinating year.
  3. If someone could find a way to teach players to NOT strike out, they would become millionaires.
  4. This was an interesting read. Personally, I have given up on Larnach. It would be nice to be wrong about him. 2022 will say alot.
  5. Sure. Nothing is sillier than watching Simmons at bat. Like Benny Hill playing baseball.
  6. My heart leaped at the news. This is wonderful news. I am so happy that these two should finally receive this well deserved honor. Congratulations.
  7. Forget Larnach. If he is brought up by the Twins again, I expect he will prove he cannot hit Major League pitching and will be gone forever. Don't give up on Kepler. If he hits well in 2022, he'll probably be a Twin in 2025.
  8. I like that he is only 29 (If he stays healthy). Will he be healthy enough to have a full Spring Training?
  9. Who says Cave is unpopular? Granted, last year was not his best, but a lot of players had bad seasons for a lot of reasons. When Cave is mentioned I think of his many good catches, accurate throws and timely hits that have helped the Twins to victory. Just because you don't like Cave, don't assume that feeling is universally shared.
  10. Too Old. No better hitter than Simmons. Not a better fielder than Simmons. Too expensive. I'd rather use Gordon or Palacios.
  11. I'm thinking Palacios will be added to the 40-man roster and start at SS for the Twins, with Miranda at 3b, Polanco @ 2b and Kiriloff at 1b. What happens to Donaldson & Sano? Stay tuned for further updates.
  12. I think the Front Office moves appear to be obvious. Falvine finds their hands tied and they are only offered inferior players at inflated prices. They need to think outside the Box. Trade Ryan for a good SS. Trade Arraez for a weak hitting SS and a relief pitcher. Do something we don't expect.
  13. Yes. Use DH to get players off their feet and their bats in the lineup. I want to see Garver to get around 200 DH at bats, Too bad Sano, Garver and Donaldson are all right hand hitters.
  14. Of the players listed above I would rank Tony Oliva first, then Richie Allen and finally Maury Wills. I would not rank Kaat as one of the top players. Oliva was robbed by his injuries. At the end he would come to bat with his knee wrapped and you could see the bulge from the bleachers, where I sat. He practically had to hit a double to make it to first base. It was sad to see, yet magnificent at the same time. Tony Oliva definitely deserves to be in the HoF.
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